How do novices earn money in English

is also a CPC click on the ads, a English station ad Click price may be Chinese dozens of times, even hundreds of times a day, so do thousands of IP English station is put Adsense advertising, a monthly income of thousands of dollars is easy, but if it is only Chinese station, earn less CPA is the same; guide advertising, a Chinese CPA price is about 5 yuan, and a CPA of the developed countries to guide advertising is $~15 $5, the price of

a world of difference!

so, personal webmaster or do English station has a way out, but as a novice you may English is very poor, and do not know how to do, this article do share some English station network experience may enlighten you:

first step: understand the advertising model and the advertising alliance

currently popular is the following three advertising modes,

1, CPC, click ads:

in pay per click advertising, such alliances include Adsense, ADB, and so on:


2, CPA, boot ad:

pays for each boot registration, boot message, or boot Download:

3, CPS, boot sales:

in certain proportion of each sale or the specific amount of the European Commission, much more powerful industry competition commission is very high, sales of products may be the first year only tens of dollars, but the CPS of Chengdu provided $100 tall.

generally some well-known foreign advertising League do CPA and CPS, here are a number of relatively well-known:

, for example:

How does



to search the Internet in this aspect of the Chinese instruction tutorial, very much, if you lazy search, you can also directly to this forum to find:

second step: do not know how to do the website

this age, not technology, but know skills, than technical people do faster, no technology how to do the site,


2-1, determine yourself >

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