Teach you how to do the love Shanghai encyclopedia website on flow over a million

industry entry

(two) love Shanghai encyclopedia promotion strategy

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For example, today October 12, 2011 >

(a) the Shanghai encyclopedia promotion to

choose the industry some search volume good entry, can not only bring traffic to the site and weight, and the purpose of the strong user. Especially the sales website can effectively improve the conversion rate of customer orders. So, the Shanghai encyclopedia promotion to their sex industry as the main entry edit entries.


1. love Shanghai Wikipedia entry

to obtain the weight transfer of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

1. gets the love Shanghai Encyclopedia of flow

do network promotion must have sex Shanghai encyclopedia promotion, the love of Shanghai encyclopedia promotion well, better than the love of Shanghai bidding ranking effect. Search keywords love Shanghai, love Shanghai Wikipedia entry will be quite in front, the basic love Shanghai encyclopedia entries will be on the first page, even before three. By editing the Baidu encyclopedia entries in Shanghai love Wikipedia entry reading or reference site to add the corresponding links, not only can make the website to get traffic, but also from Shanghai to transfer the weight to the site of love. So, do network promotion must have sex Shanghai encyclopedia.


do the popular entry can make your site traffic soared, but you must always pay attention to love Shanghai Search Ranking, look at what the hot may cause more users attention, you ready for early articles on the site, and then to the relevant entry on Wikipedia edit users will search and add links. Of course, do the popular entry competition is very intense, there are a lot of extension staff also took a fancy to this fat. So, do hot entry must have enough news acumen, have more opportunities to get high site traffic.

popular entry

in Shanghai love Wikipedia brand entry is relatively easy to introduce related company or website editor added, plus links to. It can be said that the brand will do.

if you want to get love from the Shanghai encyclopedia website weight on it, don’t rely solely on the amount of love Shanghai encyclopedia, do it! Because they do not know which day love Shanghai encyclopedia may give each link with the no follow label, all the work you put into the east flow, for example Wikipedia.

if you want to get traffic from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, it must be fully prepared. Because, this fat is a lot of love Shanghai encyclopedia promotion military a hotly contested spot. A search volume is high, ready to give you a lot of traffic every day, one day from the Shanghai love Wikipedia entry to flow is not, you have to check is deleted from the

brand entry


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