What are the core elements of an excellent personal website

, whatever you do, emphasizes what your core competencies are, and I want to do it without exception.

for personal websites, the big and plenary is subject to human and material resources, and it is hard to succeed. This point, many people are very much agree, then, the core competitiveness of personal websites in the end what is it? A lot of people think that small and refined, the theme should be clear, I will not talk about these.

small and fine, in the end how precise


I’ve cited examples, one is the net stock formula (88gs.com), precise only stock formula, other basic no subtlety, the stock formula most, the earliest and most complete point. This is very commendable.

shareholders school network is the large – jeje financial station sub column investors schools make website, fine enough, but a fine useful? Do on it? Is there a better way? The way we might jeje net some enlightenment:

1, there are fine fine positioning, is not synonymous with success, this is like the others opened the hotel, you open the lobster museum will be a success? Not necessarily, but also the positioning precision, good taste, will likely appeal. Can you cook every dish? Is it delicious? I think it’s difficult. So, have fine fine, "said the old music network JJ shares" is the original column, it can be said that the old Yue said the stock has become almost synonymous with JJ network, your store has a good dish, is very important in your store of people can not only point a dish. If your menu, but there is no dish dish, no food. Perhaps less is more than that.

2, publicity should be fine: what kind of website promotion methods are introduced. In fact, one or two are good at it, even if it is a kind of. Jejenni promotion methods are worth learning from the place, the strategy is only pushing old Yue said shares this column, with the main course publicity, publicity is not eighteen, Wu Yi, everything to come, just insist on using blog promotion. Become a recommended blog for several financial stations. Such publicity effect is very effective. Of course content should be made, this is a very important point.

a little bit of small ideas, but also hope to get more criticism of the webmaster guidance,


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