Want to do business but also need to cultivate five

now select the number of venture capital is more and more big, the number of entrepreneurs opened a retail store is on the rise, many people think it is very competitive, operators and customer communication is difficult to retain customers is more difficult. How to do a good job of business, which naturally became a lot of retail store owners are concerned about the problem.

I have been engaged in tobacco and liquor business for more than 20 years, the store has also experienced a process from small to large, at present, my business scale and grade in our city are among the best. Sometimes people ask me how the business is doing so well, my experience is: make yourself with confidence, ambition, enthusiasm, sincerity, to concentrate on the "Five", improve their ability to grasp the market judgment, improve the service level to the customer, so that their talent shows itself in many business home.


although today’s retail competition is more intense, but we have to choose their own business projects must have confidence. Since the choice of this line, we should do a good job, not because the business is difficult to do, there is a day to calculate the idea. To believe in yourself, "I do, will do", I believe that they can do business. Only in this way, will be put into operation.


I think it’s important to do everything with ambition. We don’t consider the external factors in the management, such as less capital, market competition is too fierce, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger, and to pay attention to whether the input of all the energy to operate, whether can hold the opportunity. It is necessary to set up the goal of making the store stand out in the fierce market competition and develop continuously. With the ambition of doing business, you will have the power to move forward.


for business people, enthusiasm is very important. With enthusiasm in order to provide customers with high quality services, and high quality services, is to win customers the necessary conditions. You think about it, the market competition is so fierce, there are so many operators in the competition for customers, you can grab? If our service attitude is not enthusiastic, customers may feel that they do not pay attention to, and later do not want to patronize our shop.

of course, so only the enthusiasm and the lack of necessary service skills is insufficient to make the customer satisfied, and we should also have some service skills, such as how to introduce customers to help customers to buy goods, how to make them satisfied with the goods. Enthusiastic pay may not be rewarded, but if you do not pay, it will never be possible to return.



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