The Pirate Bay documentary Away From Keyboard now available for free

first_imgIf you’re even remotely familiar with the legal proceedings involving the key members of The Pirate Bay, you’ve probably heard that their court case didn’t go so well. In an attempt to show everyone what happens next, a documentary has been made available to the world called The Pirate Bay: Away From Keyboard.Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredik Neij, and Peter Sunde were unable to watch the world premiere of TPB:AFK at the Berlin International Film Festival. In fact, it will probably be a while before they are allowed to see it at all, because these three are currently incarcerated. The reason this is significant is because the documentary is about these three men, specifically about their lives after Swedish courts sentenced the three to a year in prison and a $3.5M fine. TBP:AFK is an attempt to raise awareness regarding the lives that these three men must now live, even though the website that landed them in court in the first place continues to live on autonomously.Regardless of which side of the piracy argument you live on, the case surrounding The Pirate Bay set a significant precedent in Sweden. For those who had been following the documentary as it was being filmed and produced, you could purchase a digital copy for $10 or pre-order a DVD for $23. Since it was first announced, the documentary has brought in more than $23,000. To celebrate the premier at the Berlin International Film Festival, and to make sure there is never a reason for someone to not see this documentary if they want to, the film was both streamed online at the time of the premier and made available to download for free. The website for the website for TPB:AFK even keeps track of how many active seeders and leechers there are for the film in real time, as well as how many paid downloads and YouTube views there are for the documentary.TPB:AFK Director Simon Klose released this documentary under Creative Commons, and encourages the whole world to share and remix the film as they see fit. In his December statement on the film’s website, Klose noted that he wants to continue learning and encouraging other artists to use the Internet to support their independence. Given the immediate popularity of the documentary, and the global desire to learn more about the men behind The Pirate Bay, hopefully Klose feels it is worth it to update this documentary after the release of the men responsible for The Pirate Bay as we know it today.last_img

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