Analysis of the factors affecting the profit maximization of sh419 advertising allianceRobin Li star

website make money through advertising. The goal is not to get, but advertising is an important source of income of the website, so many webmaster very want to find their own advertising, so many people love to the advertising alliance evaluation network to see, but there are a lot of people are willing to do the sh419 advertising alliance, I am sh419 advertising alliance, are now able to earn some money, so I want to write my experience, to share with you! Or talk about my first thing is opportunistic, the introduction, I will some high advertising keywords of sh419 alliance is put at the beginning of my title, when it began also, sh419 compared with at the beginning of my website title began to add music, and there are some expensive keyword advertising, we believe that one point I hit the advertising profits but that there is, but this method of opportunistic soon by sh419 found no correlation, what soon my article and because the website, then put these expensive promotional links will be brought down, and some people might say businesses launched advertising on sh419, generally specified what on the website, this statement should be incorrect, is usually specified type of industry sites, not for certain sites, or sh419 is also very difficult to make money

Robin Li also stressed the dedication of entrepreneurship. sh419 business began to abandon the field of electricity providers, focused on search engines, and now finally bigger and stronger. He encouraged students Entrepreneurs: "young people are not afraid of risk, can do some others do not dare to think, dare not too many things, when innovation is done when young." Aruhan

third is to carry out a comprehensive promotion, through the soft Wen method, this is not, I came to the more famous A5 station, published my soft Wen experience, and at the same time I also put on many forums, quality is pretty good

!Then talk about how to improve the method of !The second is to create a super

TechWeb March 9th news reports, sh419 chairman Robin Li recently attended the NPC and CPPCC about young entrepreneurs said: love business, catch the tide may eat the odds and ends of a meal.

Robin Li: entrepreneurship to vision trend may eat

Robin Li pointed out, "young people should choose what they like to do business, and only when they really like it can they stick to it."."


Many people

is the sh419 union advertising unit, as a kind of opportunistic in front of me is impossible to estimate, only to find their own skills from the website to find methods, usually the quality of sh419 alliance advertising unit and websites have a great relationship, such as a IP flow of more than 10000. And PV can reach 3389 website, usually advertising price will be higher, on the contrary will be relative to the first point, in addition to the sh419 alliance ad code if older, that price will be slightly high point, so we must make long-term use of sh419 may be the ad code, do not easily change! How can to upgrade the quality of the site


: the first is to SEO optimization, to ensure that the website structure and website design is conducive to search engine to crawl, construction site map and 404 pages, while the content of the site should be screened to ensure the content of the website and the website related keywords, also as far as possible to do more outside of the chain, and the high weight of the site do friends chain and so on, to ensure that the site can get good rankings

user experience, to know the user experience plays a very important role in improving the quality of the website, the author is through the original content, through the design of website function, make a web site easy to use, allowing users on my website to get more help, so there are a number of people I became the site of loyal users, so as to ensure the further development of the

odds and ends of a meal

any business innovation should experience setbacks, discipline, in the most difficult time, often because of the heart of love, just let entrepreneurs have the power to bite through.

Robin Li also warned the eager young people: "the business must have a forward-looking vision, follow the trend to catch the trend, probably just odds and ends of a meal to eat."

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