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visible if you do not do anything, it is very difficult to realize the optimization of Shanghai dragon, but we should know is exactly what is to do the content? Is very simple is the publication of the article, generally every day 3-5 article is completely can achieve our objective optimization. This is for the new site, we can use the optimization easily, but if it is to stop updating it, then the new site may have great ranking drop, it is precisely because of such a reason so that we do the optimization for the new site when the first concern is what should be how to do stable quality improvement, rather than how fast the optimization process of Shanghai dragon, but we should be assured of this optimization is very fast.


search engine has evolved to now have the basic intelligent character recognition, this intelligent timely reflected in the spider, the spider is not the principle we have today this article needs to discuss the content, so here is not discussed, we should understand is the love of Shanghai is actually a direct algorithm the relationship between our optimization technique and effectiveness.

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owners are relying on Shanghai dragon to optimize the chain, which is able to play a very good optimization effect in Shanghai dragon before, but we should know that the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon is not so obvious in the bin and now. In our previous article is said, in fact love Shanghai spiders in the page of the first consideration is the page is updated frequently? If one is not frequently updated pages even if you do outside the chain of more words, may effect also is very low. But if you can do the chain of words on the portal, then the optimal way is still can play the effect, at least to attract traffic is very considerable.

visible although now Shanghai Longfeng station is very important, but if we hope that beyond the station outside Shanghai Longfeng words, it may still need to spend some time, so webmaster friends must pay attention to the optimization of time, stable mind, strive for beyond the station site optimization, we do Shanghai dragon not only is to let the station outside the station of Shanghai Shanghai dragon beyond the dragon, but also with more likely to go beyond their own layout of the station outside the Shanghai dragon, to this point is the real success. This article from the slimming products list: 贵族宝贝51j>

we all know Shanghai dragon is divided into two categories, the two kinds of use different technologies or optimized a better argument is that the Shanghai dragon is different, but no matter what kind of Shanghai dragon we are working at the search engine under the search engine, any changes are change will bring to Shanghai dragon in this industry very shocking.

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