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Right to Education: An Opportunity Many Liberian Children Lack

first_imgDespite constitutional provisions that mandate educational opportunities for all—regardless of tribal or religious backgrounds, many Liberian children, for a number of social reasons, are still denied those opportunities.Article 6, under the General Principles of National Policy, provides that, because of the vital role assigned individual citizen under the Constitution for social, economic, and for the political well-being of Liberia, all Liberians shall have equal access to educational opportunities and facilities to the extent of available resources; emphasis shall be placed on the mass-education of the Liberian people, and the elimination of illiteracy.Though excited about the prospect of going to school, many children, nowadays, lack the opportunity. For some, there is no money. Others are used as breadwinners for single mothers, or are simply kept at home—as domestic servants.Views solicited from some children selling in Central Monrovia suggest that they are faced with a number of challenges beyond their parents’ or guardians’ control; and so, they are compelled to sell along the streets and forgo school.Children in Monrovia and other parts of the country are faced with different challenges, thus making them breadwinners at an early stage.Some parents rely on the daily income of their children before the family finally gets a meal for the day.The Act creating the right of the child was created to protect the interest of young children and create an atmosphere that will provide them the opportunity to be brought up in a save society.These young children—that you meet on the streets—have the potential to transform the society and make major contributions to the betterment of Liberia. Roaming the streets as they do—with cold water bowls, candy buckets, biscuit trays and baskets full of peppers and other items—I don’t see them realizing their full potential or even have the opportunity to live like normal children, slowly getting prepared for the future.In a chat with little Alvin Thomson, 13, a resident of central Monrovia, he was excited about having the chance to visit a school campus, sit in class and at the end of a semester, receive a grade sheet.13-year-old Alvin sells bananas and ground-peas around the city. He reveled that his mother also sells bananas along the Waterside Market. His father is dead.The child told this paper that he has never had the opportunity to sit in a class room.“I have not been to school before; but I would love to go to school. I like school because when I see my friends wearing uniform every day, I am not satisfied at all that I am not a part of them. But I also have to help my mother because there is nobody around us.She is getting old now; unfortunately, I don’t know her age. She always tells me that when I sell and we save more money, I will go to school. I want to become a doctor when I grow so that I can save lives,” he said.Like Alvin, every child has a dream and potential. But how many of them are in the position to increase their interest in education, and their passion for learning, to realize that dream?If we must have qualified and competent youths tomorrow, they must be given the necessary support and the atmosphere that offers such opportunity to succeed.Michael, Sayeh, 15, who sells cold water on the Capital By-Pass, is a 5th grade student and lives on Camp Johnson Road.He is not satisfied roaming the streets in the evenings to sell his wares.“I have to sell when I return from school and by the time I am done selling, I go straight to bed. My parents are not able to send me to school alone so I have to help them in the process; that is why I sell every day.“My mum is not working, and my father is only a security guard. His salary is not enough. When I grow up, I want to work in a company to help other children too whose parents cannot afford as much as mine.“I do not have time to study my lessons, but I know I will become who I want to be in the future.“I am used to selling every day. I make sure to report plenty money to my mother so she can be happy with me,” he said.Like Alvin and Michael, there are many other children out there that we could not talk to or talk about; but they all share similar stories and experiences.As young as they all are, they are becoming responsible men and women. What if they are given the chance to learn well? They will become responsible citizens, knowing that their country, society, and family, depend on them for a safe, healthy, and happy Liberia.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Be more specific on strategy for green economy – Jagdeo tells Granger

