The website included 301 redirect and rapid recovery solution

2), a 301 redirect server, now most of the virtual host management panel provides this option. For example, I use DA. Or some domestic panel are. Because of different specific methods (panel, can leave a message, I help you. Or to love Shanghai. Described here is not in. Of course) if you are a VPS user or server users may not install their own panel because of this function, you can use 1 or 3.

feel good, because I love Shanghai about predecessor is how to deal with this matter, found some people a month has not been included. So I feel really lucky. Here we do not doubt my new collection will not be included in Shanghai normal love. Because I certainly is my own credit. Below I will put his method did share out, give you a reference.

1), you can set 301 DNS redirection in the end. Now the DNS service providers generally have provided a 301 redirect function, such as DNSPOD, but need the domain name to 1 months later, but also need to review.

Methods: ?

IIS redirect Internet Information Services Manager -> virtual directory -> redirected to URL, URL to enter the target needs and Select >


1, 301 redirect website. Although many of my friends know what is 301, but I still say about the system.

this recovery included statistics: love Shanghai: 2 days, 1 days, 360:1 days: Google.

of course just a part of the collection, not all pages included completely transferred. Estimated to wait until all the pages, the weight transfer may take 2 weeks or even a month.

page permanently removed (301 redirect) is a very important "automatic steering technology. The most feasible approach to redirect. When the user or search engine web server sends to the browser request header information, the HTTP server data flow (header) in a status code, "said the permanent transfer to another".

so you understand, simple view is the dominant URL forwarding. The practical significance is to tell search engines this page has permanently moved to another page. Now that you know the 301 meaning that how to do 301 redirect

today finally tends to be stable, at least in Shanghai reincluding blog love makes me feel gratified. Google and 360 in yesterday had restored included. But the love Shanghai search traffic is still the most station traffic sources, so until the love Shanghai included I was relieved. The value of Shanghai dragon who included the degree of attention to.

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