Brown coffee

coffee (coffee zone), a fresh and simple style of coffee to join the chain brand, has been advocating fashion and health products. In order to spread the culture of coffee as its own responsibility to do the consumer favorite coffee products. It is located in the middle and small coffee shop to join, the target customer is set for the young gens, fashion group, we are committed to doing "professional public coffee", do ordinary students, office workers can afford to wear the coffee.

coffee coffee domain respected green and healthy living ideas, from material selection to production to the final product, and strive to fresh and healthy products; we focus on the expression of fashion coffee culture and healthy consumption concept, exquisite fashion decoration, thoughtful service, now grinding extraction coffee quality, affordable price, is the coffee domain successful magic weapon of choice. To cater to consumers increasingly accelerated pace of life, brown coffee domain with its convenient features, and provide services, with fast and convenient service concept, to provide a warm palm for consumers.

coffee in brown field advantage

1, scientific site selection training and evaluation

assist site assessment of shop location selection no guide, conduct the investigation and assessment of the building, merchants, customers and competitors, to ensure that the shop is feasible, so you win in the first step.

2, a full range of decoration and design support

in order to ensure the image of the store, headquarters to provide renovation planning, store design, construction, construction, equipment and other aspects of support. And free of charge to provide brand VI, store service systems, banners, advertising and a full set of design, providing a well-designed takeaway cups, takeaway bags, takeaway cards, etc., in order to establish a strong brand influence.

3, the system of professional training

give you the coffee culture, product production, management, hospitality service training, including providing a set of employee management, cashier system, customer relationship maintenance standardized store management guidance of business you can easily achieve the specialization, standardization, system security, in order to maximize the Denver market.

4, a full range of opening to assist

to assist in planning the opening of the preparatory work schedule, opening advertising and promotional activities, so that you open a gun and red. And give guidance to the store in store, to provide cost-effective raw materials and equipment supply and improve efficient logistics and distribution support, so that you shop save worry!

5, continuous operations management support

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