The world’s busiest web site, 12306, how to achieve high traffic, high concurrency critical technolo

12306 has been considered the "busiest web site in the world", and has been criticized by Internet users for coping with high concurrency access. So the reporter contacted the first time to a pay much attention to the transformation of the 12306 technical architect, he from a technical perspective, with a scientific way of demonstration, pointed out the reason, and according to his experience is how to further illustrate 12306 key technologies to achieve high concurrency and high flow, and share. The following is the text:


12306 Internet Ticketing system began to be used in the second half of 2011, but it caused numerous disputes during the 2012 spring festival. In the spring of 2012, 12306 units to undertake the project with a number of IT companies, after repeated demonstration and POC test, finally introduced the distributed memory computing cloud data management platform – Pivotal Gemfire to do the pilot, in order to improve the system performance 12306, solve the "high flow and high concurrency problem".

high flow and high concurrency refers to a specific period of time the massive request, according to the laws of past experience, high concurrency refers to the traffic flow is usually 3-5 times; but because of widespread Internet and apps mobile devices, electricity supplier website promotion mode "11.11", or "hunger marketing", manufacturers are "seckill" phenomenon will be derived. Therefore, the rule of thumb used in the 12306 Spring Festival ticketing system is often much lower than the actual flow. For example, the 12306 day of PV (page views) value is about 25 million to about 30 million, in the spring of 2015 the peak day PV value is 29 billion 700 million, traffic increased by 1000 times, such a massive request, if not in a short period of time to dynamically adjust the network bandwidth or increase the number of servers, it will cause network congestion or server the performance can not meet the requirements, even make the system unstable.

12306 growth road

just 3 years, from 2012 to 2015 Spring Festival Spring Festival, 12306 sites from 1 billion PV (page views) increased to 29 billion 700 million PV value, PV value growth of 30 times; the network bandwidth is adjusted from 1.5G to 12G, bandwidth growth of 8 times; and 12306 of the sales volume increased from 1 million 100 thousand to 5 million 640 thousand, grow 5 times. Ticket handling capacity from 200 per second to 1032 per second, but also 5 times the growth.

The increase in

PV value is related to the number of tickets sold and the number of tickets sold. For example, the PV value in 2015 was 2.3 times that of 2014, because the number of votes released was 5 times "spike", and an additional 12% of the ticket sales were added. Thus, the increase in Internet traffic PV value is much faster than the increase in ticket prices.

high traffic, in addition to representing the network easily blocks, the system server also meets >

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