first_imgExpressing his utmost disappointment with the “haphazard approach” being undertaken to transform the country into a green economy, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday demanded that the Government give specific details about its plan to promote sustainable energies and ultimately create an economy that is less dependent on fossil fuels.According to Jagdeo, at every available opportunity, President David Granger talks up his Government’s intention to develop huge wind farms, solar farms and hydropower plants; however, he hardly ventured into pointedly speaking about how he intends to attain those targets.Only recently at the official opening ceremony of GuyExpo 2016, Granger unveiled Government’s intention to adopt a Green Development Strategy (GDS), noting that every Government institution (hospitals and schools)Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeomust soon convert to using green energy.Granger also committed to placing another two million hectares of Guyana’s land under conservation in an effort to protect the country’s rich flora and fauna so that “our grandchildren can see the good things we inherited from our grandparents”.Previously, the President had announced intentions to reduce the tariffs on the importation of key materials and all equipment used to generate renewable energy.The President had also pronounced that the Norway Funds will now be utilised for more strategic projects such as reforestation in mined-out areas, generation of energy apart from hydropower, coastal zone management and tackling the impacts of El Niño.But in light of certain actions taken by the current Administration, the former President believes that their promises are merely rhetoric for support of a green economy.“The President said it is absolutely imperative to develop a green economy… he said it is important for our future and industries. On the other hand, his Government has killed a project, for political reasons not economic reasons… they killed a project that would have saved us at least US$2 billion in 20 years at 2012 prices…,” Jagdeo pointed out, referring to the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project.“The Amaila was the biggest green project that would have had the biggest impact. It cannot be replaced by planting trees. The green economy is not about planting trees, it is an economic concept,” the Opposition Leader argued.He asserted that no one is even sure about “anything anymore about the green economy”, given Government’s apparent lack of strategy on the matter.“No conceptual framework, no vision excepting they are implementing in a haphazard way some of the things we’ve left,” he posited.Jagdeo also expressed concerns over the status of several of the green projects that were introduced by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration under the Norway/Guyana partnership.It was previously pointed out by Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira that since the change of Government, a number of initiatives regarding the partnership have been falling by the wayside, including the LCDS Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee meetings, the absence of information about GRIF-funded projects on the LCDS website and Amerindian and other stakeholders not being consulted on the LCDS or the Guyana-Norway partnership.Jagdeo also noted that the public does not know whether the funds from Norway were released and whether or not Government has embarked on discussing a successor agreement.In general, the Opposition Leader explained that if promoting a green economy is indeed of the biggest thrust of the Government, then its leaders need to be more specific about the respective strategy for the future.last_img read more

President Weah Wants More Chinese Factories in Liberia

first_imgThe Chinese Ambassador advised the Factory to conscientiously abide by Liberian laws, follow Liberian custom and practices, treat Liberian employees well and fully cooperate with the related Liberian authorities— As Shangyou’s First US$30M Rubber Wood Company Operations BeginIn a very unprecedented routine, President George M. Weah, while cutting the ribbon for the formal dedication of the Shangyou Wood Industries Development (Liberia), expressed his support for the One-China Policy and wished that there be more factories from  the People’s Republic of China (PRC) constructed in Liberia.The President dodged protocol and didn’t make remark during the allotted period, but instead allowed Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Findley, to serve as a proxy. By such maneuver, many perceived that the political cheery-picking of the Foreign Minister to speak on behalf of government in the presence of the President, emitted signals of of the minister’s grooming as a potential running mate for Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in the 2023 Presidential elections.However, in his very brief remark, before cutting of the ribbon for the formal dedication of the Shangyou Wood Industries Development (Liberia), in Todee, Montserrado County District #1, the President said, he was grateful to have earlier dedicated an Indian Steel Company and now the Chinese Rubber Wood Industry.At the dedication of the Shangyou Wood factory, Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Findley spoke during the allotted time for President George M. Weah“We bless God because, in less than two years, we have achieved this. I hope we will continue with this strive. We thank God for the partnership. We want more factories from China in the country. We cut this ribbon in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,” President Weah said.Prior, Foreign Minister Findley, praised China for the mutually beneficial China-Liberia collaborations. And he extended warm congratulations to the PRC and the Shangyou Rubber Wood Industry.Chinese Ambassador Fu Jijun, in his special statement, said President George M. Weah attached importance to the establishment of the Factory of Shangyou Wood Industry and he lent his helping hand when the investor imported its necessary machinery.“Industry plays an important role in a country’s development and prosperity. It can bring rapid economic growth through using raw materials to make higher valued products for the local and foreign market, creating jobs, using local public service, paying various fees and tax to government and feed back to local communities. I believed that is the reason why President George M. Weah has proposed to set up an industrial park in Liberia. This is also the reason why China has been attaching great importance to promoting industrial production collaboration with Africa.”President Weah, the Chinese Ambassador, Reps. Wreh and Morris, along with the chairman of Shangyou Wood Factory cut the ribbon to dedicate the facilityThe Chinese Ambassador added: “I have the honor to require the managing team of the Factory to conscientiously abide by Liberian laws, follow Liberian custom and practices, treat Liberian employees well and fully cooperate with the related Liberian authorities.”He continued: “On the other hand, I have the honor to appeal to your excellency Mr. President, dear friends from the related authorities and the local communities of the factory, to continue your valued support to the investor and the managing team of the Factory. Since its success is also Liberia’s success, it will set a good example for encouraging more Chinese business men to invest in your loved country. Otherwise, it will discourage the potential investors form China to Liberia.”The chairman of the Shangyou Wood Industries Development (Liberia) Limited said this is the first wood industry company under his industries and expressed gratitude to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Industry and Labor, the National Investment Commission, the Liberia Revenue Authority, Immigration Service, Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Reps. Lawrence Morris of Montserrado District #1 and Margibi County District #3 Representative Ellen Attoh Wreh.Amb. D. McKinley Thomas, Liberia’s Ambassador to China, earlier said Liberia is committed to the one-China policy and the country is in need of more Chinese companies.Mr. Hong disclosed that the company has a total investment of 30 million (US) dollars.“In the future, if the domestic situation and investment policies continue to improve, Shangyou will build a second and third Factory in Liberia,” he said.The Chairman of the National Investment Commission (NIC), Molewuleh Gray, said the Chinese Shangyou Rubber Wood Processing Factory is benefiting from the regime’s special investment incentive as a way to spur investment since January 2018.Representative Lawrence Morris advised residents of their districts against posing ‘security threat’ to the assets of the Shangyou Wood factoryMontserrado Country District #1 Representative Lawrence Morris, on behalf of the lawmakers from both Montserrado and Margibi counties respectively, said they are hopeful of direct employment of citizens from their districts. He also advised residents of their districts against posing ‘security threat’ to the factory’s assets.He thanked the President for the investment opportunity, but urged the government to encourage more investors and should not discourage potential investors.The Shangyou Rubber Wood Processing Industry was established in 2017 but construction works formally began 2018 and subsequently completed and dedicated on Tuesday, July 23, 2019. The factory is expected to employ at 450 Liberians.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Police yet to ID killers in former Linden footballer’s murder

