Pogba and his craziest postoperative: “I don’t know if I am placed …”

first_img“Guys, I’m making a video on Instagram and I don’t know if I’m registered or sober. I don’t seem sober. I wanted to tell you not to ask me if I will be fine, “he said while recording his bandaged ankle and confirming his bad feelings. After seeing himself in the video he asked his followers “the best possible hairdresser” since, he said, he needed a haircut.Then he began to be aware of the painkillers (“They have given me several things that I don’t know what they were but I have felt great”) and joked when they brought him chocolates. “Chocolate? Now I could even drink my pee (sic). It looks like apple juice. A very cool one, “he said. 6 Faced with the expected reaction of his followers, Paul Pogba explained himself. “I know that people are saying that it seems that I am drunk. Really? I have not drunk alcohol. I have put several things here by the arm, “he said as he focused the way and insisted that his condition was not the best (” pumped up “, something like” with a good balloon “). When the effect of the painkillers was attenuated, it is understood that Paul Pogba saw the reactions and decided to re-record himself to ‘apologize’ in his own way. “Guys, I’m sorry. I just saw my ‘Instagram Stories’ and it’s been crazy. Wow. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with this. Yes? Was it me? I’m sorry. Ok. HI have seen the story again and it is really entertaining. I am back and grateful. Everything went well. We must maintain positive energy. I’m going to put on some music and I’m going to dance with one leg just obviously “, the French international explained with laughter.Finally he wanted to send a positive message and had a memory for Juan Mata, who transmitted his spirits in private to face this operation. “You have to keep the smile. Juan Mata tells me. You know? Juan Mata tells me, you have to keep the smile and I plan to do that. Keep the smile like the Joker “. “Juan for you brother. Thank you very much,” he said In perfect Spanish. Paul Pogba once again took part of the spotlights of today’s English football on Tuesday. Before his team received a severe corrective in the Manchester derby, the Frenchman had to operate on his ankle injury. Pogba uploaded a story showing his nerves before the operation but his ‘postoperative’ was even more strange.The Frenchman took his cell phone and recorded himself to try to explain to his followers on Instagram that everything had gone well while he was still under the influence of strong painkillers that, cAs he claimed, they had him “placed.”last_img

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