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Alberta woman recognizes herself in photo found in US serial killers truck

first_imgHolly MooreAPTN InvestigatesA Thunderchild First Nation woman made a chilling discovery online that could help police in two countries discover more about a convicted serial killer‘s activities.“Hey, that’s me,” said Pamela Milliken to her then-boyfriend back in 2015. “He was like, yeah right.”((A post circulating on Facebook. Photo: Courtesy Pamela Milliken)Milliken, now 52 said she was browsing through Facebook and she came upon a post asking for help identifying a young Indigenous woman in a photo found left in the semi-truck of “The Truck Stop Killer” Robert Ben Rhoades.Rhoades is currently serving life sentences in Illinois for three murders. He pled guilty to the first degree murder of 14-year-old Regina Walters in 1992 after investigators found haunting photos of the teenager in his apartment.His truck is said to have contained a homemade torture chamber.(Robert Ben Rhoades)Milliken was first referenced publicly in a 2012 GQ article by Vanessa Veselka.She wrote about escaping a trucker like Rhoades herself and writes of how retired FBI investigator Mark Young gave her the photo.One paragraph in the GQ story written relates a conversation Veselka had with Mark Young.“Young pulled out one last picture and slid it across to me The photo was of a beautiful young girl, possibly Native American.“She was on the end of the roll with Regina,” he said.She’s shown sitting in Rhoades’s truck wearing a gray hoodie. Her eyes are partly closed, as if she’s stoned or sleepy. Rhoades must have just picked her up, because he hasn’t cut her hair yet. It is glossy black and long. No one knows who she is.”Veselka confirmed that the photo in question was given to her by former FBI investigator Mark Young during her research for the 2012 GQ article.She explained that the photo Milliken believes is her was found on alongside another of Rhoades victim, Regina Walters, at the end of same roll of film. That’s according to what Young told Veselka at the time.However, the incidences were five years apart from one another.When asked to explain how that could be, she said there were a lot of photos attached to the case.“To me that inconsistency of where or when the photo was taken does not rule out her story. All of the photos came out of Rhoades apartment.” she said. “If that is her in the photo, that’s her in the photo. And that photo came out of Rhoades apartment.”“He took a lot of photos.” she said. “To me it doesn’t matter if it was Rhoades or not, these guys are so common. If it wasn’t him it was someone like him.”“I knew right away that it was me.” Milliken said. “I was going to find my brother in Winnipeg.”She says she started hitchhiking from Thunderchild First Nation in Saskatchewan in the spring of 1985.After a series of successful rides, she met up with a semi-truck driver she identifies as Rhoades in the town of White City just outside of Regina.“The sun was setting, It was 8:00 or 9:00 at night. I was walking a ways and it was getting dark. I stuck my hand out and waited for someone to pick me up,” she said.When a flat-nosed, white semi-truck stopped on the highway and she went running after it.“I opened up the door and I looked at him,” she said. “ He said, ‘Hey jump up on in here.’ I said I have a really heavy bag you are going to have to help me with it. I put my bag on the seat and he said, ‘Yeah I’ll help you with that and he put it in the back.‘”Just as Milliken was turning around to climb up onto the passenger seat, she says the driver took her photo.“I said ‘What did you do that for?’ he said ‘Well I am going to take your pic. If you rip me off I can tell the cops that you stole from me.’”She and the driver who introduced himself as “Robert” chatted on the way to Brandon, MB.“He told me he was going to Florida and he wanted me to come with him,” she said. “At one point, he pointed to a sign on his dashboard that said ‘CASH, GRASS or ASS — No one rides for free.’”“I didn’t have any money. I didn’t smoke pot so I knew which one it would be.” she said, adding that she and the driver had consensual sex in the back of the truck.(Pamela Milliken in Feb., 2019)She said she was dropped off without harm in Winnipeg, MB at the bus depot.Fast forward 30 years and she came across the Facebook post.“I knew it was me but I didn’t have a photo of myself from that time to prove it to anyone,” she said. “But then I was at my niece’s a few months back and she had one on the wall.”Milliken has reached out to the FBI at their toll-free number in the US. The dispatcher said she would research it and suggested she phone the RCMP in St Paul where she is currently enrolled in a camp preparation program.RCMP K division confirmed Miliken’s call to APTN Investigates. Miliken said they are sending out a constable to speak with her tonight and confirm her identity.“I was pretty freaked out when I saw it but I just want them to know I am OK,” she said.APTN  reached out to the FBI in Houston, former FBI investigator Mark Young and Milliken’s niece.More to come.last_img read more

