He Tao increase the long tail flow site keywords ranking

how to do? ?

I have done experiments that I went to search for what I wrote, Shanghai dragon I always make your own blog article was collected before considering to publish, but from the second day of the search results, is your site ranking possibility is very small. I summarized, there are several points: the weight of the weight of itself, the content page content page itself, "given the quality. After all is said and done is the weight, in order to make the search engine included our content, I do most is from the content quality check up. Another is to have a ranking, do not go to the big platform to release the soft (from the perspective of Shanghai dragon) at least you should not be in the short term, because of a very large impact is your own site get good rankings.

summary, also is to want to make the long tail keywords ranking can row forward, we have to do is set on the internal structure of the site, we must take into account the weight assigned to the content of the page to the proportion, combined with the authoritative and high quality website content itself. Finally, as much as possible to reduce our competitors website ranking, only in the above several.

long tail keywords will generally list column or page (the final page) setting on the TITLE. Set the keywords title, this is not very difficult for us. But often we see is that even if this article is included but not easy to want to check the rankings very little, for ranking. Where is the real reason for this

would like to say to choose some long tail keywords, this will not be difficult for everyone. We can get through various channels, may our website have prepared thousands of long tail keywords. But for so many words for better ranking may be friends caused some trouble, how to do the word? In fact, from a certain angle, this kind of word we must have the premise that never is new. Because these words will have ranking, the accumulation process of the whole weight may be relatively long. The only thing to do is to make early preparations, such as your name, may consider buying a. For example, we in the process to buy some outside the chain to increase the weight of the website.

we look at the long tail keywords ranking

today is just like on site traffic do He Tao own understanding. One of the reasons is because the background traffic statistical results of his Ningbo Shanghai dragon blog, another aspect is the data a few sites with their own operating point of view. How should we understand the relationship between Shanghai Longfeng and flow, in fact, two very simple form a is that there must be included, there must be another ranking. In fact, there is a core that is the long tail keywords average daily search index, may be some friends will say the search index every day from the perspective of a long tail has been good. I recognized this point of view, but from the conversion rate of the site we really want this kind of words to make some useful flow.

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