Personal stand ups and downs

, 02 years ago, I was on the Internet with free personal home page to do the site, but I am obsessed with the game, did not pay attention to the site, but missed the money that year.

it’s a bit late to start the site now, but I still believe there’s a chance. I am from May this year to enter the ranks of the individual owners, but also to appreciate the personal webmaster although I only do sour, sweet, bitter, hot, a station, I feel very hard, every day is busy learning website of all kinds of knowledge, for the website to add content to the site to find connections, get yourself to eat and sleep time is not normal. Maybe some people will say that a station is also called hard, in fact master is over, although it is now has dozens of hundreds of websites on the hand, but also make a lot of money, that is from one station to do it, they learn all kinds of knowledge in the process of each problem, master the method, so few a website for them is small. We for the novice webmaster, want to enter the ranks of webmaster, beginning not afraid of tired, must adhere to their principles, to seriously study the website knowledge, now stationmaster net is a good place for beginners to learn, can learn from the experience of a veteran who wrote. I also soak webmaster nets every day, to communicate, to study, to find their own can not solve the problem,

also thanks webmaster for giving us a good place to learn.

short, novice webmaster do not be afraid of the pain, it will adhere to the victory, everything after the first bitter sweet, hope everybody can earn big money!!!


I was a novice, poor ~ hope you don’t mind Wencai, wrote this ~ ~ hope everyone to see my station, what a bad place to the point of views, exchange ~~


Bey ~

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