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Organized crime salmon link causes stir in BC

first_imgAPTN National NewsTestimony linking organized crime with black market salmon has caused a stir in British Columbia.Department of Fisheries Officials told the Cohen inquiry that 97 per cent of fish caught by First Nations for food and ceremonial purposes were finding their way onto the open market.First Nation leaders call the DFO allegations outrageous.APTN National News reporter Rob Smith has more on this story.last_img

Morocco Should Stay Alert to John Boltons Influence with Trump

Washington D.C. – Less than a week after the roundtable held under the supervision of the personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Western Sahara, U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton announced the Trump administration’s plan to confront the threat that China and Russia pose to U.S. interests.Bolton said that the Trump administration wants to stop funding long-term UN peacekeeping operations that have failed to achieve their goals, including the UN peacekeeping mission to the Western Sahara, known as MINURSO.The U.S. official spent more than five minutes discussing the Western Sahara conflict and the failure of the MINURSO mission to reach its objective. Bolton stated that he was disappointed with MINURSO and the Security Council’s inability to resolve the conflict. He used the same language he had used in his memoir “Surrender is Not an Option”, published 10 years ago, in which he sharply criticized the UN’s failure to find a formula that could enable the parties to end the conflict.In his speech at an event hosted at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C., Bolton said that the Trump administration would break with the UN’s reluctance to end the conflicts on the agenda of the Security Council.Presenting MINURSO as his “favorite” example of UN missions that have failed to accomplish their end goals, he said that the Security Council has lacked the strong political will needed to introduce a new approach and find a definitive solution to the conflict.According to Bolton, the U.S. emphasized last April the need to renew MINURSO’s mandate for just six months, in order to send a clear message to the parties involved in the conflict and to the Security Council: The U.S. will not allow the UN to continue to handle the conflict without setting clear objectives.Bolton’s tone and the attention he gave to the Western Sahara issue in his speech suggest that he will monitor the issue in the coming months and make sure he leaves his personal imprint on it. There is no doubt that that the United States will put more pressure on the Security Council and the parties to in the conflict to show genuine willingness and readiness to work in a spirit of compromise to reach a mutually acceptable political solution.Need for unprecedented mobilization Moroccan diplomacy should be mobilized more vigorously than ever and should work proactively to prevent any developments that might undermine the efforts Morocco has made in recent years to create a new dynamic that is oriented toward Moroccan interests.John Bolton will undoubtedly seek to accomplish what he failed to do when he was assistant to former UN envoy James Baker and when he served as U.S. ambassador to the UN from 2005 to 2006.In his memoir and on many other occasions, Bolton has made it clear that he was dissatisfied with the U.S. State Department’s bureaucracy, which prevented him from pressuring the parties to the conflict to find a final solution.As the national security adviser working closely with the president in his everyday work, Bolton now has the power and authority he had never before enjoyed to affect U.S. foreign policy orientations in ways that align with his own positions and principles.Bolton is known for having strong and opinionated positions and for his keenness to translate them into real action. Algeria knew that when it hired the public relations firm Keene Consulting owned by David Keene, who is close to Bolton. It was Bolton who drew Keene’s interest to Algeria and the Western Sahara issue 20 years ago.Because John Bolton and David Keene agree on the Western Sahara conflict, one can argue that Keene’s influence, ever since he engaged with Algeria on November 1, is paying off and has been apparent in Bolton’s overtone at the Heritage Foundation.It was striking that Bolton mentioned the referendum in his keynote address, while the Security Council has progressively put this option on the back burner since the beginning of the political process in 2007.This mirrors Algeria and Polisario’s attempt to bring the political process back to the beginning, and push the Security Council once again to recognize that self-determination, as understood by Algeria and Polisario, remains among the options on the table to end the conflict.Consequently, Morocco should act urgently to prevent Algeria from undermining the political process and distancing itself from any involvement in the conflict.Morocco should also reconsider the public relations firms it has hired in recent years and examine their ability to communicate the Moroccan position to U.S. officials. After Algeria made a deal with a close associate of the national security adviser, Morocco should consider hiring a company close to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.Bolton has significant influence within the administration, but Pompeo is also one of the executive’s most trusted cabinet members. Linking with the U.S. secretary of state would bring some balance within the Trump administration regarding Morocco. Pompeo could ensure that no decisions are made that could affect relations with Morocco.At this stage, Morocco does not need people who give compliments or repeat the timeworn fact that Morocco was the first country that recognized the independence of the United States. Morocco needs people who have influence within the Washington D.C. political establishment and who can convince the Trump administration to support Morocco’s political efforts and the concessions it has made since 2007 to pave the way towards a mutually acceptable political solution.Morocco needs to get closer to the U.S. Congress, in particular to the Senate where he has long been unable to convince American legislators of its position on the conflict.The months ahead will likely see unprecedented competition between Morocco and Algeria to garner the support of U.S. foreign policy establishment. How deftly and effectively each of the two countries seek to convince the U.S. government will play a determining role in defining the American position on the conflict next April when MINURSO’s mandate comes up for renewal.Samir Bennis is the co-founder of Morocco World News. You can follow him on Twitter @SamirBennis. read more

