first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. This week’s guruSpectacular failure sees error of waysIt’s not only Lord Archer who lies on his CV, although few manage to stretchthe truth about their academic career in such a convincing way. While wannabe ophthalmologists might not have the fictional skills of abest-selling author, one managed to pull the wool over the eyes of Wigan andLeigh NHS Healthcare Trust, Greater Manchester, this month. After having failed exams on seven previous attempts, the doctor simplydidn’t bother to turn up for his eighth go. Instead, he went back to work andtold his bosses that he’d completed the ophthalmology exams and was rewardedwith a new contract. But, as Lord Archer can testify (although its authenticity would have to bechecked), telling porkies will come back to haunt you. His bosses finally sawthe wood for the trees and suspended him, although he apologised and has beenforgiven. Will we be so magnanimous when poor Jeffrey is released? MD speed kings caught on film Managers are three times more likely to get caught speeding by roadsidecameras than their staff. A survey shows that over 16 per cent of senior managers have been nicked forspeeding in the past year, while only 6 per cent of other employees have. MDsand marketing directors were the worst offenders, with one in four of theformer getting caught. The people least likely to be pulled over are those in non-managerialtechnical roles. Guru wonders whether it is due to managers being keener to get to theoffice, or is it a symptom of the plush company car? As a 2CV driver (yes, they do still exist) Guru can only dream of being donefor speeding. Guru makes it on career fast track While we’re on the subject of fast cars, Guru had a terrible experience lastweek. He was driving along in his car, and the boss rang him up. She said, “You’ve been promoted.” Guru swerved. Then she rang up a second time and said, “You’ve been promotedagain.” The 2CV swerved right across the road. His boss rang up a third time and said, “You’ve been made managingdirector.” Guru crashed into a tree. A policeman approached the accident scene and said, “What happened toyou?” The reply, “I careered off the road.” Belgians compute as they commuteHere’s an idea for all you trainers out there. A Belgian firm has begunoffering commuters IT training on their way to and from work. The Brussels-based firm Xylos uses a van to pick up time-strapped office workersand provides IT training on the move as they are driven to work. They aretested on what they learned that morning on the return trip.The firm has already won some blue-chip clients, including several banks anda national newspaper. Guru knows plenty of journalists who would benefit from this service,although there would be a question mark over the amount of time saved with thevan having to detour via the pub on the way home. Previous Article Next Article GuruOn 18 Sep 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. last_img read more


first_imgThis week’s people newsMark DaviesHas been appointed international human resources manager for Dow JonesNewswires for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Based in London, he will haveresponsibility for more than 500 employees throughout the region. He joins DowJones Newswires from petrochemical distributor Vopak, where he was humanresources manager for the UK and Ireland. Roger LeekHas been named group human resources director by ICL. Leek previously hadhis own consultancy business and has worked for Gartner, BNFL, Volvo and ThornEMI. Headquartered in London, ICL employs more than 19,200 people in 40countries and is the European IT services arm of the Fujitsu Group. Patricia WelchHas been named vice-president, operations for the Americas for CendantInternational Assignment Services. In her new role, Welch will overseeinternational assignment teams based in the US at Danbury, Connecticut, andMission Viejo, California. With 20 years in service at Cendant, she has held avariety of positions in operations, client services and account management. Geoffrey WoodHas been appointed professor of comparative human resource management atMiddlesex University, UK, where his role will include building links withinstitutions around the world. His current research projects include tradeunion surveys in South Africa and HR development in the shipping and textileindustries. Nick StarrittFormer group vice-president of human resources at BP, has joined HR resourceand payroll outsourcing specialist RebusHR as a non-executive director. Heserves on the advisory board of Exult and also advises Sirota, a US-basedemployee attitudes research company, on business development. PeopleOn 1 Feb 2002 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Housing the capital’s key workers

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Housing the capital’s key workersOn 19 Feb 2002 in Personnel Today An extra 25,000 affordable homes could be built in London for key workers inthe next 15 years by building accommodation over commercial properties. This is the proposal set out by the Department for Transport, LocalGovernment and the Regions in a report which explores ways of creating cut-costhousing for essential workers in London. The department has also set up an affordable housing unit to deliver theaccommodation. Planning minister Lord Falconer said: “Land is at a premium, but so arethe people needed to work in essential jobs. We have to think creatively abouthow we provide decent homes to keep the city working.” Unions are campaigning for all 86,000 civil servants in London to receive apay rise and be classified as ‘essential workers’ to help them afford to liveand work in the capital. In a joint submission to the GLA London Weighting Panel, the PCS Union andthe Council of Civil Service Unions called for more consistency in Londonallowances and an across-the-board pay supplement Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Council cuts costs by keeping oldies active

Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Council cuts costs by keeping oldies activeOn 9 Apr 2002 in Personnel Today Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council has abolished retirement ages forstaff in a bid to retain skills and reduce recruitment costs. The council now gives employees the opportunity to work past 65 as long asthere is a business case to do so. Under the scheme managers must give their approval for staff to continueworking beyond 65 and these employees are then appraised annually to monitortheir performance. Staff over 65 can negotiate changes to their working arrangements such asmoving from full-time to part time. The move does not affect staff pensions as they are frozen when employeesreach 65 and staff over that age do not contribute. Javier Hyde, HR manager at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, said thescheme is a vital part of the authority’s HR strategy as more than half of thecouncil’s 12,500 employees are over 50. “The move has gone down really well,” she said. “Employeesare pleased as they now have a choice of when to finish work and no longer feelthat they are being got rid of by the council. “Local councils are struggling to attract talented staff, so it isabsolutely vital that we are able to keep those we already have. We also do nothave to spend any money recruiting, selecting and training.” So far three employees, including a lawyer, are on the scheme and Hydeexpects numbers to increase significantly due to the demographics of thecouncil’s workforce. Comments are closed. read more

in brief

first_img Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Thismonth’s news in briefChild-breakscheme broke continuity of employmentAfour-year ‘child-break’ under the Marks & Spencer scheme broke continuityof employment. The Court of Appeal overturned an EAT ruling that continuity waspreserved. The scheme involved the employee resigning from work. In thesecircumstances, the employee was not absent from work “in circumstancessuch that she was regarded as continuing in employment”, despite aguarantee of re-employment at the end of the scheme. (Curr v Marks & Spencerplc, Court of Appeal)Disabilitydid not give automatic right to alternative employmentTheemployee was unable to perform her duties, due to disability. While alternativejobs were available at a higher grade, the employer’s policy was to open these upto competitive selection. The applicant applied unsuccessfully. The EAT agreedwith the tribunal that there was no failure to make reasonable adjustments.Such adjustments could include transfer to alternative work. The duty to makeadjustments only applies, however, if the employer’s arrangements put thedisabled person at a disadvantage compared with non-disabled employees. Thatwas not the case here – the competitive interview process applied to everyone.Further, there would have been justification, that is that the policy wasdesigned to recruit the best person for the job. (Archibald v Fife Council, EAT) in briefOn 1 Feb 2003 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Safeway signs employment pact to recruit more disabled workersSafeway signs employment pact to recruit more disabled workers

first_imgSafewayhas signed a national agreement with Remploy to open up employmentopportunities for disabled people within its stores.Theagreement with the company will build on work by Safeway over the past 18months to increase the number of people with disabilities it employs.Remployis the UK’s largest provider of employment for disabled people, and last yearthe organisation helped 12,100 people with disabilities into jobs – a recordnumber.NicolaInstone, HR director for stores at Safeway, said the agreement would helpreinforce the firm’s commitment to providing job opportunities for thedisabled.“Thisagreement represents a huge step forward in reaffirming a policy that isalready inherent in our culture and will further increase the number ofdisabled people we employ,” she said.“Itwill enable us to have access to a broader pool of potential employees with arange of skills, thereby creating a more diverse workforce.”Underthe agreement, Safeway will notify Remploy of any vacancies and its adviserswill then deal directly with individual stores. In addition, Remploy willprovide its clients with support and backup to help them integrate into thecompany. Disabled candidates will also be able to access Safeway’s jobvacancies via the internet. StuartKnowles, executive director at Remploy, hopes the agreement will encourageother large employers to follow Safeway’s example.“Thereare many thousands of disabled people with a whole range of skills who want towork and are simply looking for an opportunity to do so,” he said.“Itis encouraging to see employers such as Safeway recognising their skills andabilities.” ByBen Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Safeway signs employment pact to recruit more disabled workersSafeway signs employment pact to recruit more disabled workersOn 22 Jul 2003 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Government launches public consultation into UK health

first_img Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Government launches public consultation into UK healthOn 1 Mar 2004 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. The Government has begun a wide-ranging public consultation on the nation’shealth, looking at how best to tackle issues such as obesity, smoking andsexually-transmitted diseases. The process is set to lead to the framing of a White Paper on public health,which will be published later this year. Health secretary John Reid said he wanted contributions from as wide a fieldas possible, including health professionals. “We need a big debate about the relative roles of Government,individuals and industries in tackling this vital challenge,” he said. “We need to find the right balance, rejecting both the nanny state andthe Pontius Pilate state that washes its hands of its citizens’ health,”he added. The Department of Health (DoH) is keen to examine what its role should be inproviding health and support, but also what role food retailers and advertisersshould be playing in offering and promoting healthier alternatives. Peter Tiplady, chairman of the British Medical Association’s (BMA) publichealth committee, said action to tackle the crisis in public health wasoverdue, with a law banning smoking in workplaces and public areas a priority. He also called for speedier access to genito-urinary clinics forsexually-transmitted infections, and to giving children more access to exerciseand healthier foods. Deborah Arnott, director of the anti-smoking charity Ash, said: “Such ameasure would not only safeguard the health of everyone against the hazards ofsecond-hand smoke, but has popular support. This one measure would also resultin fewer heart and cancer disease deaths and a better quality of life forall.” And Dame Yve Buckland, chairwoman of the Health Development Agency, said therewere roles for the health services and local and national government in makingit easier for people to make healthy choices. read more