BC premier tells truck loggers he wants to reconnect communities with forestry

first_imgVICTORIA – Premier John Horgan says the relationship between British Columbia and the forest industry has fractured over outdated government policy that hurts communities and threatens many small business contractors.He told delegates at the Truck Loggers Association’s convention on Thursday that the once solid social contract between the industry, government and communities is in need of repairs.The premier didn’t promise any changes in policy during his 30-minute address, saying his government is awaiting recommendations of an industry sustainability review from former Liberal cabinet minister George Abbott within the next month.“We want to try and reconnect the social licence that existed over the decades in B.C.,” he said.Horgan said previous Liberal government policy introduced in 2003 allowed forest companies to ship timber to mills of their choice. The result was industry bypassing communities and small contractors even though the timber is located close to their homes, he said.“Clearly, 14 years later it’s not working for you,” he said. “It’s not working for communities, and it’s not working for the province.”Horgan said the conversation about reconnecting the industry with B.C.’s towns will not be easy but it’s one the province must undertake.“It’s a certainty in many communities that the relationship between tenure holders in the community has been broken. It’s in all our interests to make sure we re-establish that relationship in the days, weeks and months ahead.”Horgan said he’s deeply concerned about increases in the export of raw logs from B.C. since the policy changes.“When we see raw log exports, log exports from public land, rise from eight per cent in 2003 to 23 per cent last year, that raises questions and concerns in communities,” he said. “It raises questions and concerns with me.”He said that amounted to 1.6 million cubic metres of raw logs exported from the province last year.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version incorrectly said raw log exports from the province were 1.6 billion cubic metres.last_img read more

One Dead 40 Injured in Road Accident in Morocco

Témara –A person was killed and forty others were wounded, ten seriously, in a road accident on Monday morning near the city of Témara, near Rabat.The accident took place at 5.00 a.m. when a bus coming from Agadir and bound for Rabat veered off course due to dense fog, local authorities said.The wounded were rushed to the Rabat Ibn Sina university hospital center to receive the necessary health care and an investigation was opened to shed light on the circumstances of this tragedy, they added. read more

Atlas Lion Amine Harit Possibly Involved in Deadly Car Accident in

Rabat – Moroccan football player Amine Harit might be in serious trouble. Several local media outlets have reported that the Atlas Lion hit a pedestrian in Marrakech, Friday night, June 29, after racing a car with his teammate Faycal Fajr.  According to these sources, including local Kech 24 and international German media Sky Sports (which specifies not knowing the circumstances of the tragedy or the exact identity of the person who was driving the offending vehicle), Harit’s Mercedes struck a pedestrian, injuring him fatally, in a “hit and run” accident.Local news site Kech 24, which published pictures of the car crash, originally reported that it was Amine Harit’s 14-year-old brother who was driving Harit’s car. The driver was chased by locals, who called the authorities. In an updated version, Kech 24 said that it was Amine Harit who was driving and hit a young pedestrian who was trying to cross the street a few meters from the jurisdiction of Marrakech-Safi.The public prosecution ordered that the Moroccan player’s passport be kept and presented if he wanted to be released before the completion of the investigation. He denied that there was any car race at the time of the incident.The incident resulted in the death of the 28-year-old pedestrian after he arrived at the hospital by ambulance. read more

EU rules on Spanish cheese dispute involving Don Quixote

MADRID — Don Quixote’s role in Spanish cheese sales has merited a ruling by the European Union Court of Justice.The court issued its opinion in a Spanish case over the labelling of the country’s famous manchego cheese.The cheese is from Spain’s La Mancha, where the 17th-century novel “Don Quixote de La Mancha,” by Miguel de Cervantes, is set. Under EU law, only cheese from that region can be called “queso manchego.”But a producer in a different region used on its labels illustrations allegedly depicting Don Quixote, his skinny horse and countryside with windmills.The court said Thursday that such images can trigger associations with the protected product in a shopper’s mind. It didn’t say whether the images were unlawful, but told Spain’s Supreme Court that is hearing the case they might be.The Associated Press read more

Moroccan FM Saudi Security Is an Integral Part of Moroccan Stability

Rabat – Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita has reiterated Morocco’s solidarity with Saudi Arabia after Yemeni Houthis attacked two Saudi oil facilities on September 14.In an interview published on September 26 in Sky News Arabia, Bourita said that the security and stability of Saudi Arabia is an integral part of Morocco’s own security and stability.The minister blamed Iran for the attack, emphasizing that Tehran “unfortunately has not ceased hostilities in the region.” He said that the international community’s past strategy for dealing with Iran made it feel that “it can continue such acts and that regional leadership means attacks and hostilities against the countries of the region.”Subsequently, the foreign minister called for the world to adopt a more effective approach to handle Iranian threats in the region.“The international community must be more effective because it is not an issue between Saudi Arabia and Iran but a threat to regional security that undermines international stability,” he said.Bourita also spoke about Iranian interference in the domestic affairs of several Arab and African countries. Morocco severed diplomatic ties with Iran in May 2018 over allegations of such interference.On May 1 last year, Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced it would cut all diplomatic ties with Iran, saying Tehran supported the Polisario Front.The ministry accused Iran of training and arming the Polisario Front through its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah. Bourita has said in several interviews that Morocco has evidence proving Polisario-Hezbollah collusion.In his interview with Sky News Arabia, Bourita called on the international community to standardize its actions and discourse on hostile moves from Tehran.He also emphasized the need for “collective” action to resolve the crisis, including the issue of the nuclear agreement.Bourita’s statement on the attacks echoed a message from King Mohammed VI’s latest message to Saudi Arabia.Earlier this month, the King condemned the Houthi drone attacks ina letter to King Salman of Saudi Arabia.In his letter, the monarch said that the attacks undermine the security and stability of the world.“I assure you of the absolute solidarity of the kingdom of Morocco with Saudi Arabia and its unwavering support against any threat that undermines the country’s security and territorial integrity,” the King said. read more