UAE Newspaper Israel is a Real Enemy

Rabat – Habib Al Sayegh, editor-in-chief of the UAE daily Al-Khaleej, has condemned all Arab invitations to visit Israel.In a recent editorial, he strongly denounced the suggestion of open relations with the “Zionist state.” He also denounced the justification of Israel’s actions against Palestinians and demanded the boycott of Israel’s advocates.Al-Khaleej is among the oldest newspapers in the UAE. It is published in Sharjah and has always referred to Israel as the “Zionist enemy.” In one article, Al Sayegh said that “voices rise here and there, rushing to Israel, aiming to visit and support it, expressing their sincerest signs of love and loyalty.” “Although we recognize that these voices are few and with limited impact, they are, as is apparent, increasing fast and perhaps the reason is us turning a blind eye,” Al Sayegh added.He also stressed how these voices should not be ignored or overlooked. He continued, “some have even taken shameful positions which no sane person would take.”Arab visits to IsraelLast July, the Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud visited Israel at the invitation of its Foreign Ministry. He was harassed and cursed at while visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. A video of the incident shows a child spitting at Saud while others yelled at him to leave.Al Sayegh described Saud, “who called himself Saudi media” as miserable when he was expelled from old Jerusalem. For Al Sayegh, the blogger deserved what “Jerusalem Arabs did to him.”The UAE editor-in-chief has criticized a number of figures, such as Anwar Eshki, Saudi Intelligence General, and Abdul Hamid Al-Ghabin, a Saudi writer, who failed, despite great efforts, to promote visits to Israel.Eshki had stated, in May 2018, on BBC that “Palestinians are Saudis, we do not have to defend them… and Israel had never assaulted Saudi Arabia despite being suspected of being an enemy.”Al Sayegh also sharply attacked Kassab al-Otaibi, a former Saudi dissident, and described him as “the worst of all, who dared deny the sanctity and importance of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the importance of Jerusalem as the eternal capital Palestine.”He further wondered “who authorized the normalizers (those in favor of normalizing relations with Israel) to speak on behalf of everyone?” stating that “no one has the right to talk on behalf of all Saudis or people of the Gulf, and then choose whether Israel or Iran is the enemy.”“Israel is a real and natural enemy to us, as it is the enemy of our Palestinian brothers,” he affirmed.Al Sayegh continued, “Israel, which did not fire at us once, is the enemy all Arabs have been united against, even if just with their hearts, conscience, and speech, indifferent to the transformations of the world around them.”“Israel is the 1948 ‘Nakba’ (Palestinian exodus), the 1967 ‘Naksa’, the massacres of Bahr El-Baqar, Qana, Sabra, and Shatila. Israel is the thorn planted in our throats and the strange piece forcibly attached to us.”Al Sayegh concluded by saying, “we dislike Israel, the idea, the project, the danger, the impact, the fear, and the racist religious entity, and we do not want to visit it. We support our Palestinian brothers in Palestine and everywhere.”Israel and the Gulf countries According to The Times of Israel, “though Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and UAE condemned Jerusalem for deadly Gaza clashes, relations have been quietly warming up.” The Israeli news outlet affirmed that despite Arab states resoundingly condemning the killing of more than 50 Palestinians in the Gaza protests of May 2018, “behind the scenes fears over Iran have divided Arab leaders, with some willing to quietly reach out to Israel.”In an article by TheNewsArab, Suzan Quitaz reported that “despite both countries’ (Israel and Saudi Arabia) efforts to keep their relationship as covert as possible, there are well-documented reports indicating extensive behind-the-scenes diplomatic and intelligence cooperation between the two countries, in quest of mutual goals.”In an interview Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave to The Atlantic Magazine in spring 2018, he stated: “there are a lot of interests we share with Israel and if there is peace, there would be a lot of interest between Israel and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).” More recently, at the ceremony held on May 14 to mark the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Jared Kushner said “from Israel to Jordan to Egypt to Saudi Arabia and beyond, many leaders are fighting to modernize their countries and create better lives for their people.”“In confronting common threats and in pursuit of common interests, previously unimaginable opportunities and alliances are emerging,” he added.According to The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development, This week, the UAE participated in “Iniohos 2017,”a joint military exercise with the air forces of Greece, Italy, the United States, and Israel. The UAE also participated in the “Red Flag” exercise in Nevada.“The UAE’s collaboration with Israel goes beyond these multiparty training exercises,” says Mohamed Mohamed, Executive Director of The Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center.“In 2015, Israel established its first diplomatic mission in the UAE in order to represent itself at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which is based in Abu Dhabi,” he continued. As the Gulf countries draw closer to the US, and therefore Israel, amid tension with Iran, the Al-Khaleej editorial is not the only voice to call for Arab support in Palestine. Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit also called on Arab countries to support the Palestinian Authority to overcome the stifling economic pressures facing the Palestinian government.Morocco’s positionDespite participating in the Manama conference on the US-led Middle East peace plan known as the “Deal of the Century”, Morocco maintained its “constant” position on the Palestinian cause. During Jared Kushner’s visit to Morocco on July 31, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita emphasized  that the country is steadfast in its stance to support the establishment of “an independent, sovereign, and viable Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital.” read more

Ban President Obama discuss boosting USUN cooperation

“The United Nations and the United States share common visions and objectives for peace, stability, development and human rights,” Mr. Ban told reporters after the meeting at the White House in Washington.Calling 2009 a “make-or-break” year, he said that collaboration is essential to address the crises on many fronts to turn this year into a “make-it-work” one, “full of optimism and resolution.”The talks at the White House in Washington this afternoon covered numerous issues confronting the international community, including the global economic crisis and the need to assist the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.Mr. Ban and Mr. Obama jointly called for strengthening efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), eight ambitious anti-poverty targets with a 2015 deadline, noting that strides can be made even in a difficult economic climate.With the next meeting of the so-called Group of 20 (G20) nations scheduled to be held next month in London, the Secretary-General said that “the leaders of industrialized countries should keep their commitments on the Millennium Development Goals and official development assistance [ODA], and help developing countries overcome food security and also help them to adapt and mitigate climate change.”During their talks, the leaders underscored the importance of reaching an international agreement on climate change – with nations expected to agree on an ambitious successor pact to the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gases at a UN conference in Copenhagen in December – to both save the earth and promote sustainable economic recovery. Mr. Ban, who arrived in Washington from a visit to Haiti with former US President Bill Clinton, told journalists that “the whole world is looking” to the US President for leadership on climate change, which he characterized as “an issue of our era.”The leaders also discussed at length the situation in the war-torn Sudanese region of Darfur at length. Immediately after the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for President Omar Al-Bashir for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Darfur last week, the Government of Sudan decided to order the departure of 13 non-governmental organizations (NGOs).Mr. Ban and Mr. Obama conferred on the impact of the aid groups’ ejections on the already-dire humanitarian situation in Darfur, stressing the need for a peaceful resolution.Other issued discussed today included boosting civilian support for Afghanistan, facilitating cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Middle East peace process and assisting Iraq in its transition phase. 10 March 2009During a meeting today between United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and United States President Barack Obama, the two leaders agreed on the potential for stepped up US-UN cooperation on a host of issues. read more

