Domain name investment 1000 yuan to win 1 million

has been investing in domain names for so long, and the domain name is one of the real benefits I’ve earned.

2008, a sudden financial crisis, so I had engaged in the industry have hit 09, when we are old colleagues looking for business opportunities, this is at this stage, I buy the domain name, a network for the cosmetics industry that I want to do.

about the project, which is also the number of sites with the company, the financial crisis, many enterprises are facing bankruptcy or closure, and the cosmetics industry, as a necessity for a female, the demand for larger, but the profit is very high. This is one of the reasons why we choose cosmetics business.

The original

at the forum to buy cosmetics related domain name, was later bought, domain name, to do the cosmetics industry website, but the real meaning of the expression of cosmetics domain is hard to find, in an occasional chance, in the forum to see someone selling, then send messages to him, he quotes 3000 yuan, the beginning is difficult for me, the 3000 number is not small, then shelved, intends to seek another good domain name.

at the beginning of 09, I find the domain name failed to send a message to this domain name is the 1000 to sell, if we can sell the transaction immediately, so, well, I use 1000 yuan to buy the cosmetics and is closely related to the good domain name.

bought a domain name, I made an overall plan for the whole project, intends to set up a team of cosmetics, online sales of cosmetics brand, because of the particularity of the cosmetics industry, fakes flooding, as we want to shopping malls, is to avoid the risk, to provide customers with good products.

, and this idea, with this domain name, really brought me a surprise, 1 million of the investment. I made a PPT and sent E-MAIL to some of my friends or executives, hoping to get a vc.

mail a few days, the person in charge Guo Daxia Network Technology Co. Ltd. Chen contact me, willing to invest 100 to the development of this project, he is the value of the domain name, and to the future of e-commerce.

is the 1 million, we registered the cosmetics information technology limited company, registered capital of 1 million, and then immediately put to work, we are developing well, sales gradually increased, and the opening of the wholesale goods and services, to the Wuhan market for the students want to do poineering work, or who are a entrepreneurial stage.

$1000 domain name for 1 million of the investment, the following I look forward to, the company’s booming, not long, in view of >!

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