State Department 3 new independent innovation demonstration zone pilot focus breakthrough

yesterday, the State Council held the general assembly has clearly demonstrated the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship work can not be lax. The meeting said that 3 new independent innovation demonstration zone, a comprehensive innovation in the system test in Shanghai, to try to focus on breakthroughs, the formation of new growth, the development of new advantages.

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at the same time the meeting decided to adopt the new model, 3 years in the Shanghai system to promote comprehensive reform pilot innovation, the construction of a comprehensive national science center, explore to carry out a pilot to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation inclusive tax, investment and credit linkage financial service model innovation, hosted equity trading market, new industrial technology research and development organization, simplified foreign venture capital management, the implementation of a number of key technologies, to solve " negotiate " major strategic project bottleneck, sustained release bonus reform.

four to improve things in the post regulation, with the effective " tube to promote more " " ", deepen the commercial system, " gauge " reform, to minimize government intervention on entrepreneurial innovation activities, explore the establishment of government management system innovation of Fu the.

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