5G Three Areas to Watch

Sometimes I wish the 3GPP standards organization would just quit numbering random milestones in the progress of cellular technology — though they are good for the consulting business. In reality, there are important things going on all the time in wireless, but when 3GPP identifies a new “generation,” all of a sudden everyone has to have an opinion. The message is, whether the data rate is higher or lower, it’s still way too early to be counting on any real performance improvements. And, if you have an iPhone (none of which will have 5G until maybe 2020), your improvement will most certainly be nil. Dissecting Microsoft’s ‘Discovery’ of Firstline Workers Michael Finneran September 24, 2019 The mobile field is rife with meaningful examples of business process automation. Can Microsoft be a factor? CBRS: A Threat to Wi-Fi? Gary Audin September 27, 2019 Have enterprises unjustly dismissed Citizens Broadband Radio Service in favor of Wi-Fi? Log in or register to post comments Initial 5G PerformanceThe most obvious advance with 5G will be what the 3GPP terms Enhanced Mobile Broadband. That is essentially the same wireless broadband you have today, only faster. The headlines tout a boost in peak data rates from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, but issues like signal strength and the number of users sharing your cell or sector have a much greater impact on the boosts actually realized. 5G_774.png Currently, there are over 200,000 cell towers in the U.S., all of which will eventually have to be upgraded to 5G. That’s the type of job that takes years to complete. In the meantime, most initial 5G users will encounter the service through small cells, tens of thousands of which will be deployed as part of the rollout. However, if you promise things are going to get faster, as the operators have, someone is going to step up to test your claims. PC Magazine reported on a Reddit post that a cited a 5G test on AT&T’s network in Haviland, Kan. that showed a 5G download rate of 194.88 Mbps versus a 4G test that showed 187.44 Mbps — a mere 4% improvement. To his credit, the author points out limitations in the Netgear Nighthawk hotspot that could have been a contributing factor, but the important lesson here is that we are all still way early to be looking for meaningful performance information. This all reminds me of an experience I had with Rogers Communications some years back when the company was first rolling out 3G. A VP of Engineering at Rogers headquarters was showing me a speed test on his laptop posting some amazing (for their time) download speeds. While I tried to be polite (as I always do), I had to point out that he was one of maybe 10 people in all of Toronto with access to their 3G infrastructure, so I wasn’t exactly sure how meaningful this demonstration was. Millimeter Wave SystemsIndoor Coverage OptionsPrivate 5G Networks Given the ruckus that has grown up around what should probably be classed as “non-news,” we should take a look at where we are with 5G and the things we as enterprise buyers should be focused on as this story evolves. Mobile Voice, Data, Text: Unlimited for $20 a Month?! Michael Finneran September 19, 2019 Calling itself an ‘infrastructure-based MVNO,’ cable operator Altice sets new price point for cellular service. Continued on next page; click below.Tags:News & Views5Gwirelessmillimeter wave systemsindoor coverageprivate 5G networksMobilityEndpointsEnterprise NetworkingInternet of ThingsTechnology Trends12nextlast Articles You Might Like What Enterprises Should Be Watching in 5G These three areas to watch are: The other major developments are support for Massive Machine Type Communications, which means greater device density for applications like Internet of Things (IoT), and Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications. Regular 5G communications will have lower latency than current 4G, but still measured in 10’s of milliseconds. The new part is that there will also be services with latencies around 1 millisecond for applications like autonomous vehicles. The big thing to know about these last two is that they are “futures,” though I remain fully confident the operators will deliver them in due course. The first thing we expect to see is faster mobile broadband, but even that will take some time. Without a doubt, 5G is important, but I look at those “generation” announcements as mere road signs. New developments are introduced into the cellular market continuously, and at a pace that would make your head spin. Some of those developments get advertised like the performance boost from the move from LTE to LTE-Advanced or the incorporation of massive MIMO technology on exiting 4G networks. Some changes like the architectural shift to centralized radio access networks (C-RAN or Cloud RAN) typically don’t leak out to the general public at all because no one outside of the cellular business will likely know they even happened. Over the past month, everyone from President Trump to CNN have weighed in on 5G, and while there were snippets of fact to be found in each of these reports, they have largely been used to foster some political viewpoint or other. One of the big reasons I chose to work in technology is, we don’t do politics. 5G Insights: IoT Opportunities, Vulnerabilities Gary Audin August 13, 2019 5G will provide an opportunity to connect IoT devices across the enterprise, but security vulnerabilities may follow. See All in Mobility » Habits of the ‘Always’ Connected Worker Gary Audin September 20, 2019 How connected are we? Wilson Electronics tries to find out in their latest survey. read more

