gnore the user experience, your website can only wait to die

is now more and more individual stationmaster, everyone wants to create their own exclusive area this mu of land on the internet. But the picture is very beautiful, the reality is very skinny. How many people have fallen in this station, grew up in the army, every day are worried about why the traffic does not go, the rankings do not go. Why is this so? The main reason is that the webmaster has to develop the chain, enrich the content of the website, but ignore the website most urgent need to change the problem: good user experience.

, let’s talk about the development model of personal websites these days. Most people think is a good direction of development, space, domain name registration, buy online easily download some general website source code, on the website online, and then began to put up all kinds of advertising, every copy of a few articles, worked tirelessly to each big website, the forum a chain. And then, with an optimistic attitude, imagine sitting there collecting money. Really so simple? If it is really so simple, not every webmaster have become millionaires, actually? According to the statistics, there are more than 50% of the owners in a state of not making money, this is pretty good, at least just pay for physical labor. There are more than 30% of the webmaster is still in a state of loss, this is a bit miserable, not only their own physical and mental exhaustion, but also to throw money inside, although the investment is not too great. What really means making money is also those 20%. How many of them can make a lot of money,


what kind of website can really make money? For example, the website user experience is equivalent to an image of people, the content of the web site, the chain is equivalent to some of the internal stuff. A person’s inner perfect, external image is bad and can attract many people to love? The same website is like this, many webmaster in site construction, just to find a source of the site on the line, then hung on a advertisement. Do you think your website layout just a search you can search to hundreds like you useful information website, basically can not see, all is a advertising, do you think there will be more users love, users do not love, love is not the major search engines. The potential for such sites to grow is virtually zero.

next, let’s talk about how to build a good user experience website. Just like people get along, the user’s first impression of your website is very important, and a good first impression is the most critical step in your website’s success. We should do a good job on the site to give users a good impression, we should pay attention to the following points:

1: site layout should be reasonable, not disorganized,

your website should give people a refreshing feeling, and the pages of each page are clearly and clearly constructed. Home ads do not put too much, one or two will be enough. Advertising should not be placed as large as possible, in addition, the placement of advertising should also pay attention to, as far as possible not placed up and down, should be in the left and right sides of the web site placed in the blank bar. The advantage of this is that it won’t stretch the length of the site. Give people a sense of clarity. Secondly, the content of the homepage is not too much, >

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