An analysis from three aspects to make your travel site more user friendly

in the above example we can know that visitors don’t trust from the outside of the station, the same reason, since the external bad evaluation evaluation, then we can do. We can also use some publicity platform, SNS, forums and other questions existing in our realistic advantages of tourism, enhance the trust for our site visitors.

1) foreign

Trust a factor influencing

for our site to add some organization credit certificate, do not underestimate this little certificate, these small details will directly affect whether the visitors can be converted to your customers. In addition, as a tourism e-commerce site, the customer is to deal with a lot of problems, some sites directly hung up a simple QQ contact number >

travel site also belongs to a kind of electronic commerce, some travel site will open direct online payment function. We need to improve the site from the following details of the credibility.

2) of

we can see is a love from Shanghai to know about a tourist site QA information. We can see the evaluation about the tourist sites are negative. Love love Shanghai Shanghai know the search results exposure rate is very high. This negative information will make visitors trust down on our tourist site. So in this case, how can we better improve the site’s trust? I will analyze from two directions and how to deal with.


A: to enhance the site’s trust



tourism site user friendly experience is the most critical is the site. Imagine a notoriety n travel sites ranked timely to do better, the page is beautiful, it is difficult to obtain the user’s love. For the travel site of great degree of trust evaluation from users, such as the evaluation on the forum, inquiry platform, SNS network and so on, are likely to affect the degree of trust.

with the domestic consumption level rise, Chinese tourism continues to improve, the tourism industry has also been rapid development. For the tourism industry, tourism is a must-have for the site has a firm market indispensable. The tourist site of relative domestic famous Ctrip, the way cattle etc.. For an ordinary tourist site, if you want it and some large travel site to share it, you need to constantly improve themselves, to make their site more professional, friendly user experience to achieve the ultimate. I have to do in the optimization of travel site think several keywords ranking well, traffic is good, but who knows the conversion rate is almost 0. After seeing the problem from the user experience. The author will share in the optimization of the tourism site, how can we improve the user friendly degrees.


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