Nokia unveils new Windows phones first tablet turns to camera to differentiate

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Nokia is expanding its lineup of Windows phones and introducing its first tablet computer, all sporting the powerful camera technology found in its flagship Lumia 1020 smartphone.The struggling cellphone maker is turning to the camera to differentiate its phones from rivals. The Lumia 1020 has a 41-megapixel camera with technology designed to produce better low-light shots and offer greater manual controls than most smartphones.The new devices will use Microsoft’s Windows system and come as Microsoft aims to complete its 5.44 billion euros ($7.4 billion) deal to buy Nokia’s phone business and patent rights. The deal is expected to close early next year.Nokia, a Finnish company, has seen its cellphone business unravel since Apple revolutionized the way people use handsets with the 2007 introduction of the iPhone. Microsoft, meanwhile, is struggling amid declines in sales of traditional personal computers in favour of smartphones and tablets.Nokia’s new Lumia 1520 will have a larger screen, measuring 6 inches diagonally, compared with 4.5 inches on the 1020. Nokia said the new phone’s camera will have only 20 megapixels in order to keep the camera sensor smaller and the phone thinner. But that’s still more resolution than most other phones.The 1520 will also come with new apps designed to organize photos based on where you take the shots and to give you more flexibility in determining —after the fact— where the image should be focused. The phone will cost $740, though wireless carriers are expected to offer it cheaper with two-year service contracts.Nokia will also make a cheaper version, the Lumia 1320, for a contract-free price of $339. It will have a 5-megapixel camera and a slower processor than the 1520. Both run the latest version of Windows Phone 8, which has new features to accommodate larger screen sizes.Nokia’s first tablet will be the Lumia 2520. It will run Windows 8.1 RT, meaning it shares the tile-based interface of the phone software, but can run various apps designed for Windows tablets. However, RT is the lightweight version of Windows, so it will run only apps specifically designed for it. Regular versions of Windows 8.1 can run apps for older versions of Windows.All versions of the 2520 will come with built-in 4G LTE cellular access. By contrast, iPads and most other tablets make cellular access optional, with their cheapest models capable of using Wi-Fi only for Internet access.The 10.1-inch tablet will cost $499. An optional cover with a physical keyboard and extended battery life is $149 extra. The camera is 6.7 megapixels, but shares the low-light technology and manual controls found in the Lumia 1020.All three devices are expected to go on sale by the end of the year. They will come in multiple colours with a hard, plastic back moulded onto the device. by Anick Jesdanun, The Associated Press Posted Oct 22, 2013 2:26 am MDT Nokia unveils new Windows phones, first tablet, turns to camera to differentiate from rivals AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

UN condemns shelling of Sudan base which killed blue helmet injured two

“I urge the Government of Sudan and the SPLM-North [Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North] to immediately cease hostilities and resume ceasefire negotiations,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told journalists in New York. Government forces and members of the SPLM-N have been fighting in South Kordofan and Blue Nile States.Two shells hit the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) logistics base in Kadugli, Sudan, earlier today, according to the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO). The base, in South Kordofan state, serves as a logistics base for the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA), an oil-rich area contested by South Sudan and Sudan.One Ethiopian peacekeeper was killed and two more were injured as a result of the shelling. “The Secretary-General expresses his condolences to the family of the fallen peacekeeper and to the Government of Ethiopia,” his spokesperson said in the statement. Also condemning the attack “in the strongest terms”, the members of the Security Council called on the Sudanese Government to “swiftly” investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice.The incident has also been condemned by the UN peacekeeping office, who also wished their injured colleagues a speedy recovery. read more

Mens Hockey No 6 Ohio State beat Badgers 62 behind 5goal third

Ohio State sophomore forward Tanner Laczynski controlls the puck during a 4-0 loss to Penn State on Dec. 2. Credit: Nick Hudak | For the LanternOhio State head coach Steve Rohlik has discussed seizing opportunity and momentum the entire season.Opportunity arose Friday with a 5-on-3 power play at the start of the third period. The Buckeyes took advantage of that, and the ensuing 5-on-4, and rode the momentum to a five-goal outburst in the game’s final period.The No. 6 Ohio State men’s hockey team captured its 20th win of the season when it beat Wisconsin 6-2 in a physical affair at the Schottenstein Center.“We were relentless. Obviously, we’d like to score on the 5-on-3, we didn’t finish the deal, but we never gave up,” Rohlik said. “I think that was a big goal there. It gave us some momentum to score right away to tie the game. We kind of got some momentum and jump from that point. The Buckeyes (20-8-5, 13-8-2-1 Big Ten) had two goals from both junior forward Dakota Joshua and sophomore forward Tanner Laczynski to give redshirt junior goaltender Sean Romeo much-needed support. Romeo added 36 saves on 38 shots in the win.Laczynski’s two goals gave him his 12th and 13th goals of the year and snapped his five-game pointless streak.“Everyone has slumps. [I] kind of just stuck to it,” Laczynski said. “Just try and keep working hard in practice. I know it was just a matter of time.”  Wisconsin (14-16-4, 8-12-3-1 Big Ten) dictated the play for most the first period, which resulted in the opening goal for the Badgers off the stick of freshman forward Linus Weissbach, who cleaned up a rebound in front of the goalRomeo faced a barrage of rubber and made several spectacular saves in the period, which kept the Buckeyes within a goal. Shots favored Wisconsin 15-6 after one period of play.“Sometimes we’re not going to be at our best and you need a guy like that to step up and he’s been doing that all year,” Rohlik said. “Other times we need to score a few more goals, so it’s kind of a team thing. Obviously, he’s been that rock back there for us and been that constant.”     It didn’t take long for the Buckeyes to break the scoreless tie in the second period. Junior forward Dakota Joshua scored his 12th goal of the season on a tic-tac-toe passing play when he put the puck into the net past senior goaltender Kyle Hayton. Senior forward Luke Stork and junior forward Freddy Gerard assisted the goal.  The Badgers later restored their lead when junior forward Matthew Freytag found a loose puck in the crease and put it past Romeo at 16:26 in the second period.Just as the second period wound down, the Badgers took two penalties giving the Buckeyes a 5-on-3 power play to start the third period.In the third period, the Buckeyes added two quick goals following the 5-on-3 power play. Sophomore Laczynski scored just as the second penalty came to an end. The other came less a minute later off Joshua’s stick.The Buckeyes added three more goals in the third to bring the score to 6-2.Shots totaled to 38-34 in favor of Wisconsin. Hayton made 28 saves on 34 shots in the loss.The second game of the weekend series against Wisconsin marks Senior Night for the six Buckeye seniors. It will start at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Schott. read more

