Without creativity and fun, it’s better not to start an online business

yesterday in stationmaster net made a network poineering work, a few attention points, the friend that did not see is interested can see. A little more today. This article says about personal Adsense originality and interest.

, as we all know, if you first visit your website and don’t remember your name and address, or you don’t add it to your favorites, there’s no chance of visiting second times. In the network world, only the first second brand, no brand, like if you have long been used to see the station network, it is difficult to estimate like stationmaster net so serious to other webmaster website, is the same reason.

most of the people, doing the website, follow the trend. Otherwise, you are afraid of losing opportunities, or else you are afraid of following the trend". When we see that "123" was a success, a nest peak established web site, we heard that the non mainstream attention, set up a lot of non mainstream sites, no creativity, no authority, this is blindly follow the results, can not provide special services, the site quickly eliminated. If the surface is imitating service, ask a homogeneous website, what is the meaning of existence? Of course you have to challenge that is to earn pocket money, then I do not refute, but this website can only earn pocket money, you will rely on this website unreliable.

, in the Internet, should make something different from others. In the network world, creative occupies a pivotal position, because the network is free to use, from the user first enter the accepted value of experience, determines whether it will continue to come in, so the performance from the initial idea is impressed on the battle of life and death. You have to ask yourself what your creativity is and whether there’s an explosion of "wow". Are your creative people unable to compare with you?.

no fun, no Internet business,

Because the

network is a virtual world, which is a non specific service, than traditional entities in the world value network to convince others more difficult! So the establishment of the network management process, network business is painful. Therefore, if your network business is the purpose of business interests as the goal, and no other fun will because of business network business a few years ago can not make money, anxiety and pain, thus unable to continue operations. There must be a purpose other than earning money to continue.

the fun is to give the Internet a tool, some kind of life, even if the site does not make money in the last two years, still can not afford to stick to it. At a certain size of the site, the fun lies in a larger mission, with the existing stage and more resources to challenge what others have not done in the past. It is true that fun is not always fun. In fact, there is a lot of pressure, a sense of crisis, but also nervous…… It’s like walking in the middle of a river. You can only move forward, you can’t go back.

How can

digest this kind of work stress? On the one hand, do it wholeheartedly

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