Sony unveils 8 more efficient PS4 1TB Ultimate Player Edition

first_imgIt’s still a little early for Sony to be thinking about a PS4 Slim, but its latest console has been on the market for 19 months now, and it’s time to roll out a new model with some efficiency and cost savings built-in.The new PS4 is model CUH-1200, and there are three significant changes to the hardware. The first is an 8% power saving when in use compared to the existing model. The second is a 10% reduction in the weight of the console. And the third, and most noticeable change, is the hard drive cover section of the casing. It now matches the matte finish of the rest of the case.The reduction in weight suggests Sony has managed to combine some of the hardware components the PS4 uses, and therefore shrink them in size and weight. This would also explain the power savings, as smaller, more efficient parts require less power and probably less cooling, too (another weight saver). The change in the finish of the hard drive cover will surely be welcome to a lot of gamers. As the images show, at least in my opinion, the PS4 looks much better for it.Japan is set to get the new CUH-1200 model first before the end of June. It will be rolled out to other territories, but Sony will be keen to deplete existing stock before doing that. I suspect as we hit the holiday season this year all 500GB PS4s will be this new model. As for price, there’s not much reason for Sony to lower it yet as it is the market leader by some margin.Those of you surprised not to hear about a 1TB PS4 during E3 last week will be pleased to know Sony has announced one today. It is being called the 1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition. Unusually, Sony has decided to only announce it for Europe and PAL territories for now, with a release date of July 15. No price details or bundled games have been detailed, but with a name including “Ultimate Player Edition” you’d expect there to be some extras in the box. A year of PlayStation Plus, perhaps?It’s also unclear whether the 1TB edition will be the new CUH-1200 model, but as the hard drive cover in the box image above suggests, it looks like the existing model with a larger hard drive added. Even if that turns out to be the case, it won’t be long before a switch is made over to the newer model.last_img

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