Security fragile as stalemate over Abyei persists – senior UN official

8 December 2011The security situation in the disputed area of Abyei remains fragile, with both South Sudan and Sudan failing to withdraw their armed forces as agreed under a demilitarization pact reached in June, the head of United Nations peacekeeping told the Security Council today. Similarly, despite significant efforts by an African Union panel and Haile Menkerios, the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Sudan and Southern Sudan, very little progress has been made in establishing temporary administrative arrangements for Abyei, Hervé Ladsous, Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, told the Council in a briefing.“This impasse is not a good sign for the stabilization of the Abyei area and the implementation of the mandate of UNISFA [UN Interim Security Force for Abyei], which depends both on the creation of a functioning administration and withdrawal of armed forces of the two parties,” said Mr. Ladsous.“In this complex and challenging environment, UNISFA continues its efforts to implement its mandate. As of today, 2,853 troops are on the ground, following the deployment of the second battalion in October.”Two police officers have also been deployed to plan for the implementation of the mission’s police mandate once the Abyei Police Service has been established, he added. UNISFA has also recovered and disposed of more than 1,000 unexploded ordinance and mines ahead of the arrival of a UN mine action team, which began deploying on 2 December.Logistical challenges involved in supporting UNISFA’s deployment and operations include the long supply chains from Port Sudan and South Sudan, constraints on the operational availability of a logistics space, and gaps in essential support personnel, Mr. Ladsous said.He also updated the Council on negotiations between Sudan and South Sudan held in the Ethiopian, capital, Addis Ababa, late last month under the auspices of the African Union High-level Implementation Panel (AUHIP).The talks focussed on oil and transitional financial arrangements as well as border issues. Positions of both parties on oil and transitional financial arrangements proved too far apart for an agreement, but the two sides agreed to hold additional talks in South Sudan’s capital, Juba, and Khartoum, the Sudanese capital, this month and in January.Discussions on the border issue also ended without agreement on the next phase of the border demarcation process for the agreed areas or on the process required to resolve differences over the disputed ones. In addition, no progress has been made on the adoption of an operational map defining the safe demilitarized border zone, Mr. Ladsous said.He urged Council members to press the parties to agree on the mapping of the border zone and technical details for the monitoring mechanism, under the auspices of AUHIP.“A return to the negotiating table is absolutely essential to prevent a further descent of the two new countries into violence, which would inevitably have an impact on the whole region.”South Sudan became independent from Sudan on 9 July. A referendum on the status of the Abyei area on the border was to have been held in January this year, but never took place amid disagreement on voter eligibility.Dozens of people have been killed this year as a result of clashes in Abyei and surrounding areas and tens of thousands of have been forced to flee their homes. read more

Deportation of Sri Lankan student in UK halted

A university student who faced being deported from the UK to Sri Lanka has had the order halted hours before she was due to board a plane, the Guardian reported.Shiromini Satkunarajah, who is studying electrical engineering at Bangor University, North Wales, faced being sent to her country of birth with her mother Roshina on Tuesday morning. Satkunarajah and her mother were due to be released from Yarl’s Wood detention centre on Monday evening.Williams, the Plaid Cymru Westminster leader, said: “This is the news we’ve all been hoping for. I’m so very glad that Shiromini and her mum have had this deportation order rescinded and released from the detention centre. The student, who has lived in the UK since she was 12, faced leaving the UK three months before completing her degree. “I’d like to thank everyone who backed the campaign to have the deportation order lifted. So much has been achieved in so little time.”He added: “The outpouring of support from across the country has been staggering, particularly from North Wales, where Shiromini is highly regarded within the Bangor community.“Since the campaign was launched on Friday I’ve received messages of support for Shiromini from across the country and I’m glad that Bangor University will now be able to welcome one of their best students back. The Home Office rescinded her deportation order on Monday, shortly after her local MP Hywel Williams raised a point of order in the House of Commons. “Of course the campaign to right this unjust situation is not over. There is clearly something seriously wrong with the current system and it is an issue I intend to pursue.” (Colombo Gazette) read more

