How to add background pictures to blog posts

Add background pictures to

blog posts

.Blog map (NetEase blog only)

in fact, the display of the map is related to the source of the picture. If the pictures inserted in blog are from the NetEase album, you can display it on your home page, and other sources can not. Therefore, we want to map on the home page, as long as the picture first deposit NetEase album, and then call the album picture link on the OK! (map should be completed! In the design view) design can I download


two. Add background pictures to the article.

in the article, of course, the map is very good. However, if you add background pictures, it will be icing on the cake. The method needs to be controlled by code as well as background music.

writes the article in the design view first and then switches to the HTML view. Add the following code and you can:

            < img style=" filter: alpha (opacity=100, finishopacity=0, style=2) " height=480 src=" picture link " width=500   align=right>

            < div style=" filter: alpha (opacity=45, finishopacity=45, style=0); float: left; width:;   100%" >

              < div style=" letter-spacing: 1px" > < p> < font size=3> < font; color=black> < font face=" black" simhei" >, "article" & lt; /font> < /font> < /font> < /p> < /div> < /div>


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