University takes a nonpartisan interest at election time

Ontario’s 2014 municipal election is entering the home stretch, as scores of candidates across Niagara campaign for the Oct 27 vote.Like most post-secondary institutions in Ontario, Brock University takes a keen interest in this important democratic exercise and is heartened by the number of candidates who are offering to serve the public through elected office.As a politically non-partisan institution supported by taxpayers and the community at large, Brock University does not endorse candidates, nor does it engage in, host or sponsor activities that support individual candidates or political parties.In its Election Time Procedural Protocols, the University stipulates that “during a municipal, provincial or federal election or by-election Board members, employees and officers of the University cannot, either in their official capacity or at the University’s expense, engage in an activity that supports, financially or authoritatively, a political party or a candidate for public office.”On the other hand, Brock employees, in their own time and as members of the public, are free to sustain the health of our democratic process by seeking elected office or openly supporting candidates or parties.This is also the right of student clubs, labour unions or independent groups that exist on campus but which are not part of the University’s administrative structure.Brock is committed to free and open discussion and the exchange of ideas and opinions, including the expression of political views within its campus. The University encourages students, faculty and staff to exercise their civic rights to participate as individuals in the political process.Brock looks forward to working closely and constructively with whomever is elected in the 2014 Municipal Election.

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