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some time ago, according to data released by the ostrich station in Shanghai in 2015, a total of 602 successful financing, get more rounds of financing of the 53, it is still in Shanghai this entrepreneurial atmosphere is not strong at all areas, can be said that every day an average of project financing. See these, maybe your heart will be a little excited, I do not want to discourage you, but the fact is that you don’t know how many entrepreneurs Ninja tears every day declared bankruptcy, you don’t know how many entrepreneurs to cancel the company every year, how many entrepreneurs died in the venture this road every day. Every year tens of millions of entrepreneurs to register companies, and really get financing only a few thousand, access to financing probability is 1/10000.

maybe you see a lot of Internet Co now worth billions of dollars, but you don’t see how many times they’ve failed.

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BAT, a Jingdong, millet, 360 of these are known as the Internet giant companies, or those of Ma, Ma Huateng, Liu Qiangdong, Zhou Hongyi etc. This is known as the Internet gangster who, for their poineering course do not need my introduction. A careful look at you will notice that these Internet heavyweights have experienced many failures and finally to now have it, and every failure is not the same, but there is no lack of money that they chose to continue to adhere to.

maybe you see startups on a news site, but you don’t see entrepreneurs who stick to the cliff side.

        PConline Beijing on June 26th news according to the intelligence / horse sh419 sources, sh419 will launch personal application products "sh419 space in July 13th". Some analysts believe that sh419’s move or will threaten many domestic Chinese blog service website.

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from the new sh419 community space, launched in July

you might think a little bit about how others start a business, and then how to fail, you can sum up the method of failure. I can only say that you are too foolish and naive, the times are improving, and the human race is evolving. A dozen years ago, the method is now impossible to succeed, like ten years ago, a house in Shanghai, that is, more than ten thousand, and now in Shanghai, hundreds of thousands of toilets can not buy.

in today’s Internet this outlet, someone chose entrepreneurship, some people choose to wait and see. The business people feel alarmed, even food and clothing are not resolved, but gain a lot of skills and experience. Choose to wait and see people lucky, he did not go to business, because every month with a stable salary, every morning nine nights, five work, in addition to harvest a lot of white hair and age of one year old, nothing.


the reason why media companies to statistics each year many start-ups, the annual financing companies, and free reports, because it is for the media these are very good value and later to the melt into the capital of the enterprise service delivery, and get profit from. I’m not black in some media, but this is very normal. What’s business for?

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