Do stand a few months, talk about new sites, Baidu included and snapshot update

                I have stood up to 4 months, although we still is compared to a lot of old dishes, but in this period of time on the site is also a certain study! In these months, from exploration to practice success, I also successfully done several thousands to tens of thousands of traffic station, recently studied new station Baidu snapshot problem, a little understanding, here to share with you!

            generally speaking a new station to speed is found recorded is indeed need a little but the most practical method is to choose a high weight every day snapshot of the site to do a one-way link, this method I have successfully let oneself more railway station are included in the next day. If you do not have a high weight, every day snapshot of the site, not to go to some of the larger forums, send links posted. Although this collection is slightly slower than the former, it’s much better to do nothing.

         ;     new station included, followed by new sites, Baidu snapshot update problem. Even if you have a very high weight web site for you to do single chain, for new sites just included a few days also possible, snapshot will not update every day. Of course, there are webmaster from included the day before yesterday is every snapshot, so that new station even if very good, as long as a little bit of work, you can let keywords get good rankings. We are here to update snapshot is not every day, if the snapshot is not updated every day this time included will not increase, we need to update the site continuously, and then use the method under the guidance of the visit of the spider.

              many old webmaster provides some ways, such as the establishment of blog, send some of your content of the post, in the post inside the key link, guide spider. I recommend Sina blog posts, basically will be included in a few hours, if your theme is fresh and may go very good rankings, one time I just posted a day to more than 300 IP, lasting a week row on the first page of Baidu second, I believe you have good results. The second is to do exchange of friendship, some people say that friendship links are SEO cheating means, here is not a discussion, because everyone is doing. Continue 3-4 links every day, you can effectively improve the weight of your new site, when every day after the snapshot update, continue to press the above method, you can let the content of the day you included the day.

        snapshot updates every day, does not mean that you will have a good ranking, do station, the most important thing is to consider the interests of visitors. The content is good to retain the visitor’s heart. So I >

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