Qinhuai in dream talk about RO strategy of website operation again

if I were a customer, I would like to have a brand for a new line of sales staff. When I want a brand, I need to talk about the effectiveness of the brand. I’ve arranged for you to come here every day to apologize, no thinking male business manager, no ugly female business manager, and your brain thinks for me every day. A – isn’t it? Your client is such


business website people always remember: who is not money, who is uncle, the rules are platform fixed. There are two services provided by the website: channel and marketing. Lost the right to formulate rules, that is, to the control of the channel, lost the pricing power, and finally even the service is worthless. However, we should also realize that it is not a very hard thing to formulate rules, the rules should reflect fairness, make the platform develop in a benign way, and form a healthy ecology. The rules are not tyranny, will inevitably lead to extort excessive taxes and levies.

under the principle of service: the first thing is to think about what services are, what is the effect, what customers want,


we face two kinds of advertising methods: effect marketing, word of mouth marketing. I find that professionals in two fields often misunderstand each other. Real estate customers should do is spread the brand, Taobao mall business should do is the pursuit of maximum conversion rate, this is the two world things, although the name is Internet advertising. When two people in the world flow, the problem comes. The real estate advertiser asks several times, and the Taobao shopkeeper asks how many people see – it’s a big mistake.

, we carefully think about the application of ROI, we will find that the greater the case, the more we do not consider the direct ROI, and the faster we sell, the more we care about the direct single ROI. Seriously thinking about the classic case, we realized ROI’s tactics, such as: APPLE marketing is really cattle, they do not advertise, sell APPLE people on IPHONE words, the pursuit of effect, to help him advertise. APPLE wins the heart and makes the hunger. Everyone thinks IPHONE4 is hard to buy, but we find that IPHONE4 is now an arcade game. Create brand myths, create trust, and create hunger; supply is always less than demand, and higher than open sales. No, APPLE’s ads never consider a single ROI. The master of integrated marketing, from planning to seize the details, break the hearts and minds, to create trust, to create hunger and thirst, after a long process, only a sudden harvest. Master, never easy to move; good sales, not easily offer; the highest level of marketing must be Zhizhirenxin, after winning the hearts and minds,


must recognize that the pursuit of effectiveness is not too! So this is how to make marketing planning, marketing integration?! marketing planning but so: you are what bring value to the customer? How to make customers believe that your product? How to allow customers to buy into action? What is the way to let customers know you the steps of marketing products? How? Good marketing planning must reflect the three words: novel, logical, practical.

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