Google keyword optimization and what is the difference between the love of Shanghai

, a Google Shanghai express a lot of

is basically Google are included, the love of Shanghai will not do so, if the readability of your poor or not because the higher similarity included, my hand website is such, Google included far more than the love of Shanghai.

first I declare that this is just my guess, this point I am seeking the median. In the above mentioned my company website, I used a lot of forum signature chain, personalized signature role of the forum, I feel more useful, do not believe in Google, you >

from the top two chart is not difficult to see that our website ranking on Google have comparative advantages, while rival sites in the fall in love with the sea has the advantage, this is due to what causes? Very simple thing, Google and Shanghai love ranking algorithm is not the same, this is true, but the algorithm where is not the same, did not estimate what one can say exactly, even Google and love Shanghai engineers can not accurately find the answer, how to do it, with facts to guess.

included more than love

the company’s competitors website ranking:

K station is popular for the love of Shanghai, and especially some new sites, I have been in love with this blog sea K, want to know by the process of K then go to the "website was K to the whole process of recovery" look, love is the sea K recovery is relatively easy, I am from Shanghai dragon phoenix contact until now, has not been Google K station, Google is lucky or not easily K station? I choose the latter, that is Google K out of the station is very difficult to recover, as it is not true, I don’t know.

Google ranking is slowly rising or falling slowly, love Shanghai will not do so, maybe one day you stand off, overnight you dropped to 100, this situation I encountered many.

website ranking:

two, Google will not easily K station

four, Google ranked Shanghai


I believe a lot of Shanghai dragon ER all know this thing, this is also the case of Shanghai dragon blog, Google collected second days, but only included love Shanghai in 15 days.

stable than love

three, Google included general than love in Shanghai

five, Google Shanghai more than love chain

why do you want to write this article, because two days ago I found a rival company website in Shanghai ranking than I love the company of good, but the key words in Google ranking worse than me, which caused me to Google and love Shanghai optimization. Although it is the Chinese new year, but as Shenzhen Shanghai dragon blogger, can not forget the moment on this dynamic website ranking, no, I never pay attention to Google rankings, but today I found a rival company website ranking exists between Google and love Shanghai very big difference.

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