Star Trek The Next Generation coming to Bluray in January 2012

first_imgJust five years after the Soviet Union launched the first person into space, Star Trek aired for the first time. It’s hard to believe that was 45 years ago. The Star Trek franchise continued on, only gaining more and more fans since its start in 1964. One of the most beloved Star Trek installments, Star Trek: The Next Generation, aired for its first time on September 28, 1987. To celebrate its upcoming 25th anniversary, CBS has confirmed that it will be releasing the entire series to Blu-ray in 2012.Created 21 years after the original Star Trek aired, TNG racked up 178 episodes in its lifetime. The Blu-ray discs will feature these episodes remastered in 1080p HD. If you’re unfamiliar with TNG, it’s set in the 24th century from the year 2364 to 2370, which is about 100 years after the original series’ timeframe. Patrick Stewart became infamous for his voice-over introductions during each episode’s opening credits. Why wouldn’t you like to own 178 instances of that on Blu-ray?Twenty-five years of footage is equal to a lot of film. CBS video editors went through over 25,000 film reels of original footage and re-edited all of the episodes together in their original form, just as they aired between 1987 and 1994. According to the, the visual effects aren’t being unconverted from the videotape, but “recompositioned.”The “freshly cut film” will also feature 7.1 DTS Master AudioIt looks like CBS will be releasing the Blu-ray discs one by one as the year progresses. The first TNG Blu-ray disc will be released January 31, so you can give an I.O.U. as a holiday gift, telling the recipient he or she will be receiving a gift that will boldly go where no gift has gone before. This disc will feature a sampler of popular episodes, as well as the feature-length version of the pilot episode. The Season One disc is set to be released later in the year, with the following seasons coming shortly after.We’re sure if you wait until all of the discs have been released, CBS will offer up a nice all-encompassing package of all 178 episodes and special features. But then you’d have to wait, and haven’t we already waited long enough?To read more about the history of Star Trek, check out this awesome 45th anniversary infographic.Read more at, via RegHardwarelast_img

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