The Qihoo began to pay commission OctoberPost shlf1314 website profit selection

1. or Adsense, but is a foreign language station; even if shlf1314 HK is harmonious, but com still, this to the webmaster’s English standard put forward not small request, otherwise it can’t be bigger.

shlf1314 has withdrawn from China, to be exact, out of mainland china. Although the current CN domain name has turned to HK, but the vast majority of webmaster psychology is clear, this is only shlf1314’s delaying tactics. shlf1314 wants to continue to develop in mainland China, but it can not pull the veil of hypocrisy. shlf1314 this is something for the future, decide on what path to follow, and now, as a webmaster you, whether for all possible consequences and I left

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback


4. domestic CPA, CPS alliance, same as 3. In fact, the promotion of the same way, foreign attention to shlf1314, the domestic that sh419. Adwords bidding abroad, then the domestic use of sh419 promotion but the domestic union rarely support the purchase of keywords advertising.

League address: union.qihoo

said so much, is to tell you webmaster, it’s time to change, can’t rely on Adsense chinese. This is not, one stop at hand, since the shlf1314 incident, traffic has been gradually reduced, Adsense hits and display rate is down, unit price is declining. No more!

3. foreign CPA, CPS alliance. It’s a bit difficult for beginners, and you need a strong knowledge background to support it.

shlf1314 Adsense is still going on, but it is certain that the decline in Adsense revenues is sooner or later. If your league is Adsense, you’d better start from now on.


members of the alliance:

10 month Commission has been paid.

2. domestic league; sh419 union is undoubtedly the big boss, then Ma Yun behind the Taobao alliance, followed by a large number of small alliance. sh419 Union do not have to say, but it is difficult to apply down, even though it is said that now requires the relaxation of some. I personally prefer Ma Yun, and I do not know that Ma Yun is brewing his blue whale project, magnificent and daring. The blue whale project is on the horizon, but it’s not known when it will be on the line. As a webmaster we cannot, or will rest on its laurels. In fact, Taobao is a good choice, the day into the million master clouds, we temporarily do not want to, because they are fighting groups, but also has a wealth of accumulation. We do some of the more personalized site, not in the big, and in essence, can also make money. sh419 has billboard, shlf1314 also has billboard, then I also make a billboard. Take weight-loss drug 2010 as an example, but it’s profitable. Although the current flow of a genius less than 100, but the next day there are 1-2 purchases, nor is it the 3 hours of building time. By analogy, you can do breast enhancement rankings, freckle drug list, etc……. As long as the promotion in place, is definitely something.

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