Baseballs Richest Just Got Much Richer

Washington Nationals+2.7 The Dodgers and Yankees punctuated a quiet deadline with a pair of last-minute trades, acquiring starting pitchers Yu Darvish and Sonny Gray, respectively. Both players strengthen already formidable rotations, readying their teams for long runs into October, and the trades cap a frenetic cycle of trade activity for the Dodgers and Yankees. Two of the richest teams in baseball are now even better.Going back to 2009, the Yankees and Dodgers tended to be quiet at the deadline, preferring to acquire players through free agency instead. They picked up only an average of about one win above replacement at the trade deadline since 2009. But this year, the two wealthiest teams in baseball decided to buy. The rich get richerTotal wins above replacement (WAR) added through trades, 2017 Chicago Cubs+4.6 Kansas City Royals+2.4 They weren’t the only good teams who did so. The Dodgers and Yankees are two of the six teams who gained the most value this trade deadline, and four of the top six are leading their respective divisions this year.Like the Dodgers and Yankees, most of the contending teams have traded for starting pitchers. Darvish and Gray are two of the best options available. Each is a nearly mirror image of the other in the events a pitcher can control most — strikeouts, walks, and home runs allowed. Both pitchers have recent injury troubles from which they’ve bounced back to produce ace-level seasons. Both command dazzling arrays of pitches, fooling hitters as much with unpredictability as raw stuff. Each ought to boost their teams’ playoff fortunes substantially.Not like the Dodgers’ playoff fortunes were ever in doubt, even with a recent injury to ace Clayton Kershaw. A mere 43 games over .500, the Dodgers have marched to a 14-game division lead while boasting one of the strongest teams (by Elo) in history.The Yankees, meanwhile, have capitalized on unexpected performances from young players like Aaron Judge and Clint Frazier, surprising resurgences from veterans like CC Sabathia and Matt Holliday, and career years from journeymen like Aaron Hicks. The confluence of production has New York narrowly edging out the Red Sox in the American League East so far. It’s hard to say any good New York Yankees season has come from “out of nowhere,” but projections didn’t expect them to be this good this year.These trades should leave baseball’s other contenders very scared. The Houston Astros have mashed their way to 68 wins so far, but they barely improved at this year’s deadline. While other teams traded for aces, the Astros managed to get erratic southpaw Francisco Liriano, a choice that could haunt them, especially given that their top two starters — Dallas Keuchel and Lance McCullers — have both battled through injury and underperformance in the past two months.If the Yankees and Dodgers’ 2017 prospects weren’t frustrating enough for their rivals, it gets worse: Neither of these teams are going anywhere, anytime soon. Baseball America puts their farm systems as the second and fourth-best in baseball entering 2017, and these trades didn’t get rid of the teams’ best prospects. As if that wasn’t enough, the Dodgers and Yankees also boast some of the most promising youngsters in baseball, with players like Judge and Cody Bellinger exceeding expectations.Both the Yankees and Dodgers are young, rich, and talented. The other 28 teams in baseball better watch out.CORRECTION (July 31, 8:24 p.m.): An earlier version of this story misstated how far above .500 the Dodgers are. They are 43 games above .500, not 33. New York Yankees+4.2 Atlanta Braves+2.1 Los Angeles Dodgers+2.0 Sources: MLB, Baseball Prospectus TEAMTOTAL WAR ADDED read more

Advocacy Groups call for federal investigation into Ohio State

Richard Strauss in his Ohio State College of Medicine photograph. Advocacy groups are now calling for a federal investigation of Ohio State for how it handled alleged sexual abuse by Strauss.. Credit: Courtesy of Ohio StateAdvocacy groups on Wednesday called for a federal investigation into Ohio State’s handling of alleged sexual abuse by former university doctor Richard Strauss.The call for an investigation came in a letter from the National Women’s Law Center and 36 other organizations, such as the NAACP and National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, addressed to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Kenneth Marcus.“We write to urge the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to initiate an investigation of Ohio State University’s failure to respond to a widely known pattern of alleged sexual abuse, spanning approximately two decades, by Richard Strauss, an athletic team doctor, and to conduct a systemic-wide investigation into the University’s response to sexual abuse,” the letter said.The letter also pointed out a university’s responsibilities to its students under Title IX.“Many student survivors are not aware of their rights under Title IX and how to seek help; many employees would rather look the other way than to acknowledge and deal with the abuse; and many institutions fail to take the steps necessary to ensure student safety,” the letter said.Ben Johnson, Ohio State University spokesman, issued the following statement in response to the letter.“It is critical to note that the concerns expressed by these groups in this letter relate to allegations of abuse during a period of time from 1978 to 1998, and the university of today shares the concern that individuals at the time knew and may not have responded appropriately, which is why this is a critical focus of the ongoing independent investigation,” the statement said. “We are committed to finding the truth of what happened during that time at Ohio State.” read more

