Female stationmaster also can achieve inside day of three days P8000 above

I am a law major girl, has graduated nearly 1 years, because the situation is not good, can not go to work, it can be said that don’t want to work, this time most of the time is around QQ space, blog, online chat, can be said is very boring.

some time ago to a female website moderator was dismissed, it makes me feel more boring, so the research set up a website of your own… And… (ADO) I built a non mainstream website, use the CMS system, forming (I will postings only, so they use is free), spent 500 yuan to buy a space, now it has been about three months, IP has reached more than 8000, PV about 10 thousands, and 50% of their antecedents enter the website address, every month 100-200 dollars. (hey now, I), display slight skill before an expert level this absolute rookie to share experience oh.

1, domain name is very important: I think 80, 90 are English quality, so more domain is the spell and English combination, very easy to remember, the name of non mainstream space station, while the domain name is www.fzlspace.com, Fzl in front of the alphabet, space is behind the space station English, most people see remember.

2, the content is critical: all web sites can be said to be original, picture based station, I personally put away other people’s watermarks, and then engage in their own design of logo, although troublesome points, high rate of return.

3, the paging: the station almost no less than ten pages, why I PV so high, sometimes in the morning to see more than 2 points in only more than 300 IP but PV was over 5000, the reason is each article carefully, we can point the paging.

4, with BBS signature: with all kinds of BBS signature is the best advertising, I often go to some female BBS post, now full use of resources, I did not expect the effect is very good.

5, add the QQ group: non mainstream QQ group I added to more than 80, very tired, they don’t kick me, because I never send a link, and I have been the main communication, let them help me to put on the bulletin board.

6, do dynamic expression: I did a lot of dynamic GIF, found that add to the QQ expression is very effective, every day casually hair, no one is disgusted, others will reprint, collection.

PS: through a friend of publicity is very important ah, QQ space friends is also a main force ah, especially your friend, let them into the signature in your web site, many people will pay attention to.

I think I do a very simple matter, I do not know what the website design, I do not know what SEO, I’m serious content, get everyone’s approval, I think as long as you work hard, everyone can do good.

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