Discussion on online promotion and offline promotion of local forum

Promotion Forum promotion website also tired, because the forum focus is popular, not popular, what is a dream. Even the mouth talks about how useless the future is. Because no one knows the existence of this forum, let alone talking about profit. So we must pay attention to promotion of forum two, only the two together can be more effective more quickly into the forum to the public, make the public aware of the existence of a forum, but also in the forum to make corresponding measures, such as content, set up a section of some details, do not let people know. Into the forum, can not find the north, so the combination of inside and outside is inferior by comparison, said the following methods on the


one. Online promotion

1.QQ group extension

QQ group promotion for local forum is very useful, because we do Q group promotion targeted and group, and that is not aimless, promotion of local forum, of course is a plus local group. Plus group techniques, first by registering several QQ numbers. Search the local Q group, each group have verification number and don’t write the same, because you write all the same, the first pass, but on the second, third, the main group will think you are to send advertising, with multiple numbers add group, so I refused, but I want to think. If it is you, you see a few plus group number written comments are the same, feel to send advertising, so Ning wrong refused one thousand, do not put people into the group, after all, the world can have three the same time want to speak the same words and fewer people less, unless it is marked as the main group is another matter. Through the local group promotion, three or four numbers turn to speak. A question and answer, is with their own chat, drives a group of atmosphere, to a certain time even if you send advertising, group will discretion, because you drive group of active.

2. local stick and BBS promotion

often find some related with the local Post Bar Forum on Post Bar promotion, it is best not to direct up advertising, because everyone hate only. If you want to send advertising, advertising, it is best to find some with relevant local material, is soft, in the material added to their site, so a read, can also increase the fans, many fans, then you can directly in their own right of publicity. There is to go to other forums to leave a message, post, on the BBS promotion, there are many ways on the network, here I will not wordy.

two. Offline promotion,

1. taxi car

everyone should have taken a taxi and seen a taxi. There’s a really ugly sign. It’s forbidden to smoke in the car. If you do not have forum when it is thought? Help taxi drivers do a tasteful, seductive but also can increase the aesthetic. I think the taxi driver would be happy to accept it. After all, no one would refuse anything good

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