IVF mothers and babies urgent need for healthcheck database

 Louise Brown, the world’s first “test tube baby”Credit:PA “With no UK data or any process for monitoring the health of IVF mothers and babies in the UK, we have no way of knowing the long-term effects of IVF,” warned Prof Nargund.“With the oldest person born via IVF just 40 years of age, there is still a grey cloud hampering our understanding of the impact that IVF may have.“Just this month it was revealed that children born via IVF are at significantly higher risk of heart conditions in later life.“There is an urgent need for a centralised database which would enable the health implications for women undergoing IVF and babies born from IVF to be monitored in both the short and long term.”Around 20,000 babies are born through IVF in Britain each year. But the oldest test-tube baby – Louise Brown – is only 40 years old, so the long term impact of fertility treatment is still unknown. Prof Nargund and Mrs McDonagh are also lobbying  to link the HFEA registry with hospital, cancer and death registers, to enable accurate recording and publication of the links between IVF treatment and incidences of cancer and early deaths.And they are concerned that incidences of deadly Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome which are currently underreported by clinics who are anxious not to deter women from treatment.They warned of a ‘toxic combination’ of extremely vulnerable and desperate women and a commercial industry that is not being monitored.Mrs McDonagh said: “It is high time that we protected the welfare of women undergoing IVF. “It is now a multi-million pound industry with over 67,000 cycles carried out in the UK each year but it has grown far faster than the law associated with it.“Like all of the other issues I have campaigned on throughout my time as an MP, my involvement in this issue stemmed from my constituents.“The lack of concern about the welfare of women during IVF treatment is a scandal that cannot continue to exist.”Other countries, including the Netherlands, Australia, Scandinavia, Canada and the USA, have all combined their databases.The second reading of the amendment to the HFEA will be heard in Parliament on October 26. Babies born through IVF and their mothers may be suffering a raft of health problems but nobody is aware because they are not being monitored, a leading fertility doctor and MP have warned.Professor Geeta Nargund, the founder and medical director of Create Fertility and MP Siobhain McDonagh, are calling for the Human Fertility and Embryology Act to be amended to merge NHS and fertility databases.Currently 62 per cent of IVF treatments happen in private clinics who do not need to share their data with the NHS or reveal what drugs women have been given during treatment.And after treatment, neither mothers or babies are checked to make sure that they are not experiencing health problems even though overseas studies have linked IVF to colo-rectal cancer, borderline ovarian tumours and mental health and psycho-social problems.Evidence has shown that 90 per cent of women undergoing IVF have experienced depression of some sort, and 42 per cent have reported having suicidal thoughts.Recent research also suggests babies born through fertility treatment are at greater risk of prematurity, low birth weight and still births, as well as heart disease, high blood pressure, and male fertility problems. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.  Louise Brown, the world's first "test tube baby" read more

ECB held a gun to Governments head over bailout

first_imgTHE EUROPEAN CENTRAL Bank ‘held a gun’ to the Government’s head during the negotiation of the bailout, one of Ireland’s MEPs has said.Labour’s Emer Costello strongly criticised the troika – and particularly the ECB – for putting the needs of banks and bondholders ahead of the citizens of Europe. Speaking to Karen Coleman from, Costello singled out former ECB president Jean Claude Trichet for criticism.“The ECB particularly… as one of the members of the troika really did hold a gun to the new Government’s head,” she said.“When the new government wanted to see what could be done in terms of including unsecured senior bondholders in a bail-in, Jean Claude Trichet was the one who… allegedly said that the bomb will go off and it won’t be in Frankfurt, it will be in Dublin, because [the] ECB will withdraw funding”.Trichet and EU Commissioner Olli Rehn were both questioned by MEPs yesterday about the role of the troika in countries which have received bailouts, including Ireland.The issue of paying unguaranteed bondholders connected to the problem banks has remained controversial since the bailout. In December, Ajai Chopra, the former head of the IMF mission to Ireland, said that it was “unfair” on taxpayers, added to sovereign debt and created political problems.Read: Fundamental social rights were violated by Troika programmes says EU committee > Read: Can you name one of your local MEPs? 91 per cent of Dubliners can’t >In full: Brian Lenihan tells the ECB why Ireland needs a bailout >last_img read more