first_imgOne week after former national footballer Romel Edison Gomes was brutally murdered in his Buck Hill, Linden shop during a robbery, police in ‘E’ Division (Linden-Kwakwani) are yet to identify his killers.Divisional Commander Anthony Vanderhyden told Guyana Times on Sunday that investigations are still continuing. He explained that investigators had taken in some persons in custody and did some profiling, but in the end came up empty-handed.According to Commander Vanderhyden, Police are still working on identifying theDead: Romel Gomesperpetrators. He added that the Police are depending on the assistance of persons in the community to get this done.The 32-year-old businessman, Gomes, was discovered unconscious in a pool of blood on Monday evening. He was at the time in his shop, which is attached to his Lot 53 Buck Hill, Wismar Housing Scheme, Linden home.Based on information received, Gomes was seen arguing with two males, one of whom was armed with a handgun, before a loud explosion was heard.The two men were then seen fleeing in the victim’s Nissan Bluebird motorcar, PVV 2057. Gomes was subsequently discovered with a suspected gunshot wound to the head, his throat slit, his hands bound, and mouth gagged.He was picked up in an unconscious state and taken to the Linden Hospital Complex, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.Detectives have since retrieved a bloodstained kitchen knife and a spent shell from the scene. The victim’s bedroom was also ransacked, but the Police are unable to determine whether the motive was a robbery.Meanwhile, Gomes’s stolen motor car was found abandoned at One Mile Wismar on Tuesday morning. A post-mortem examination conducted the following day gave Gomes’s cause of death as gunshot injury to the head.last_img read more

Entries in the Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt on Display

first_imgPhoto: Jodie Ponto & Anthony Desfosses, this years scavenger hunt winners, stand next to a few of the other photo’s on display at the Visitor Info Centre – Adam Reaburn/Energeticcity.caThe Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt wrapped up today with a showcase of all the photo’s entered.- Advertisement -The Hunt, organized by the Fort St. John Visitor Information Centre, encourages local residents to get out and enjoy Fort St. John and the North Peace by challenging them to take photos of the region and a few unique things. This year’s winners were the team of Jodie Ponto & Anthony Desfosses.The photos will be on display at the Fort St. John Visitor Information Centre over the next few days. You can visit the Centre from 8am to 7pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday until August 29th.last_img read more