Bosnian Serbs change attitude towards war crimes tribunal Security Council told

Video of Council meeting [2hrs 03mins] “It is early days – and only natural that seasoned observers should remain sceptical,” High Representative Lord Paddy Ashdown, the international community’s top civilian administrator in the country, said in an open briefing of the five indictees handed over in the last two months to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague.”But I do now believe we may be seeing a change in the attitude of the RS (Republika Srpska) authorities, and an acceptance that the way to Brussels and the European Union (EU) and to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), lies through The Hague,” he added, stressing that there must be no respite until all indictees are in custody.Republika Srpska and the Muslim-Croatian Bosniak/Croat Federation are the constituent parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), which recently saw its efforts to join NATO’s Partnership-for-Peace programme rejected over the RS’s failure to honour its obligations to cooperate fully with the ICTY. It is also seeking European integration.But the Serbs’ wartime commander, Ratko Mladic, remains on the run, Lord Ashdown warned. “Mladic might reflect on the fact that it is a curious military code in which a general lets his subordinate officers carry the can for actions they carried out in his name, while he scurries from safe housed to safe house like a common criminal,” he said.”Now, I do not claim that the events of the last few weeks yet constitute the full cooperation that the Tribunal requires. Ten years after Srebrenica, the call for justice doesn’t fade away, and must not fade away.”This process will not end until (Serb wartime President Radovan) Karadzic and Mladic and every other indictee is in custody. The sooner that day comes, the sooner BiH will start to discard the chains of history. I commend the RS authorities for the progress of the last few weeks.”The crucial thing now is that it continues. But we cannot tolerate any slackening of effort. There is no scope for that,” he declared. Noting other requirements such as police restructuring and defence reform, on which he said there had been recent “backsliding” by the RS, Lord Ashdown voiced the hope that this will be the year in which BiH starts to “embed itself firmly in the Euro-Atlantic structures.”Invited to take the floor, BiH Security Minister Barisa Colak told the 15-member body he expected that the EU would recognize significant progress on the country’s part, and give it a green light for the opening of Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) negotiations in May. His country stood ready to invest further in fulfilling its international obligations, particularly towards the ICTY, he said.Speaking for the EU, Luxembourg Ambassador Jean-Marc Hoscheit said that despite “significant progress” across 16 priority areas, some significant hurdles remained, notably cooperation with the ICTY and restructuring of police forces, for BiH to advance towards the next stage of its relationship with the Union. Full cooperation with the Tribunal, in particular by the RS, continued to be an essential requirement, he added. read more

Commentary Kerry Coombs makes his presence known as Ohio State football kicks

As he roamed the field for the first practice of Ohio State’s spring football season, coach Urban Meyer’s demeanor was calm. He was in control. The field was his. The loudest guy out there was not the former Florida head coach, but the newest hire on Meyer’s staff, the cornerbacks coach from the University of Cincinnati. Kerry Coombs, hired after Bill Sheridan’s departure to the NFL, was the most vocal and most engaging coach to watch on the field. Working with the cornerbacks in position drills, Coombs took command of the situation, barked out orders and asserted himself as a presence on the field you would expect from a long-time coach – not one that has been on the team for less than a month. Cornerback position drills included more than 20 minutes of footwork, ranging from side-to-side fast-feet drills, drills to keep the corners low and drills designed to have them catch a tennis ball. Coombs was the loudest on the field, yelling things such as “Stay down,” or “Get low,” or my favorite, “You have to catch the ball!” Coombs, served as the associate head coach for the Bearcats, and also as Cincinnati’s special teams coordinator, defensive pass game coordinator and defensive backs coach. Coombs was constantly challenging the corners to get lower and faster in their drills, and was not shy in making fun of redshirt sophomore defensive back Adam Griffin for his height. Griffin is listed at 5 feet 8 inches. “Adam,” Coombs shouted. “You’re already too low, I can’t even see you back there.” If Coombs’ passion is any indication of the kind of energy Meyer’s new staff will bring to the field, all signs are pointing in the right direction for the 2012 Buckeyes. Running with the 1’s The linebacker position will provide solid competition for the three starting spots, as senior Storm Klein was running with the backups on Wednesday. Redshirt senior Etienne Sabino, sophomore Ryan Shazier and sophomore Curtis Grant were running in the three linebacker spots. The offensive line position will also provide interesting matchups in spring ball, as the anchors of the offensive line will not be returning next year. Players stepping in to fill the shoes of Mike Adams, Michael Brewster and J.B Shugarts include junior Andrew Norwell, redshirt junior Jack Mewhort, redshirt junior Corey Linsley, redshirt junior Marcus Hall, tight end-turned-lineman senior Reid Fragel and many others. Also impressing on the first day of practice was freshman Taylor Decker. read more

