The construction of the 2015 chain 15 best skills

‘s search engine, although can handle various styles of URL, but we all know that the more simple things more easily, the search engine is the same, in Shanghai Longfeng work, the construction of the chain is essential, headache and critical, following to go outside the chain of construction of the 15 best skills, only your reference.

there is no doubt that the readability of URL more powerful search engine, more easy to accept this and others. Readability is always the first to work in the Shanghai dragon, even today. The search engine can be used according to the user’s data to determine what people tend to use more words, which are not accustomed to using words.

4, a number of URL, similar content. Please standardized them.

1 new sites, try to choose independent domain name instead of directory

Keywords URL 3

and use URL in

if you have two URL, contains the content is very similar, so please consider the standardization of their choice is to use a 301 redirect (if not must keep the duplicate >

a simple example:

: 贵族宝贝 /102-1.html

note: here is not to say that each component of URL is completely clear, at least URL to be easy to understand, the best is very intuitive, can cause the target user’s attention, especially the foreign trade of Shanghai dragon.

positive typical Shanghai Dragon

example: 贵族宝贝

third, often highlighted in the search results, studies have shown that URL is a very important factor in the choice of users click on the website which.

URL is the first, share to social networks or e-mail, if there is an independent link, then URL contains keywords, to attract the attention of the role.

has a lot of friends, the early site will often take on new high weights of the old station a new directory, and then do a 301 redirect after a certain period of time, although this way in a short time, but also the limitations of the search engine, the main consideration is the content of the old station, if not related to the new directory contents, or a time is redirected to the non sub domain but the new domain name, this operation will often affect the search engine rating.

second, URL is used to copy and paste, and when no anchor text of this link, URL has been regarded as the anchor text, this is still a very important input to improve the ranking for weight.

2 and URL as much as possible, easy to read and understand

URL contains keywords is a very common and useful skills. Why to use keywords? There are several reasons:

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