Medical network editing hand SEM

1, the pure Title party. As the early symptoms of cervical erosion ", the title itself is a good long tail keywords, can bring traffic and a considerable number of visitors. But the content is full of talking about their own hospital technology and how well their hospital costs how low, the hospital’s own reputation and how loud. Originally, visitors through the search engine search results to see the title of this article and click to enter, but this paper is not to the point is the biggest taboo for users, is likely to lead in the hearts of users directly to the serious consequences of the ban of the station. I believe this is the medical industry site visitors residence time (AVG. time on site) is one of the reasons and site visit depth generally low.

3, all the collected articles. Original acquisition of the article is not worth relatable, but does not rule out the Shanghai dragon master collection stations to do, but whether it is the automatic acquisition or network coding manual collection, please open your eyes, put those.

a lot of medical industry network series that usually work simple and boring, no technical content and future development. However, you really do net up

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website editor is website content and style of the main creator, a web site can attract visitors click, whether can let visitors stay on the site longer, can play a certain visibility, even if can have good keywords ranking and weight, in a very large extent is the basis of site to determine the content of. For the particularity of the medical SEM industry, medical web series also both some characteristics of consultation, so more professional and the angle of the visitors (to be converted to the patient) for indirect communication.

medical industry is the hospital site, the limitation of the industry led to the mainstream style of the site, which is in favor of marketing type enterprise website. I have seen a lot of hospital website articles outside the following three points.

2, pure science articles. I always thought that the style can represent a net or even a website, is the site of the soul. The medical industry is even more so, no matter which way visitors enter the site to see your article, hope to be able to realize their own access through the contents of the article, in the article by many techniques to achieve mutual communication with visitors. Also get the early symptoms of cervical erosion ", so some of the style of the whole website, the content of Shanghai but also the standard encyclopedia than love, it can be regarded as the level of medical papers. Although the content of this article is in accordance with the medical industry rigorous attitude, but relative to the visitors saw only the long cold words, without a trace of emotion, perhaps in a lot of time, visitors (potential patients) need to be more with tips or soothing words.

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