Position Descriptions of Christmas Past

first_img Previous Article Next Article Position Descriptions of Christmas PastShared from missc on 19 Dec 2014 in Personnel Today Are the multi-skilled, or the specialists among us, more future-proof & better equipped for organisational evolution?I believe there are two trains of thought on this. These days with organisations advocating agile or iterative processes, we have witnessed a shift in not just how we meet deadlines and time restraints but in our professional mentalities. Everything is quicker, processes more streamlined and we are always looking for ways to create new efficiencies as we all deal with ever changing goalposts on a day to day basis. With this we of course become more than just what our defined position descriptions would have meant 5 to 10 years ago and instead we must be broader skilled, dynamic, out-of-the-box problem solvers who have to turn our hands daily to tasks which historically wouldn’t have been ours.On the other hand, we have a growing trend of positions being broken up into several roles where in the past they may all have been taken care of by one position. An example of this could be the role of an internal recruiter. In years gone by, a recruiter would be responsible for the end to end process of finding candidates for any given role – engaging them, appropriately screening them, interviewing them, coordinating interviews with relevant hiring managers – and thereafter would also be responsible for “closing” or hiring. However these days, a large number of recruitment roles are broken up more distinctly into sourcing, recruiting and account managing.There is merit in both methods but I will be interested to see moving forward whether it is the specialist or the broader-skilled that demonstrates more staying power. Related posts:No related photos.center_img Comments are closed. Read full article last_img read more

HR: Why The IQ/EQ balance is important

first_imgRead full article HR: Why The IQ/EQ balance is importantShared from missc on 23 Feb 2015 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.center_img When hiring a new staff member, what are the key criteria you look for outside of the competence or experience in fulfilling the job description?We live in an age of collaboration and knowledge sharing and so the ability to positively influence situations and navigate your way around day to day scenarios with tact and diplomacy are fundamental to success. Intelligence, experience and skill are essential for success but we must stop thinking of intelligence as knowledge gained in academia. It is now widely accepted that the most successful among us have a blend of IQ and EQ, the proportions of which are widely disputed. We define and measure EQ in 5 areas. They are Self-awareness/self-control, Empathy, Social skills, Personal Influence & Motivation. So how do you screen for EQ? Here are a few questions that may help:Tell me about a time when your actions positively impacted someone else?Have you ever been in a situation where you realised that you have had to change or modify your behaviour? How did you notice this?Tell me about a time you have had to prepare yourself for a situation you knew would be negative. What did you do? How did it work out?Have you ever received criticism? What was it? Were you surprised?Tell me about a time that you were angry with someone at work. What did you do?Situational questioning will require you to observe not just the answer but how the interviewee is answering and how comfortable they are with the questions, but you will be ensuring best possible chance of securing a well-rounded professional who will flourish and succeed in a broader range of environments and circumstances. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Demolition of historic Flatbush bank building begins

first_img Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlink The Flatbush Savings Bank at 1045 Flatbush Avenue (Google Maps)Community preservation groups were unable to stop the razing of a historic bank building in Flatbush.Demolition has begun at the 94-year old Flatbush Savings Bank, at 1045 Flatbush Avenue next to the Kings Theatre, according to Bklyner.Community activists such as Respect Brooklyn tried to get the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission to step in, but according to the commission, a historic designation would not have mattered anyway. (Contrary to popular belief, landmarks can be razed.)Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and the original architecture firm that designed the building also supported its preservation, to no avail.Activists argue that there has been a lack of landmark designations in Flatbush, which is leading to a loss of cultural and architectural character. The most recent landmark designation was the Sears Roebuck building in 2012.Nehalkumar Gandhi, who purchased the bank building, plans to replace it with a nine-story, mixed-use building totaling 86,000 square feet, according to Bklyner. About 43,000 square feet will be for commercial use and 15,000 for residential.Plans filed with the Department of Buildings indicate that the building will be a mixture of hotel rooms and apartments. It will also have space for an “ambulatory diagnostic/health rehabilitation” facility.Gandhi is an active hotel developer in Brooklyn. He has projects in Williamsburg, Sunset Park, East New York and the Bronx.[Bklyner] — Keith Larsen brooklynflatbushHotels Tags Share via Shortlinklast_img read more