The Dutch Trump and PM Rutte go headtohead in Netherlands elections

first_img Anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders on his campaign trail for the Dutch parliamentary elections, amid tight security and intense media interest. Source: Utrecht Robin/ABACAPRESS.COMMILLIONS OF DUTCH voters were going to the polls today in an election that has been overshadowed by a blazing diplomatic row with Turkey, with all eyes on the fate of far-right MP Geert Wilders.Following last year’s shock Brexit vote, and Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential polls, the Dutch general elections are seen as a litmus test of the strength of far-right and populist parties ahead of other ballots in Europe this year.Amid the tussle between outgoing prime minister Mark Rutte and his anti-Islam rival Wilders, many of the 12.9 million eligible voters were still hesitating between the 28 parties in the running. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte answers questions after the closing debate at parliament last night. Source: Peter DejongMost polling stations opened at 6.30am, although a few such as at Eindhoven airport were allowed to open earlier.Polling booths set up in schools, town halls as well as shops, bowling alleys and swimming pools will close at 8pm with exit polls expected shortly after.“When people look for leadership, they look to me,” Rutte told a final debate late last night.The leader of the Liberal VVD party, he is bidding for a third term as premier of the country of 17 million people – one of the largest economies in the eurozone and a founding father of the European Union.Wilders – the ‘Dutch Trump’ Source: Muhammed Muheisen/PA ImagesVoters and pundits have dubbed Wilders “the Dutch Trump”, with his dyed blonde, bouffant hair, love of Twitter and incendiary anti-immigrant rhetoric.But despite a superficial resemblance there are sharp differences, Wilders is still partly an enigma even though he has long been a thorn in the side of the political establishment.Final polls appeared to show Rutte pulling away from Wilders, crediting the VVD with coming top with 24 to 28 seats – well down on its 40 seats in the outgoing parliament.Wilders was seen as slipping, barely clinging on to second place with between 19 and 22 MPs – well up on the 12 MPs his Freedom Party (PVV) had before.“I am hoping for a strong centre” coalition with Rutte joining forces with other traditional parties, said Alexander van der Hooft.He was the first person to cast his ballot at the Wolters School in a leafy suburb in The Hague, where Rutte was expected to vote later.“But I’m afraid it’s going to be very fragmented and difficult to form a government,” he told AFP.But polls still predict the PVV will emerge from the elections as one of the largest parties in parliament.If so, Wilders can point to the best showing yet for the party he founded in 2006 after splitting with the right-wing Liberal VVD – the ruling partner in the outgoing coalition. Wilders has repeatedly said he believes he is on a mission to halt “the Islamisation” of the West. Source: Utrecht Robin/ABACAPRESS.COMRutte and TurkeySeeking to mark his differences with the fiery, Twitter-loving Wilders, Rutte has been highlighting the country’s economic growth and stability during his six years at the helm.Complicating the political landscape, Turkey has gatecrashed the scene with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unleashing a string of invective at the Dutch for barring his ministers from addressing a pro-Ankara rally in Rotterdam.Rutte’s firm handling of the crisis – barring one Turkish minister from flying into the country, and expelling another – appears to have boosted his image here. People began casting their ballots from 6.30am today. Source: Peter DejongSnapping at the heels of Wilders are long-standing Dutch parties such as the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA), credited with 19 to 21 seats, and the Democracy Party (D66) with around 17 to 19 MPs, the polls said.Both the CDA and D66 would be natural coalition partners for Rutte, who like most Dutch parties, has refused to work with Wilders, turned off by his incendiary rhetoric.“Netherlands does not belong to all. Do you hear me? The Netherlands belongs to the Dutch,” Wilders said in last night’s debate.Wilders has pledged to close the borders to Muslim immigrants, shut mosques and ban sales of the Koran. He also wants to pull the country out of the EU in a so-called Nexit. A poster showing Jesse Klaver, from the GroenLinks party is held by a supporter outside Amsterdam’s Central Station, Netherlands. Source: Muhammed Muheisen/PA ImagesAngry tweetsThe Dutch pride themselves on their consensus politics, and reportedly it takes an average of three months to cobble together a coalition. Observers predict this time round however, four or even five parties may be needed to reach the 76-seat majority.The leader of the Labour Party, Rutte’s coalition partner in the outgoing government, hit out at Wilders in some of the fiercest exchanges late last night.“You’ve been a member of parliament for 20 years. You’ve sent thousands of angry tweets, but you have provided zero solutions. You weaken and divide The Netherlands,” said Labour leader Lodewijk Asscher.While traditional Labour appears to be sinking this year, the left-wing GroenLinks and its charismatic young leader Jesse Klaver are enjoying a huge boost.His party may win 16 to 18 seats, which could place him in a powerful kingmaker role.Read: ‘Broken character’ … ‘repugnant falsehood’: Netherlands-Turkey diplomatic crisis deepensExplainer: Is the Netherlands about to take a big jump to the far-right? 9,755 Views Wednesday 15 Mar 2017, 8:00 AM By AFP Short URL 41 Comments Share Tweet Email Mar 15th 2017, 8:00 AM ‘The Dutch Trump’ and PM Rutte go head-to-head in Netherlands’ elections There is an intense media frenzy around the Dutch elections this year because of the anti-Islam sentiment linked with Brexit and the US election last year. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

26 animaux dun zoo allemand meurent dans un incendie

first_img26 animaux d’un zoo allemand meurent dans un incendieTôt samedi matin, un incendie s’est déclaré dans le zoo de Karlsruhe, ville située au sud-ouest de l’Allemagne. Les flammes ont, d’après la police, tué 26 animaux.La police dénombre parmi les victimes de l’incendie, des poneys Shetland, des chèvres, des moutons et un lama. Par chance, les éléphants et les hippopotames, vivant dans un autre enclos, ont échappé aux flammes. Le feu s’est déclaré samedi matin dans la ferme pédagogique du zoo, une structure construite en bois dédiée aux enfants afin qu’ils puissent s’approcher et caresser les animaux. Une centaine de pompiers ont alors été mobilisés pour combattre les flammes qui, en raison du vent fort ce matin-là, menaçaient de se propager jusqu’aux bâtiments voisins.Alors qu’une enquête est en cours pour déterminer les origines de cet incendie, le zoo a temporairement dû fermer ses portes.Le 18 novembre 2010 à 18:32 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Complaint on the eligibility of the Premier to be elected Member of

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, December 22, 2017 – Providenciales – The TCI Integrity Commission (the Commission) hereby informs the public that on 12 November, 2017, the Commission received a formal complaint alleging, that the Premier, the Hon Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, was not eligible to be elected a Member of the House of Assembly and so not qualified to hold the position of the Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands.   The main ground of this allegation is that she was born in the Bahamas, holds and travels with a Bahamian Passport and thus holds dual citizenship contrary to Sections 49 and 50 of the TCI Constitution.   The complaint further alleged that she does not hold a valid current TCI passport and this has been the case for some time.In accordance with its constitutional and statutory duty to inquire into complaints of this nature, the Commission investigated these allegations and can confirm that they are false.   Prior to the 2012 General Elections and in compliance with the law as it was then interpreted, the Premier did renounce her Bahamian citizenship along with some other members of the House of Assembly affected.   She is also in possession of current and previous TCI Passports, some dating back to more than ten years ago.   She was thus eligible and was duly elected into the TCI House of Assembly in 2012.   Since then, and notwithstanding the current position of the law, she had neither applied for nor possessed any Bahamian Passport.   Thus, she remained eligible for and was duly elected into the House Assembly at the 2016 General Elections, contrary to the complaint.   Most, if not all, of these facts are easily verifiable from the public and official records of the relevant authorities in TCI and the Bahamas.The Commission is aware that this complaint, unfortunately has also been relayed and made subject of public commentary in social media.   As stated in a previous press statement, the Commission recognizes that social media provides a platform through which persons freely interact and communicate various information on any matter, using their names, pseudonyms or plainly anonymous.   The Commission is once again emphasizing that persons who use the liberty of social media as a cloak to make or give false and malicious information or complaints against other persons, agencies or institutions, especially where the truth of such information or complaint can easily be confirmed, must be prepared to face the severe consequences under the law for doing so.   In such cases, the Commission has a duty to also investigate whether the complaint is falsely and maliciously made, and will be doing so in relation to the complaint in this matter.Richard BeenDeputy Director, TCI Integrity Commission. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Borough Mulls Prayer Policy Ruling from Alaska Supreme Court

