The method of machinery and equipment industry to develop web site keywords layout


3. the degree of competition is lower and the index is also very low key words we call a super long term, this type of keywords competition degree is very low, it is often overlooked, so very easy to optimization, super long tail word also called transactional keywords.

2. degree of competition and the general index is generally called the long tail keywords, the keywords competition degree is low, the optimization of long tail keywords easily, also known as information type keywords.

for laser cutting machine industry through keyword analysis tools, divides good keywords one by one layout.

1. degree of competition intense and high index of the keywords we call popular keywords, is also our main object of optimization, also called the navigation key.

now more and more attention, in order to save the cost of marketing, the small and medium-sized enterprise to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization of steering the original bidding. At present over the small laser cutting machine is the original Shanghai sex industry website auction, due to the promotion of high cost greatly increase the enterprise cost, so the strategy transferred to Shanghai dragon. Xiao Bian today according to the laser cutting machine at present over the site to talk about how to make the layout of key words.


1. navigation key words: screening of 2-3 a popular keyword as the main keywords with home key optimization, the need to pay attention to the key words is too much will distract your weight, too little to no value, so the choice of 2-3 as the main optimization keywords >

has divided into hot and non hot, according to the analysis of small series of laser cutting machine industry keywords, keyword competition is very intense, do keyword analysis can avoid some difficult words carefully, to know the keyword optimization to love Shanghai home page will not be too rigid, but the degree of competition is more conducive to the general keyword optimization, more valuable.





four, the layout of the key words:

analysis, ,

we can use third party tools, such as webmaster tools, tools, keywords Daru love Shanghai promotion Keywords tools, these tools are very useful, we can use these tools to dig out the key words laser cutting machine industry, gather together.

Shanghai dragon staff all know, do Shanghai Longfeng are usually implemented two strategies, is a popular keyword strategy, another is the long tail word strategy. If you want to find these keywords first to dig out, how to tap the

Keywords: Shanghai dragon Keywords Keywords

three, grade

how to analyze these keywords? We can use some keyword analysis tools, such as the Shanghai love promotion tools, webmaster tools. The keyword analysis tool small general use webmaster tools.

can be divided into three levels through keyword analysis tool.

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