Reflection on the Admin5 to cancel the traditional chain construction method of the chain

2. soft writing. This is a way to Shanghai dragon circles relatively respected, once Admin5 and other similar sites included, it will be able to play the effect of the spread of the virus, although not a hypertext chain, but the effect is just that. However, sometimes, a soft, is written in Shanghai Longfeng content, finally bring a certain website (with the Shanghai dragon no correlation) the author starts from the Admin5, please indicate the source. What are the benefits for the user experience ah, apparently not beat the eight pole to a place. The search engine will help determine the quality of the website chain, but also a great help?. Really, I think.

recently Baidu moves a bit, by Lee personally lead written documents for site quality evaluation suggested that garbage chain and chain of a lengthy introduction to cheat the description of Scindapsus algorithm plus the last love of Shanghai, a strong impact on the former Shanghai dragon circles a saying: the chain for the emperor content is king. There is no story without coincidences., May 3rd, as the representative of the website forum signature Admin5 quietly canceled the forum signature, that is network requirements, of course, only heard. Suddenly, a ripple, anger, despair, have complained, but also calm the. Do not discuss Admin5 this is right, but the forum signature since 2013 is the basic role of meat even flies also not, this is true. I even reply in Admin5 there are hundreds of posts, just to love Shanghai Webmaster Tools looked under the chain analysis to the chain of Admin5 is 4, of which 3 is a forum signature, or the contents of his post. Therefore, the cancellation of Admin5 signature for most of the webmaster, the impact should be very small.

well, well, cancel the Admin5 forum signature for my touch is relatively large, the website weight 0 to 1 from the sea of love is due to many BBS signature credit, BBS signature convenient, easy and fast search engines, it is easy to attract spider. This kind of the widest audience, the construction of the chain of historical methods to burst so I have to reflect on the previous conventional chain construction method, in the end how.

1. forum signature. Personally feel that what basically no use, the forum was originally a share, a place of learning, is now the top Haotie, soy sauce on top of posts of the user experience is poor. Everybody to give Admin5 recharge 10 yuan, to what ah, to the forum signature. Even worse, sending software. You say, so unpalatable food, love Shanghai spiders do it digestion, digestion can not only kill ah. Personally feel that the forum signature has the significance, in what circumstances the day, not only the top, discussion and discussion, we ask to return to the original state of the forum. Forum signature can be used as a cause of love of spiders in Shanghai attention to the role of the construction of the chain and enrich the content of. The weight of the chain, either now or in the future, estimation can be ignored.

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