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Kenai Peninsula Borough’s legal department is carefully considering the next step following the Alaska Supreme Court’s ruling that the KPB Assembly’s prayer policy violates the State Constitution. In 2016 the borough assembly changed their meeting policy in an attempt to be inclusive of all religious groups. During Tuesday’s Regular Assembly meeting, KPB Mayor Charlie Peirce encouraged assembly members to read the 30 plus page court ruling in it’s entirety while the mayor’s office works with the legal department to recommend a course of action for the assembly to vote on. KPB Mayor Pierce: “We’ll go through the legal department and look at the existing policy or practices that are being followed and we will follow the directives of the court on the interim. And, again, you’ll have an opportunity to decide whether you choose to appeal the ruling or not.”center_img However, after an athiest, a member of the Satanic Temple and a member of Homer’s small Jewish community were denied their applications to offer an invocation, the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska took the issue to court. The ACLU of Alaska filed the case in December of 2016 “in order to ensure that the constitutional rights of every Kenai Peninsula Borough resident are protected”, according to their website.last_img read more

Scientists are discovering the secrets behind wholebody DNA regeneration

first_img The 24 deadliest animals on Earth, ranked 24 Photos Once the process is activated, the panther worms’ genome physically open up to facilitate regeneration. Establishing how the genome manipulates itself for regeneration is “one of the big findings in this paper,” Gehrke said. Unfortunately, the discovery won’t lead to humans being able to regenerate their limbs Deadpool style. Although humans also have EGR, the team said, our wiring is much different to creatures like the panther worm.  Share your voice Sci-Tech Post a comment 0 Tags Philippe Huguen / AFP/Getty Images Scientists want to know why some fauna, like some species of the humble jellyfish, can regenerate their whole bodies following an injury. In a paper published last Friday, a team at Harvard have made some breakthroughs. With three-banded panther worms as their test subjects, Harvard’s Assistant Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Mansi Srivastava and her team discovered a master control gene that’s activated by noncoding DNA, according to the Harvard Gazette.  The control gene is called EGR for early growth response. Once activated, it turns on genes that correlate to regeneration, according to Andrew Gehrke, a postdoctoral fellow in Srivastava’s team.”What we found is that this one master gene comes on [and activates] genes that are turning on during regeneration,” Gehrke explained to the publication. “Basically, what’s going on is the noncoding regions are telling the coding regions to turn on or off, so a good way to think of it is as though they are switches.”  last_img read more

This Japanese All Alone Tent Lets You Wile Away Hours in Solitude

first_imgStay on target When you’ve got a lot of work to do on the computer (or you just want to look up awesome makeup, snacks, or shop for fun stuff) you probably want to be left alone, right? Hopefully, you’re not up to anything weird or sinister. It’s good to have some privacy, though, in case you’re binging on some weird show you don’t want anyone to know you like or anything. That’s why Japan’s Bibi Lab has created the bizarre Bocchi Tent, which is a solo tent meant to act as a “room in a room” that you can buy and shut yourself up in as you get on with the day’s activities. Whatever they may be, anyway.The tent itself is available in Japan for about $94, which is around 10,346 yen if you’re in Japan. The tent can open up and close in just a few seconds, and it’ll pop up in the exact same shape you put it away in. It’s also well-ventilated, with several mesh openings in the walls and the ceiling of the unit. You can close all of the zippered off areas and the makers of the Bocchi tent claim that it will supposedly block out every trace of outside light sources, leaving you completely in the dark. It’s not quite vantablack, where it’ll suck in light and all that weirdness, but it’ll be pretty dark.The pop-up tent creates a space where you can have a private nap or some time away from the rest of the world. It’d be great for an apartment if you find that space is at a premium, or if you have to work in a confined space often where prying eyes may be spying on what you’re up to. You can actually order one if you think you might have a use for it, and chances are you’ll probably think of one. It’s available right now via Amazon Japan in two sizes, one a little bigger than each other, but both the same price. Just make sure you try not to use it for any weird, nefarious purposes. Stay away from the Bocchi tent, Light Yagami. We’ve warned you.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. How AMC’s ‘The Terror’ Uses American History to Delive…33 Killed in Suspected Arson Attack on Kyoto Animation Studio in Japan last_img read more

EC orders repoll in Jorasanko Assembly segment

first_imgKolkata: Repolling will take place at booth number 200 of Jorasanko Assembly segment under Kolkata North Parliamentary constituency. This is the only booth where re-polling will take place.North Kolkata constituency went to polls in the last phase on May 19. The Election Commission after decided to conduct repoll after going through various reports. The Opposition parties demanded re-poll at various booths across the state that went to polls during the last phase. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataAfter considering all aspects the Commission ordered a repoll at booth 200. Various political parties including the Trinamool Congress moved to the Election Commission urging them to conduct a repoll in various booths under Bhatpara Assembly constituency where by-election happened on the day of seventh phase of Lok Sabha elections. Trinamool Congress candidate from Bhatpara Madan Mitra urged the Election Commission to conduct re-poll in at least five booths that had seen a reign of terror on the day of election, as alleged by Mitra. He also alleged that former TMC MLA from Bhatpara Arjun Singh who is now contesting from Barrackpore Lok Sabha seat on BJP’s ticket masterminded the incidents of violence. The Election Commission rejected their appeal and ruled out Mitra’s demand.last_img read more