Morocco whip Ivory Coast to qualify for WCup

first_imgMorocco, whose last World Cup appearance was in 1998, won Group C with 12 points followed by the Ivory Coast with eight, Gabon six and Mali four.The “Atlas Lions” are going back to the tournament for the first time since 1998 after finishing with 12 points, having not conceded a goal during the six-match mini-league campaign.Ivory Coast, who never looked like recovering from the first-half blows, came second with eight points followed by Gabon with six and Mali with four.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Morocco’s midfielder Rachid Alioui (C) celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal during the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations group C football match between Morocco and Ivory Coast in Oyem on January 24, 2017JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Nov 11 – Morocco scored twice in five minutes during the first half to defeat the Ivory Coast 2-0 Saturday and qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.Nabil Dirar opened the scoring off a cross-cum-shot on 25 minutes in Abidjan and Medhi Benatia doubled the lead after a corner on the half-hour.last_img read more

Matano hands ‘Gattuso’ career lifeline at AFC

first_imgGattuso re-unites with Matano who coached him during his stint at Tusker FC in 2011 and hopes to re-ignite his former self after being dropped by Gor Mahia in June last year.“He has been training with the team and the coach believes he is a player who can really help us especially in midfield with his experience,” AFC Leopards chairman Dan Mule told Capital Sport.The club has also snapped up another midfielder, Joseph Kuria, who was released by Posta Rangers at the end of last season. Kuria joined Posta after a one-year stint in Nakuru with Ulinzi Stars but failed to crack into Sammy Omollo’s starting squad.The 31-year old Bekoe won the Ghanaian Premier League and the domestic cup with Asante Kotoko in 2007. He has also featured for Hearts of Lions, Petrojet in Angola as well as Berekum Chelsea in his native Ghana. Photo/COURTESYAlso joining the 13-time KPL champions is Ghanaian striker Eric Bekoe who lands in Nairobi from Ghanaian Premier League side Sekondi Hasaacas.The 31-year old Bekoe won the Ghanaian Premier League and the domestic cup with Asante Kotoko in 2007. He has also featured for Hearts of Lions, Petrojet in Angola as well as Berekum Chelsea in his native Ghana.He made his debut for Ghana by coming off the bench in a friendly match against Mexico on March 26, 2008 and played in the first World Cup Qualification games of his country against Gabon and Libya.Meanwhile, Mule says the club is chasing one more signature of a third choice keeper before closing their transfer business.“We gave out Mukolwe on loan to Wazito and so we have to get a third keeper. Overall, that should be it for us and I think we have assembled a very strong team which will challenge for titles this season. Nobody should write us off,” the club boss noted.-Friendly matches-AFC Leopards team posing for a team photo before the match. Head Coach Robert Matano opted to start with Gabriel Andika in goal in favour of regular Ian Otieno. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYAMeanwhile, AFC Leopards is looking to play Ugandan champions Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) as well as Sudan’s Al Hilal in friendly matches before their CAF Confederations Cup campaign.Al Hilal will pitch a 10-day camp in Nairobi from January 29 while KCCA will be in the country on the first weekend of February.“These will be very good matches for us to gauge ourselves against quality opposition. We have our first league match on February 4 but we want to ask KPL if they can push it so we play these two games. If not, I think we will just play one,” Mule noted.AFC Leopards start their CAF Confederations Cup campaign on February 10 against Madagascar side FOSA Juniors and the club is waiting on a thumbs up from CAF on the Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega before declaring it their home ground.“We wrote to FKF and asked them whether the CAF inspectors can have a look at Bukhungu and give us permission to use it for our home matches. If they give it an okay that is where we will play. If not we will have to play in Machakos,” Mule noted.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000 Gattuso re-unites with Matano who coached him during his stint at Tusker FC in 2011 and hopes to re-ignite his former self after being dropped by Gor Mahia in June last year.NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 11- Former Gor Mahia FC combative midfielder Collins ‘Gattuso’ Okoth has joined AFC Leopards on a two-year deal as head coach Robert Matano handed him a career lifeline.last_img read more