Canary an allinone smart home security system controlled with an app

first_imgHome security systems are all pretty similar, and very few of them put control in the hands of the user. Canary wants to help fix that, with an all-in-one device that allows the user to secure their home the way they choose to.If you have a home security system right now, you’re either clever enough to build and deploy your own sensors with WiFi enabled cameras and alarms, or you have something provided by a larger company. These pre-built systems are tied into your whole home, but ultimately give you very little control over your own security.If your front door is opened and the alarm goes off when you aren’t there, has your house been broken into or did one of your family members not disarm the system in time? Will you know the answer to that question before the police arrive? Usually the answer is no, because you either don’t have the ability to pull up your security cameras in your house or you don’t have any installed. More importantly, you can’t remotely control whether or not your system contacts the police with most systems. Canary wants to try to fix this, by making a single box packed with sensors and an app to offer you more control.I sat down recently with Adam Sager, the Cofounder and CEO of Canary, to discuss his project. Sager explained that his goal was to make a single device that had everything in it users would need to gather important information about their homes, in order to make informed decisions about the state of their home when they weren’t there.The system starts with a night vision capable HD camera with a wide angle lense in a clever looking WiFi enabled box that you can positioned anywhere in your home, and ends with a machine that can report temperature, motion, humidity, air quality, and can even act as the alarm for your house. There’s even a 3-axis accelerometer built in that can detect earthquakes and can report all of this information through the iOS or Android app.Sager explained that the whole point of the hardware was to empower the user. He wanted something in his house that told him when the front door opened, but allowed him to look for himself and determine whether or not the police needed to be involved. He wanted a device that was capable of knowing that his apartment was filled with smoke, but allowed him to look and see if it was a fire or just an accident in the kitchen that had already been handled. If there’s an incident, and the user doesn’t get involved, the relevant emergency agency is contacted just like a normal security system. The only real difference here is the more granular control the user has, and the lack of sensors installed all over your house.The most appealing part of Canary is the price. There’s no monthly rate for Canary, and each box you put in your house is $199. You can have as many of these boxes as you want, and the app will network them all together for you. As long as you have a place to put them, you can have as many as you want.Canary is currently available as an Indiegogo campaign, with an early bird special running at $149 for a Canary box. If Canary can deliver on the experience they are promising, this inexpensive little box could be exactly what most people need in thier homes instead of an expensive and clumsy security system.last_img read more

Ulcère de Buruli un nouveau traitement

first_imgUlcère de Buruli : un nouveau traitementLa revue Clinical Infectious Diseases a publié jeudi une étude démontrant l’efficacité d’une nouvelle antibiothérapie orale.L’ulcère de Buruli est une maladie tropicale invalidante. Elle se caractérise par des lésions, des cicatrices et une perte des mouvements. Des chercheurs de l’Inserm viennent de mener une phase d’essai d’un nouveau traitement oral associant la rifampicine à la clarithromycine. Les dix-huit femmes et douze hommes participant à l’étude ont été guéris après huit semaines de cette antibiothérapie. Leurs lésions ont été complètement refermées. Douze mois après le test, aucun des 30 patients n’a fait de rechute.Par rapport au traitement actuel qui se fait par injection, cette nouvelle thérapie permet de limiter les effets secondaires. Elle évite également les risques de l’injection dans les pays où la désinfection des instruments n’est pas sûre. Autre bénéfice, ce traitement oral pourra être distribué dans les zones rurales où les populations n’ont pas d’accès aux établissements de soin.Le 14 décembre 2010 à 20:13 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Wind Turbine Ban Dropped From North Carolina Statehouse Legislation

first_img ADC AUTHOR A North Carolina state Senate ban on new wind turbine construction across wide swaths of the state has been pulled for a compromise proposal that would add new regulations for building the power-generation structures, The State reported Friday.State negotiators removed the wind turbine freeze from the Senate-approved legislation and added a new provision to the state’s permitting process that directs the state to request for more guidance from military installation commanders.If ultimately signed into state law, the regulatory requirement would be in addition to rules requiring wind turbine companies to seek local, state and federal approval prior to wind turbine construction.The new provision, approved by a state House committee last week, sought a compromise between the House and Senate which differed over the strict ban proposed by state Sen. Harry Brown (R-Jacksonville) that would entirely halt wind turbine construction.Brown has previously warned that wind farms are a threat to installations because they can interfere with military flight training.He has maintained that North Carolina’s wind farms could weaken future statehouse efforts to retain the state’s military installations when federal congressional committees evaluate whether to close or consolidate various bases. Photo courtesy of NASAlast_img read more

Watch Want to put PM Modi behind bars for murdering Kashmiris spreading

first_imgNC leader Javed Ahmed Rana said that if he had the power, he would frame PM Modi on charges of murdering all those who have been killed in Jammu and Kashmir.Twitter/ANINational Conference (NC) leader Javed Ahmed Rana courted controversy on Wednesday, March 28, when he hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying, “Khuda ki kasam, agar mera bas chale, to mai is desh ke pradhanmantri ke khilaf, jitne bhi qatl hue hain Jammu-Kashmir mein aur desh mein, mai isko qatl ke case mein andar thok dunga. (If I had the power, I would have put the Prime Minister in jail for the murders in Jammu and Kashmir and rest of the country.)”#WATCH National Conference leader, Javed Ahmed Rana, in Poonch: Khuda ki kasam, agar mera bas chale, to mai is desh ke pradhanmantri ke khilaf, jitne bhi qatl hue hain Jammu-Kashmir mein aur desh mein, mai isko qatl ke case mein andar thok dunga. (27.03.19)— ANI (@ANI) March 28, 2019The NC leader said if he had the power, he would like to put the Prime Minister behind the bars and wanted to frame him on charges of murdering all those who have been killed in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in these past five years. Javed Ahmed Rana was speaking at a meeting in Kashmir’s Poonch.Rana also claimed that Prime Minister Modi is a “murder of humanity,” while the second “murder”, he said, is the media. “The second murderer” is media. If I have the power, then I will send the Prime Minister and the media, who are spreading hatred, behind bars,” he told news agency ANI.No assembly polls in J&KMeanwhile, the assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir will not be held along with the Lok Sabha 2019 elections but political leaders cutting across party lines have increasingly made provocative comments in order to appease the electorate.last_img read more

