Enterprises how to do a good job in the crisis layoffs, pay cuts

how to cut people, cut off what kind of person, in reducing wages, how can also boost morale is a great learning.

enterprises how to do a good job in the crisis layoffs, pay cut

the last outbreak of the financial crisis to the domestic enterprises really feel the "winter" of the cold, feel insecure in this period, many enterprises take layoffs and other ways to spend the winter.

because of the relationship between the work, the author and the two IT services enterprises have in-depth contact, A enterprise is to serve large manufacturing enterprises IT service enterprise, B enterprise’s main customer is the energy industry. Compared with the manufacturing industry and trade industry, IT services industry is less affected by the financial crisis. The two companies have yet to show a noticeable downward trend in their business, but the two firms have taken some measures to cope with the risks of the financial crisis.

out of the market environment is not optimistic expectations, A enterprises this year that the IT project will be decreased by 20% compared to last year, based on this analysis, A enterprises in the preliminary years off a section of the staff, most of which are functions of management staff. A enterprises did not take measures to reduce salaries, but through downsizing to achieve a decrease in the total amount of wages, so as to reduce labor costs. And when the performance of enterprises further decline, A enterprises will start the second batch of layoffs at any time.

B enterprise developed regulation of employee income through performance appraisal, and the "elimination" of the performance management system to achieve the control of labor cost. B enterprises to improve employee performance wage ratio of employees through performance assessment to determine the performance of employees wages and bonuses, rewards overfulfilled the task of the staff at the same time, to achieve the goal of the staff failed to impose penalties. At the same time to implement the elimination system, the performance of each department the lowest score of the staff will be discouraging, there have been some of the staff because the "elimination" system to leave the company.

an enterprise is facing the economic downturn, business shrinking, layoffs, pay cut has become the most direct and effective way to reduce costs. In fact, for enterprises, downsizing is not a bad thing, it not only quickly reduce costs and save expenses, but also can optimize staffing, adjust personnel structure, and achieve the optimization of human resources. But how to cut people, cut out what kind of people, in reducing wages, how to boost morale is a big learning. From the above case can be found in A enterprises to adopt a "broad brush" layoffs, this way often on the staff’s confidence in a big blow left to the staff salary, although there is no change, but caused an insecure atmosphere in the enterprise, is not conducive to the development of enterprises. B enterprises to achieve reductions through "elimination" management system, compared with the A company, and the decision making process more objective layoffs of employees, the impact will be much smaller.

in the face of the financial crisis, pay cuts and layoffs are the means of corporate pay adjustment. But enterprise >

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