Supermarket imported snacks buyers scarce business is not optimistic

talking about imported snacks, even if you are not a buyer, but I believe it will not be strange, after all, in many supermarkets have such a product shelf. In many big cities, imported snacks are still very popular, but in many supermarkets, the sale of imported snacks is not optimistic. Where is the future of imported snacks? Let Xiaobian bring the following analysis for you:

has expired last year production of biscuits, chocolate, high price of similar goods several times of jam, this reporter, before the capital part of the supermarket imports area to see the situation. On the one hand, due to the scarcity of buyers, resulting in a lot of imported goods can not be sold on the slow, on the other hand, the old goods, high prices of imported goods, consumers can not afford to buy even more.

industry experts pointed out that imported goods have their specific consumer groups, not suitable for the operation of each supermarket. Supermarkets should be based on the characteristics of the surrounding consumer groups to determine whether the need to open up imports of goods. If you do not match the location of the supermarket, and then a beautiful area of imported goods can only play a role in the vase.

commodity obsolescence, high prices of imported goods less people interested in

with the opening up of China’s supermarket industry, not only a large influx of foreign supermarkets, a variety of imported goods are also increasingly appear in the supermarket shelves. Many supermarkets also specialized in the import of goods sales area, in order to attract the attention of consumers. However, the reporter visited a number of supermarkets found in the supermarket, look to buy less is the general situation of imported goods sales. Due to the small number of people interested in, many supermarkets set up into the entrance area only face project".

on Sunday, the reporter is located in Chaoyang North Road near a residential area to see, where the sale of imported goods, including imported fruits, wine and biscuits, jelly, chocolate and other snack foods. Compared with other areas of the store, the import of goods before the shelves are significantly less. Occasionally, customers pick up the goods out of curiosity, and then put them back in place.

in the place of imported food shelves, the reporter observed, probably due to long time don’t sell many goods sold here, such as the Swiss light food biscuits, chocolate, jam, Italy Belgium three American chili sauce, basically are produced in 2015. Although the Chinese label on the shelf life of 3 years, but compared to the domestic similar products are usually only a few months away from the production date, how many people will have to buy more than 1 years of production has been a problem. There is a box of imported chocolate and even in October this year has reached the shelf life, it is estimated that the reason has been shelved, the merchant did not want to be replaced.

In addition to

, the price of several times higher than the domestic similar products, but also to allow the majority of consumers to importers >

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