Taobao Shanghai dragon is the key techniques and methods

and Taobao Shanghai dragon, as a generalization of the effective mode, is a magic weapon for the development of Taobao shop! The name is Shanghai Dragon: by adapting to the Taobao search ranking rules, optimization technology to make the baby get in the Taobao search results first show, Taobao is a Shanghai dragon through the study of Taobao ranking rules, the optimization to meet the baby Taobao ranking rules baby of their own, so as to improve our baby’s position, get traffic

3, the recommended window. If the Never mind words, then the meaning of his existence is zero, so as to understand why this factor, knew that he must be effective. So baby must do window recommended.

4, consumer protection, this is an unavoidable problem: consumer protection. The biggest difference is the entity with the online shopping online shopping can not see the real thing, so the risk is far greater than the store, consumer protection can better protect the interests of consumers, from the consumer’s perspective, more willing to search to the baby is a commitment to safety, many Taobao rankings are considered by consumers.

under the current situation, if you do not have a very deep Taobao Shanghai dragon skills, then your shop is no wood, passive water. Many sellers lost and unable to extricate themselves in Taobao marketing a vast expanse of water, the promotion of the promotion today, tomorrow, the final effect is still unsatisfactory


why kill zero sales baby? Because the baby in the zero sales situation, it is difficult to appear on the home page, you can easily search.

1, the overall grasp of the key of Optimization: for Taobao search keyword optimization, select Modify and store shop title, shop decoration, product release time control, improve product attributes, baby title, descriptions of writing. All the treasure, the recommended window search ranking, all category ranking, the popular baby baby search ranking, category popularity ranking there is the user experience, space layout, sales conversion rate can be referred to as the Taobao optimization, we want to do the optimization, must understand the optimization are affected by those factors.

will have a final note is unsalable baby, this must get rid of

The main optimization strategy of !

2, Taobao on the shelf: This is Taobao has been more attention, from the shelf time shorter, more high ranking, is absolutely fair, because both the big sellers with small sellers shelf time are the same, just release time is different, but now Taobao has been canceled the factors of the product automatically aircraft rules and illegal shop service quality but actually your products have the shelf time as long as you are not illegal not right down, as you can get by chance.

, there are a few key as follows:


advertising circle in the years of combat summed up several important strategies on Taobao Shanghai Longfeng, help you better understand.

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