Google plans to apply for the noble baby and.Youtube top-level domain.

"we have just begun to explore the Internet source of innovation," Cerf said, "by providing more Internet domain information access path selection, we want users to be able to find a more diverse and less."

ICANN by the expansion of the scope of the program name last year, the purpose is to promote the network innovation. ICANN said the scope of the plan to expand the domain name will have thousands of new Internet suffixes, the agency will publish has submitted an application domain name list in June 13th.

thus became the first to support the expansion of one of the company’s top level domain. The expanded scope of the top-level domain plan by ICANN (ICANN) has been launched, general electric, Coca-Cola and other companies with the support of.

the Federal Trade Commission said in December last year, to expand the domain name range may lead to increased Internet fraud, urged the ICANN to reduce the number of newly created domain name.

Google this application include.Docs and.Lol etc.. Google’s chief Internet Evangelist Vinton Cerf (· Vint Cerf) in the company’s official blog said, Google filed the domain name or associated with the Google logo, or related to its core business, or to enhance the user experience. For example,.Youtube domain users can more easy to distinguish between the channel and the video category, while the.Lol domain name is laugh out loud commonly used "short message" (laugh) acronym, have fun and creative potential.

Google The other domain name

Beijing on June 1st news, according to foreign media reports, Google (micro-blog) said on Thursday, has been submitted to the nobility. Baby and.Youtube top-level domain name application, became one of the first openly support the expansion of top-level domain wide company.

said Google will bring security and abuse protection as priority among priorities of the new domain name, and other new domain with cooperation in the establishment of protection mechanisms.

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