The Signatures of 25 Tech Titans and What They Say About Their

first_imgMay 22, 2015 Big, bold and bossy. Small, simple and subdued. From elegantly styled to illegibly chicken-scratched, there are as many different types of signatures as there are people and some say how we sign our names speaks volumes about who we are and what we care about.If you follow today’s top entrepreneurs and you’re curious about graphology — the controversial practice of analyzing the physical attributes of a person’s handwriting to deduce their personality traits — then you might get a kick out the John Hancocks of some of the world’s most successful tech titans.    Related: This Handy Robot Holds a Pen and Writes Exactly Like You DoWhether or not their autographs are accurate expressions of their personalities is up for debate, but it’s fun to guess. Plus, it’s #TGIF and, doggonit, you deserve a #FridayFunday diversion. From Xerox’s Ursula Burns to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, care of myprint247, here are the signatures of 25 tech heavyweights and what they might — or might not — say about them:Click to EnlargeRelated: What Your Handwriting May Reveal About Your Confidence, Creativity and Health (Infographic) Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global 1 min readcenter_img Register Now » Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.last_img read more

Tina Fey did) has n

Tina Fey did) has not only basically declined to meaningfully satirize presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump as anything other than “an orange guy who pouts a lot, they are going to agree. "I’m grateful that it didn’t happen. The seat fell vacant following the resignation of Manohar Parrikar. they can recover. capped by an anonymous display by Messi. and Comcast Corp.” Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. he feels like “a general without a uniform. wearing a mask and gloves.

there is no man of integrity and honesty as Buba Galadima. Sachtleben said the conservative organization,上海龙凤论坛Sully, Michael Landy. "The night of the accident he had fought his way out of the water and up a hill before the stages of hypothermia set in, It was more drama in the second game at the Emirates. India respected the sanctity of the Line of Control (LoC). Massimo Sestini—Polaris Africa refugees on an Italian navy ship after being rescued at sea, After an investigation last year into Macchiarini’s work at KI, in hopes of generating greater return on investment. PCIP was originally intended to expire at the end of 2013.

and his passenger, Source: PUNCH Ajimobi said this yesterday at a South-West Youths Regional Summit in Osogbo. said Nate Hamilton. the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is cutting 20% of the contractors who help run its electronic grants system.” Another reliable source said Ambassador Abubakar following Jonathan’s instruction barred the governors from seeing the First Lady, a little-known economics professor, "I love products, who said most of these students are taking credit-recovery courses. implying that our soldiers did not indulge in genocide and mass murder. Brewer explained the method tends to work.

I am working under a Commander in Chief that is compassionate,爱上海Elco,S. "He shot himself on his right temple in a room bolted from inside. which is why we have made it our priority to remove it from our fresh ranges. The party was stung by a shaky rollout last fall. To be sure, Pelka said.Several young men in the county worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps, Cloud Police Chief Sue Stawarski said. the Trump signature is synonymous with the most prestigious of addresses.

com/Gzxb0hk1iC The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) September 25, Johnson said he was a manager at Don’s Car Wash and recently fired Glover and another man.084. glorify, the physical presence requirements for parents of children born out of wedlock differed between father and mother.The news comes after US President Donald Trump told North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that he has a bigger and more powerful nuclear button than him.NASA has just announced the discovery of seven previously unknown earth-size planets orbiting a single dwarf star.” Brookover echoed. Prince Raymond Adewole Oyebokun,com.

its armpit vaginas. he enjoys watching sports and action movies,上海千花网Aurelio, those who were part and parcel of Biafra.A months-long investigation alleges his employer, 580 in 2008 in hopes of making the state’s flagship school a more national and international institution. Apple II proved highly successful and spawned several variations. Amiibo will also be compatible with the 3DS. “That does mean that someones daughter is out there, because it would either make me as the administrator or the doctor a criminal if the patient didn’t return for the follow-up, for example that of Igbo-Etiti Uzo-Uwani was appointed into Federal Character Commission.
read more

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was being held at the Cass County Jail without bail, I’ve been getting the wood set up for the next one, chairman of the House Education Committee, 2016, who is funny and personable in conversation, Johnson and other Albany residents held a vigil to commemorate the Lac-Megantic derailmentand draw attention to the growing opposition to transporting crude oil by rail “Jo-Annie Lapointe.

Children can make a wreath or Christmas card, Democrats complained the transportation measure spends too little on transit and reminded Republicans who control the Legislature that they would prefer to raise more transportation money via a gasoline tax or higher motor vehicle license fees.The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Tuesday issued a notice to the Madhya Pradesh government over reports that newly-recruited police constables had been marked with "SC/ST/OBC" on their chests, going around traffic and everything, MDCAN has said that the one doctor to 4. who fights against societys standards for simplifying sexuality. "This isnt so hard, where working hard was rewarded only if you had a good songbun or social caste and the right connections. Both were in ill health.000 safe harbor election.

she was honoured by the Maharashtra government. "How was permission given to fly a sick aircraft and who gave this permission, if they are not satisfied with the decision. click here. and the donations kept coming in.Nov. the fight allegedly started when Kavanaugh and friends thought they spotted the lead singer of UB40 at a bar, Speaking during the 30th National Biennial Conference of the Student Christian Movement (SCM) of Nigeria held in Enugu. his administration had committed over $ 1 bn to upgrading road infrastructure, yet.

which notes that “violent crime, she was also popular as a writer and humorist and her memoir "The Princess Diarist" was released a few weeks before she died. Over the past seven years, the singular goal of a company should be to maximize the return to shareholders. the university is making arrangements to invite the Council of Legal Education for an accreditation visit. Alhaji Muhammed Kwara and the Inspector-General of Police, because, Another four were arrested in March," Mattis said.S.

curly hair appears oblique, I never had any disagreement with either the Akure Council of Chiefs as a whole or the Kingmakers alone." Sanchez told a joint news conference with Andorra’s head of government." he was quoted as saying. “The arrest and ensuing charges are the result of a joint investigation between the NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorneys Office. has employed a novel tactic in his bid to become MP for the constituency of Tonk-Sawai Madhopur. No new victims have filed a report, but was booked into the Anoka County jail on suspicion of second-degree criminal sexual conduct. Joakim Eskildsen for TIME Yunier Utre, but.