Six superb midfielders Liverpool should look at signing this summer

first_img 6 6 3. Morgan Schneiderlin (Manchester United and France) – Schneiderlin has found life at Old Trafford difficult, struggling to settle under Louis van Gaal. From his time at Southampton, however, his ability is not questioned. The France international might again find it hard to get into the side – despite a new manager in Jose Mourinho coming in – and could be tempted by the guarantee of first-team action on Merseyside. Not to mention he might be one of the less pricey options. 6 2. Radja Nainggolan (Roma and Belgium) – Nainggolan has been linked with a move to Liverpool’s rivals Chelsea over the past month, and his performances for Belgium at the Euro 2016 finals have boosted his reputation further. Similar in style to Bayern Munich’s Arturo Vidal, the 28-year-old could compliment Emre Can in the centre of the park. While comfortable in a holding role, he can also chip in with the odd goal. 6 1. Blaise Matuidi (Paris Saint-Germain and France) – click the arrow above, right, to see five more midfielders the Reds should consider signing this summer – Matuidi has previously been on the radar of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, with his commanding performances for Paris Saint-Germain earning him many an admirer. His ability to break up play and push his side forward has been on shown with France this summer and may have left some in Europe considering a bid. 4. N’Golo Kante (Leicester City and France) – Kante was the standout performer in midfield last season in the Premier League – perhaps even more so than midfield partner Danny Drinkwater. Despite the praise that has gone his way, his work rate may even have been underestimated. Champions League football might be on offer at the King Power Stadium, but the lure of working with Jurgen Klopp (and a significant pay rise) may tempt him to Anfield. 6 6 Liverpool are looking to strengthen further in the summer transfer window.The Reds’ campaign, despite reaching a League Cup and Europa League final, ultimately ended in disappointment, with no silverware and an eighth-place finish in the Premier League.Jurgen Klopp, therefore, knows work needs doing on his squad over the next couple of months. And one area the German may feel needs boosting is his midfield.While Sadio Mane has agreed a deal at Anfield, it’s perhaps the defensive midfield position that requires the most attention.So who should Liverpool be monitoring this summer?Take a look at six midfielders Klopp should consider making a move for ahead of the new season by viewing the slideshow above. 5. Sergi Roberto (Barcelona) – Roberto, who joined Barca’s youth academy aged 14, established himself in the Spanish giant’s first-team last season, making 21 starts in La Liga. Luis Enrique deployed the Spaniard in four positions: central midfield, right back, left back and right forward. While the label of ‘utility player often has its drawbacks, it seems quite the opposite for Roberto. At 24, the versatile midfielder would also be one for the future at Anfield. 6. Nemanja Matic (Chelsea and Serbia) – Matic had an awful 2015/16 campaign at Chelsea, but his fall from grace may be centred on a lack of confidence. The Serbia international could be eyeing the Stamford Bridge exit, in the hope of reviving his career elsewhere. In the Blues’ title-winning 2014-15 season, the 27-year-old was among Europe’s top holding midfielders.last_img read more


first_imgPATRONS of The Brewery Bar in Letterkenny are in for a musical treat tonight.The full five-piece band Honky Tonk Heroes hit the stage at The Brewery at 10pm for this special Bank Holiday Monday show.This is a gig not to be missed. And for football fans there’s Chelsea v Spurs – and a possible chance to see Leicester City lift the title this evening – all on the new big screens from 7.45pm. HONKY TONK HEROES AT THE BREWERY TONIGHT was last modified: May 2nd, 2016 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Honky Tonk HeroesletterkennyThe Brewery Barlast_img read more


first_imgTir Chonaill Gaels notesMichael Carr – RIPThe club wishes to express its sympathy to the Carr family on the death of Michael at the weekend. Sincere condolences to his wife Jacqui, children Stefan and Danielle and all the family. Jean Ireland – RIPThe club wishes to express its sympathy to Dougie Carr and his family on the recent passing of his sister, Jean Ireland, 84.SeniorsThe semi-final of the championship is off until further notice. Golf DaySouth Herts Golf Club hosted the annual Tir Chonaill Gaels Golf Day, last Friday 2nd of October one the club’s main fundraisers for the year. A full complement of teams turned out on the day in glorious conditions and a great day was had by all. The club would like to thank everyone who entered a team, sponsored a hole and donated or bid for an auction prize. A special word of thanks to Tony & Eugene from MCM Insurance for their sponsorship, and also to club chairman Tom Mohan for organising another successful day.GAA NEWS: TIR CHONAILL GAELS REMEMBER MICHAEL CARR was last modified: October 5th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Tir Chonaill Gaels noteslast_img read more