Facebook phone reportedly in the works

first_imgWhile the image above is just a modified photo of the HTC Wildfire, you may be seeing something similar in stores within the next couple of years. Those old rumors that Facebook was working on their own handset have returned, this time sounding much more legit.The report says that the social network is working with HTC on a Facebook-branded smartphone, which would feature the social network at its core. The phone’s firmware would be a modified version of Android, following in the footsteps of the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color/Tablet as Android devices that want to hide Android as much as possible. The handset, codenamed “Buffy,” supposedly will feature HTML5 web apps as a core way of distributing content.Facebook as a player in the mobile game makes perfect sense. Much like Google relies on placing advertising in their free services for revenues, Mark Zuckerberg and company make bank off of targeted social ads. If they can issue a hot phone that features the network — and its advertising — at its heart, then that guarantees that their profitable model will bleed successfully into the mobile frontier. The company’s rumored “Project Spartan” HTML5 app platform would fit right in with having their own platform — and also helps to explain the project’s eventual aim.Facebook has been distinctly hesitant in the mobile space, going no farther than issuing bare-minimum token apps for the major platforms. A Facebook for iPad app only showed last month — a full 18 months after the original iPad’s release. It’s now apparent that the tentativeness is only because the network has been biding its time, waiting until it formulated the best plan for maximizing profit in the mobile space.Apparently Facebook only just recently picked HTC as its partner (over Samsung), so the “Buffy” device is probably 12 to 18 months away from distribution.via AllThingsDlast_img

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