To broaden the horizon of Shanghai dragon service windfall Road

5 tools, site

of course, in addition to the above points, there are more service related projects such as the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training, Taobao Shanghai Longfeng, high trans old domain name, free space and so on record, no longer repeat. People want to express.

2, the release of the soft

since the Shanghai dragon, what station group software, blog group software, combination marketing software, Shanghai Phoenix software tools, software and so on the first 3 even fall in love with the transgression. The development of software, after almost no longer need what cost. As long as they do sales, and also in Shanghai earn a lot of money dragon service.

with sparks of fire, can Liaoyuanzhishi, the Shanghai dragon is a very big role. Also slowly gave birth to a special handwritten article to make money, you do today in an unknown Shanghai dragon, others are doing for Shanghai dragon service really earn money to write text. At the beginning of May 30, 40 yuan a, now no 50, 60 yuan basically has no written.

because of the Shanghai dragon, there must be a lot of data need to rely on the site analysis, such as record information, love Shanghai weight, the number of the chain, the chain number and so on, which spawned a large number of Shanghai Longfeng information query site. These sites to get traffic, traded text ads which are on a thousand a month.

4, soft in the writing

has a very famous story, said many people go to San Francisco gold prospectors, finally did not make a fortune, but to really make a fortune selling water to gold. This story tells us that, when everyone to do something to go, we do things for the service will be able to get a return. Use this set in the current field of Shanghai dragon is also very appropriate, do not you see those words will be engaged in the network of Shanghai dragon? What do service in the way of a windfall for Shanghai dragon

1, the chain business

3 software developers,

some large sites post, at 50, 60, several hundred yuan. This person is not done before, but since it was set up a company to do this thing, also said it must be a huge industry. Including A5 have set up a push media network, it is also a group of people can make money.

can sell 10 yuan or 8 yuan from the chain before a PR3 site, to today’s 3 yuan or 2 yuan. From the A5 forum outside the chain Syntia popular trading scene to the tepid situation today. These are all because of the special organization of one or a few people to sell the station link. These links they bring the price is very low, they can be said that this group of people is to earn money for the Shanghai dragon service. The company operating the valve industry new site East Ou valve network also prepared to buy the chain.

? Because of the soft

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