Love Shanghai, you clever but also a spider

from the first love in Shanghai is not professional for example, love Shanghai and Google do not fair, Google is very fair, love Shanghai love in their own home products ranking, did an experiment to the Chinese teacher issued an original article in the Sina blog, several months later love, Shanghai and Google are included, then I put the article to pass on the love of Shanghai library, and the high weight of the later, are included, so I put the first sentence of the original article I love in Shanghai and Google in search, ranking results eye popping, the Google blog ranking in the first place, and love the love of Shanghai Library of Shanghai is ranked first, the original blog is to fourth, so love Shanghai this point does not do well, it is not the birthplace in the first Position. You can see.

Then we collected from the



to talk about the love of Shanghai, we have encountered many of the same problems, such as the Sina blog, love Shanghai, NetEase blog not included, this is a common problem, why? Maybe you did not analyze the real problem, whether the link with Shanghai? Love an algorithm this paper, with the only link, and the page is a new generation of blog like this site, love the sea resolutely not included, whether or not you are original, if you don’t love Shanghai link, no matter you are not original or copy, basically included you, but not necessarily included, to love Shanghai the index database, it will be deleted from the database page of your income, so it will pay attention to the original. This love Shanghai, people really have a headache, but I want a stupid way, is the love of Shanghai included in your post, you re editing articles, adding links, because Shanghai will love to grab the page, the page is updated or detected there is No. This method that the webmaster will not go to trial, haha. But there is a method in the blog page and chain link without paper, this method is the best.

Shanghai search engine optimization friends all know, love Shanghai special metamorphosis, each big update, let many webmaster do not worry. Below I will detail about Baidu light, love Shanghai, you clever but also a spider.

from the new treat, 100 are not too completely love the new station, new station stationmaster often encounter a month are not included, instead of Google will love new sites, new within a week will be included, but will give new a good rankings, if the new progress, and is based on user experience. Google will make your site continue to maintain a good ranking, this point, Google has done well, so how to deal with this new love Shanghai spiders? Is very simple, to adhere to the original update every day, to do outside the chain of high quality, so your site will slowly be recognized by spider. But included and will be able to get a good ranking.

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