Youths throatslit body found

first_imgProthom Alo IllustrationPolice recovered the throat-slit body of a young man from a jute field in Sadar upazila early Tuesday.The deceased was Sohel Rana, 22, son of Bakkar Mondal of Laxmikundu village in Kotchandpur upazila.Sub-inspector Anwarul Islam, in-charge of Naldanga police outpost, said the youth was the Muajjin at a mosque in Chapali area of Kaliganj upazila.Farmers spotted his body in the jute field in Bania Bahu-Bagotia area around 5:30am.Getting the information, police recovered the body and sent it to Jhenaidah Sadar Hospital morgue, Anwarul said.Police suspected that Sohel Rana might have been killed over love affairs.last_img read more

Repulsive gravity as an alternative to dark energy Part 2 In the

first_img Explore further Dark matter may be an illusion caused by the quantum vacuum Citation: Repulsive gravity as an alternative to dark energy (Part 2: In the quantum vacuum) (2012, February 1) retrieved 18 August 2019 from ( — During the past few years, CERN physicist Dragan Hajdukovic has been investigating what he thinks may be a widely overlooked part of the cosmos: the quantum vacuum. He suggests that the quantum vacuum has a gravitational charge stemming from the gravitational repulsion of virtual particles and antiparticles. Previously, he has theoretically shown that this repulsive gravity can explain several observations, including effects usually attributed to dark matter. Additionally, this additional gravity suggests that we live in a cyclic Universe (with no Big Bang) and may provide insight into the nature of black holes and an estimate of the neutrino mass. In his most recent paper, published in Astrophysics and Space Science, he shows that the quantum vacuum could explain one more observation: the Universe’s accelerating expansion, without the need for dark energy. Interestingly, one significant difference between Hajdukovic’s quantum vacuum model and standard cosmology is that the former predicts that the acceleration is decreasing, while the latter predicts it is increasing. Very different predictions for the fate of the Universe result from these differences.“The series of publications shows that the quantum vacuum, enriched with the hypothesis of the negative gravitational charge for antiparticles, has the potential to explain the observed phenomena in astrophysics and cosmology without invoking dark matter and dark energy and mysterious mechanisms for inflation and matter-antimatter asymmetry,” Hajdukovic said. “If antimatter really has negative gravitational charge (which could be revealed by the AEGIS experiment at CERN), the above papers have started a new scientific revolution. But the papers are important even if antimatter has no negative gravitational charge, because they encourage reconsidering the quantum vacuum as a key for the understanding of the Universe.”In addition to the AEGIS experiment in CERN, which is designed to reveal the gravitational properties of antihydrogen, Hajdukovic said that other experiments are also investigating the gravitational properties of antimatter. For instance, physicists at the University of California, Riverside, have recently begun studying the gravitational properties of positronium (an electron-positron pair).Part 1. Repulsive gravity as an alternative to dark energy (In voids) More information: Dragan Hajdukovic. “Quantum vacuum and virtual gravitational dipoles: the solution to the dark energy problem?” Astrophysics and Space Science. DOI: 10.1007/s10509-012-0992-ycenter_img © 2011 Journal information: Astrophysics and Space Science “The quantum vacuum was predicted theoretically more than 60 years ago,” Hajdukovic told “Today, there is significant experimental evidence that the quantum vacuum exists. I have decided to combine one reality (the quantum vacuum) with one hypothesis (the negative gravitational charge of antiparticles) and to study the consequences. The hypothesis of the gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter is older than half a century, but before me no one has used it in the combination with the quantum vacuum. … The results are surprising; there is potential to explain [the Universe’s accelerating expansion] in the framework of the quantum vacuum enriched with the gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter.”According to Hajdukovic, gravity in the quantum vacuum arises from the gravitational repulsion between the positive gravitational charge of matter and the (hypothetical) negative gravitational charge of antimatter. While matter and antimatter are gravitationally self-attractive, they are mutually repulsive. (This part is similar to Massimo Villata’s theory from part 1, in which negatively charged antimatter exists in voids rather than in the quantum vacuum.) Although the quantum vacuum does not contain real matter and antimatter, short-lived virtual particles and virtual antiparticles could momentarily appear and form pairs, becoming gravitational dipoles. “If particles and antiparticles have gravitational charges of the opposite sign, a sufficiently strong gravitational field can convert a virtual pair into a real one,” Hajdukovic explained. “It is not a new hypothesis but a consequence of the Schwinger mechanism, well known in quantum field theories.”In the new paper, Hajdukovic calculates that the energy density of the gravitational dipoles in the quantum vacuum is the correct order of magnitude to act as the cosmological constant, or the force causing the Universe’s accelerating expansion. While this agreement may not seem that remarkable at first, it becomes impressive in the context of the much less agreeable predictions of quantum field theory, which predicts the energy density of the quantum vacuum to be at least 30 – and up to 120 – orders of magnitude larger than the observed dark energy density. Hajdukovic’s calculations also estimate that the Universe’s expansion began accelerating when the Universe was about half of its present size, which is only slightly earlier than the prediction of standard cosmology. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more