Jilin nstitute of industry and Commerce held the first Longhu Cup business plan competition

college students from the early years of immature development, the level has been significantly improved. Not only has the sense of innovation and creative thinking, but also be able to take into account the docking and compatibility with the market. College students are gradually improving their level with the progress of the times.

10 on the afternoon of 28 May, the Jilin Institute of Commerce and industry held a "beyond the dream, entrepreneurship in the future" as the theme of the first "Longhu Cup" business plan competition".

the business plan contest players mainly from elective class students "business strategy", is the innovation of combining theory and practice results, for college students to realize and lay a solid foundation for entrepreneurship. The scene shows the business plan involving a wide range of areas, including the campus APP "school", Taoshu, second-hand grain shop, write it, catering, 90 campus network, Jilin network, pitaya business convenience cultivation, campus style photography etc.. The judges generally feel that the college students’ entrepreneurial thinking is becoming more mature, venture work and market docking is also more closely.

the business plan contest in College under the correct leadership of the Party group, Jilin Business School recommended by thought

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