Talk about now do site optimization also need to send the chain

first, Shanghai Dragon Girl from the chain since reform have not found what the site was outside the chain to do more and be loved in Shanghai came right or be K, of course, what the mass of the chain and the chain except for cheating. What we say here is not illegal outside the chain, but the chain classification information and forums and blogs do.

is the conclusion: now do optimization also need to send the chain.

technology articles site can set up a blog ecosystem, most effective and most easily is the blog ecosystem associated with the establishment of long tail keywords, then the ecosystem weights and fans into the website. Not only can let the ecosystem blog to get some rankings, but also promote the new weight and get traffic

? So

how to send the chain? If the product is to the classification of information site can release product information, life can be released to the classification of information department. The classification of information release note that information must be detailed and comprehensive, and can be appropriate to take some chain shops, shops not only easily included and may get good rankings.

in the chain of migrant workers for a long time the propaganda and the chain of garbage hit, many Shanghai dragon Er began not so positive to the chain. That is white, it does not promote the rankings, but if the garbage chain will lead to love Shanghai or K drop right away, since why is it to send the chain? Is it really

what time outside the chain? Every site under development will have different periods: prophase, metaphase and anaphase. The web site is not when the keywords ranking, middle is the main keywords ranking on the home page of the period, the late period of the long tail keywords ranking. On the site in the late and the research is to enhance the user needs and user experience, but the website is pre weight and content increase. On the site prior to the content of the website is a necessary condition, but another important condition is to send the chain. Because no new weight, not the weights of the site to be included, outside the chain can bring to a website to promote the content included weight and keywords ranking. So the chain should be in the early stage of the development of the website.


who did not do the chain or rarely do the chain website ranking can also come up, but it will be a little slow up. If in the same optimization of a website is the chain, and the other is to do the chain. Do the site outside the chain will certainly be faster to get ranked, especially products and technical articles site. Because a lot of classified information website can bring traffic and weight to those products, technology blog site can bring traffic to the site and weight.

summary: Shanghai Dragon Girl summarized Shanghai dragon now also need to do outside the chain, but the chain is mainly concentrated in the early development of the website, and do some quality or the chain plan, which group or connection in many cases of cheating will lead to the site being punished.


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