Gloomy! Five websites for four months, two for K


website is also fast four months, the first site from the beginning of January 8th, this is my blog, then use the domain name, a few days ago has been K, the reason is the frequent change with the title, in K the day before just changed the title later then! And do a few sites, site positioning is very special, some online rarely, one of which is (as the word network), a new word is insignificant, this is because the word is very popular in our class and get the idea, and often in can hear the words that make this wretched, a network, the content from the little joke, PS spoof, gossip and entertainment content, now in the Baidu search site is also my wretched row on the first page, the fifth position, it’s not too with the new flow. There are five hundred or six hundred, too.

also has a website is new keywords, down MM (, you should know the meaning of MM, after being knocked down….. But it certainly does not do violate the provisions of the state’s thing, now I do about sexual health knowledge, traffic is not very good, it may be because the content is not consistent with the title and website’s sake.

third website is the system knowledge of (special yijianhaiyuan) is now a key to restore the word is a popular keywords, of course there are a lot of people do, but use Baidu Search are found within the page, to have a chance, why not make a fine point, used to do the time that they should not have what problem, now in a Baidu search, my website is now on the first page, for me, traffic is also more substantial.

Finally, a

site is (QQ space station) why do QQ space station so many people, I think, is a QQ space search volume is very large. Hot! Two, search QQ space is generally 12 to 25 years old students, are some of the new birds, these friends are a characteristic, that is comparison will help you advertising, why? Because they are some boring people walking around on the Internet, so that they see some of the more eye-catching advertising will undoubtedly be clicked, want to know this kind of person when reading is very distracting to the


recently made a website, is the site navigation, the navigation imagine hao123 this is not possible, the navigation station is now very much, the local navigation station has a lot of, well, I will do a special navigation station, I was doing the part-time network navigation, and and a good site name: Weekend part-time network (, because most of the people are writing part-time college students, and is certainly on the weekends to do, so that the search.

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