How clever the mining long tail keywords

3, through the website statistics. Webmaster statistical tools or a lot of, for example, 51 webmaster tools and love Shanghai statistics, choose one of your own love. Learn to look at the background statistics, Xinger must use is love Shanghai statistics, the background can be seen "visitors with what search words in the top ten, so you can see the visitors come to your site to see which contains the keywords extracted from these words, the heap flow is relatively large, long-term vitality of key phrases this combination, screening, two optimization, after a period of time you will find it on your traffic and conversion rates will be of great advantage. Remember the Internet had such a word "don’t understand statistics webmaster is not good.

2, Shanghai search through love. This is actually not xing’er that almost everyone knows, but taking into account the xing’er the business circle of Shanghai dragon blog (www.125 Shanghai Longfeng贵族宝贝) one is why their learning records, two is considered to have of this understanding is not new, just by the way. The search is when you enter a target keywords, love Shanghai drop-down box will display a few lines, and in the search to determine the site of the two lines below the relevant search, these can be used as the target keywords, but should pay attention to when these words are actually love Shanghai index, so he since the index will show, we’re going to see his index is high, if the index is very high, so we need proper choice, because of his high index and someone will do with his target keywords, so he used to optimize our home, the night is certainly difficult.

. We are looking for in the long tail keywords we want to analyze the user searches for what, only to better grasp the user psychology we can grant users mining long tail keywords used to access our website. And the long tail keywords bring traffic is part of the highest conversion rate of flow. For example, now in the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest friends in the business circle target keywords, we must through the keyword mining long tail keywords. Firstly, users will search what words, when one hears when he would think of what the business circle is the business circle? So he’ll love Shanghai: what is the business circle? So we can dig out a good long tail keywords: what is the business circle.

ER with the Shanghai dragon team grow, more and more people are aware of the website can not only rely on several target keywords to optimize the site, make the site a lot of traffic and get good rankings, but started aiming at mining the long tail keywords to optimize, through a large number of long tail keywords to gather a lot of traffic, of course, can bring the long tail IP and flow rate far exceeds the target keywords, later Xinger and we recommend a "long tail theory" of the book, if not in the business circle, Shanghai Dragon Star blog, leave your mail box xing’er sent one by one. Since the long tail keywords so important today, Xinger simple and share: mining the long tail keywords how clever.

1, analysis of user heart

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