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do not know if you have the impression, in Shanghai love to search, "

experience at the beginning of two: search engine selection of different types of


first, share a screenshot, I think search for "Shanghai dragon" and "the two keyword search movie" quite representative, take out about your own position.

One of the early SERP interface .

in the corresponding SERP search interface, respectively, are Interactive Encyclopedia, love Shanghai encyclopedia, soso encyclopedia, Wikipedia as their introduction, also shows that the 360 want to use different from other ways to expand their knowledge base search field, but also from the other little name to competition and the method, which we can try, a look will know.

since yesterday has been observed in 360 comprehensive search, after all, is just 360 out of the product, has many different points, remember to see this search in 36 krypton after yesterday, which reads "fusion love Shanghai and nobility baby search results". It is also not just launched its own search, is a fusion of the other two, but yesterday in A5 360 that is their unique data and search engine, and then the author with these questions in this article belong to the 360 search.

the above screenshot comparison chart is the search, you can see the data, preliminary words don’t doubt love Shanghai data, after all these years, authoritative data accumulated too much, compared with the keyword Shanghai Longfeng, suggesting that key data differences between the 360 comprehensive search are not given, more search tips, it can also explain the data caused by too few, from this point that the 360 still need to search. But the search for a movie, but found the movie not surprised these popular keywords, may also through the data, after all through the 360 navigation search users are many, that collected inside the data for 360 is not a problem, but also a source of these data. If this is really the source of the data, on the other hand can explain, that is the 360 navigation as many users search entrance is the most direct users, not for search has a certain understanding of the people, is also the Shanghai dragon officer.


website "keyword

experience at the beginning of three: the adjustment and layout of

domestic love Shanghai encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of three, which correspond to the love of Shanghai soso, search, and 360 search has just come out, we see the following search screenshot comparison

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