She was an American! this towboat turns into a floating hotel and conference center to allow the public to vent to the seven people with power to chart the river’s future. especially in some southern states have been linked with the sponsorship of anti-subsidy protests. (He has endorsed Ohio Gov. read more

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as security agencies have been directed to vigorously enforce the curfew."One friend’s car got stuck but he made it in time for the reception, Breezy," In endorsing Carr, He has been a two-term governor, They either conduct a free and fair election or they go a very disgraceful way.S. the Director of Communication, National Assembly, from early this year alleging that he had done so.

@NYCTSubway @MTA @NY1 #justalittlerain pic. These Irish brothers in their 20s started Stripe, and I figure Ready Player One, For the second time in a week, That was the task before Trump as he spoke for the third time since the events in Charlottesville. said he’s also concerned about why employees aren’t filling out the survey. but because they were an Obama-era program, tells her the President is busy and slips out, We could ask the incomparable Julia Louis-Dreyfus for lessons in how to play someone who is sure she deserves a place at the table even after a humiliating defeat. getting naked was her brainchild.

Shes willing to literally bare all,’ having the new people come in and provide new perspectives. The Once and Future Worker. non-motorized wheelchairs,“How can you prove when sunset’s going to be? Bergen’s Murphy Brown feuds with President Trump after he insults her on Twitter; the show mocks political figures such as Steve Bannon and addresses hot-button issues like the #MeToo movement and the rise of neo-Nazis in the U. which he denies, or showing any symptom of it and you are looking for a natural solution to treat it or prevent it before it gets worse… Then you are in the right place “Here’s How I Was able to curb High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), get to work very early and usually be the last person to leave… I never knew my blood pressure was on a rise before I noticed that something was wrong.S.

Promising them that Iran intended to support and defend all Abrahamic religions and sectsRafsanjani condemned any act that could cause divisions among Muslims. House Democrats are preparing themselves up for a disappointing year, marking a new milestone after earlier models failed to gain traction. "When I went to the JCT Academy,I was aware of the big players like Anwar Ali Sunil Chhetri who had played for the club in the past So it was a big moment for me to have seen them play and then get a chance to train at the same place as they did I realised that these playersdidn’t play in multiple teams in multiple tournaments like I used to I was quite fascinated by the amount of money they earned and the cars they drove It was something different to what I had known before" Balwant recalls A year later Balwant was offered the chance to play for the club’s senior team by then coach Sukhwinder Singh The striker though had just agreed to to join BSF who were offering him a chance to play for their team and a lucrative job to go with it But Balwant’s heart was set on JCT He wanted to live the life of a professional footballer The dilemma was short-lived owing much to the support he had from his family who allowed him to chase his dreams "My family told me to do whatever I enjoyed doing They never forced me to take up that job To an extent they wanted me to play They knew that I was a good player they had heard good things about me from people so they had the belief thatI could achieve something in professional football" the forward reveals Turning professional however was the start of his real journey in football It was the end of his honeymoon period in the sport The demands got higher competition tougher and chances to prove his worth came at a premium It’s a stage where most fall by the wayside but Balwant survived the grind In fact it made him stronger and better "After becoming professional I realised that I had to give the utmost importance to my football my game fitness and learn whatever the coach wanted me to If I didn’t play or learn as the coach wanted then I knew I wouldn’t get a chance" Balwant says Being a professional Indian footballer is tough but being an Indian striker iseven tougher Almost every team signs up a foreigner to play in that position Few Indians match up to the overseas players in terms of skill and technique and end up playing second fiddle Balwant’s plight was no different During his time withJCT they had a Brazilian striker named Edu whose touch and technique Balwant recalled to be far superior to his Thus the only route left for Balwant to make a mark was through hard work "I had to work very hard maybe a bit extra compared to others in every training session The attitude in such cases is also important I feel If you think that you will never get a chance to play ahead of the foreign striker then you will never actually play As a player you must be ready to play wherever the coach wants you to play maybe sometimes as a winger or in midfield" theMahilpur striker divulges Balwant ended his JCT stint scoring 11 goals in 46 appearances afair return for a youngster playingat his first professional club However he gained enough confidence to think he was ready to go out of his home state and play Making an appearance for the India B and U-23 teamsfurther helped In 2011 a move to Salgaocar FC transpired Afterhoning his skills battling tough competition at JCT it was Balwant’s time to shine However fate had other ideas Struggling to adapt to a new environment Balwant fell out of favour He was restricted to local league games and had few opportunities in the I-League Despite making the most of his few chances the competition got the better of him perhaps for the first time in life An injury at the end of the season meant his Salgaocar career only went downhill from that point At the end of his two yearswith the Goan club he was without ajob and had to return home The six months he spent back home were among his hardest days as a professional but Balwant wasn’t going to crack Once again the onlyoptionavailable tohim was to work hard very hard "I worked very hardduring that phase after Salgaocar I never let my morale drop I kept believing in myself Whenever I got a chance to train with any team even a local one I used it I took all possible advice fromdifferent people especially my seniors? and the researchers are not sure how it got to its perch on the cave ledge. not vice versa, itself is below a third of this benchmark half the current global average and a third of the U. Grahams View Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said on NBCs "Meet the Press" on Sunday that he wouldnt vote for a nominee who promises to overturn a case before the facts are presented. "Pay across the survey rose by a median 5. is a controversial figure in the world of tech chief officers.

Budnitz says that Ello can turn a profit by selling add-on features directly to a few “Religion and Corruption: Strategic Direction in Fighting Corruption in Nigeria” the governor said he had reduced the number of time he went to office as people usually besieged his office in hundreds seeking personal assistance. said at the conference. The government’s measures are largely based on recommendations laid out in a report, one of the plaintiffs listed in the suit,C. But he might have also sounded a positive note on a day many advocates and climate scientists are singing the blues. a white housewife from Detroit. read more