What profit can a local portal profit from advertising

as a commercial website, although the network has Xiasha a solid foundation for the masses, click rate is quite high, but even such popularity, should always prepare for the website of reserve fund shortage problem.

some people often asked me: do you rely on what the website profit? I would like to talk about our website as an example, a local portal, which can put the channel as profits, how to transform and maximize the user for customers.

1: website advertising

yes, many websites rely on advertising to bring in the status quo. But what I want to say is that no matter how much advertising you make, how much space you have, you must first be loyal to your Internet users, so that they can find the information they need and find the life service they need. Only the Internet users in the first place in order to get more returns, we can not blindly believe that advertising is to make money. There must be targeted advertising creative, people look at advertising also feel that it is a kind of enjoyment, so that not only to advertisers to bring effect, but also to enhance the popularity of the website through customer channels. Xiasha network advertising in each page has specific advertising plan, does not disturb the Internet users browse the line of sight, not because of advertising causes visitors lost.

two: channel naming

when the website develops to a certain stage, it has accumulated more and more popularity. With the needs of Internet users, it is necessary to open up some new columns to adapt to this need. But the new column will take the company a lot of manpower and material resources, but also open up the column is not their own good, how about that? We Xiasha network, aiming at this problem is the way to the "channel title", the whole channel outsourcing for the industry professional team. Following the Sand Island Travel Channel outsourcing to professional travel companies, health information outsourcing to Xiasha a hospital, Xiasha mobile phone outsourcing to the local Cyberport, and so on. Such measures not only enriched the content of the website, accumulated a large number of net friends, and these merchants’ naming channels also brought the company much more than the profits created by general advertising.

three: the purchase and consumption of wealth card

Xiasha has 14 universities, is a National University City base. The number of college graduates every year can be imagined. On the other hand, Xiasha is an international industrial base, and many enterprises need to recruit talents. Xiasha Network Talent channel is based on these two needs, for enterprises and college students to provide a platform, and the development of the situation is getting better and better.

How can

create more website profits under the premise that the content has been recognized by Internet users? The profit model adopted by Xiasha network has added wealth card besides advertising revenue. Fortune card is a virtual network of coins, after the purchase can choose to use and do not use, spend 15 yuan per day spent, the main role is that information promotion. On the one hand, students can easily find local recruitment information, on the other hand, it also greatly saves the recruitment costs

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